Parent's Guide to Eagle Scouts

Everything Parents Need to Know About Their Boy Scout's Path to Eagle

The Eagle award is Boy Scouts' highest honor and the culmination of years of dedication and work. It can help bring a young teenager to manhood, instill in him some of the finest principles upon which Boy Scouting is based - and drive parents to new heights of frustration and distraction along the way.

Ideally, Boy Scouts is a boy-driven enterprise and the path to Eagle is one your son completes on his own.

In reality, troop leadership is critically important and most parents are involved in the path to Eagle in at least an advisory capacity. So here's everything you need to know about the process.


An Eagle Scout Timeline

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An Eagle Scout applicant must amass 21 or more merit badges, create and complete an Eagle project, write essays, request recommendations, compile an application binder and undergo an Eagle board of review. Here's what to do and when.


The 12 Badges Required for Eagle

Boy Scouts is all about camping, hiking, and adventure, but it's also about acquiring the skills to not only survive in the wilderness but to contribute to society as a whole. Eagle Scouts must complete a minimum of 21 merit badges, including 12 in these specific areas.


11 Insider Tips on Completing Eagle-Required Badges

In the world of Boy Scouts, merit badges can be adventures, but they also direct a course of study. That said, some Eagle-required badges are considerably more fun than others. Some can be done in a matter of days, while others take three months, minimum. And some are best done at Boy Scout camp, not at home. So here are 11 insider tips on how to get those 12 Eagle-required badges done in a timely fashion, without driving either the Eagle applicant or his parents crazy.


16 Sample Eagle Projects

From schoolyard construction and trailheads to bicycle rodeos, here's a list of 16 sample Eagle projects, which have been approved by various troops and councils across the nation.


The Eagle Scout Binder

The very word "binder" sounds so homeroom-ish, but the Eagle binder *is* the application. It contains everything needed to advance to the Eagle Board of Review, from resumes and project spreadsheets to letters of recommendation and the all-important approval forms. Here's what needs to go in there.

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