My Baby and I Got Much More Sleep Thanks to This Formula-Mixing Pitcher

Stop fighting clumps and air bubbles with the Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher

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When I became a new mom in 2019, I was unaware of A) just how often I’d be shaking baby bottles with formula every day, and B) how important it is to prepare a bottle correctly to prevent gas. It wasn’t until I passed a social media post (during a late-night feeding session, of course) that I discovered the Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher. I immediately purchased it, and within days it was a feeding staple in my household. Here’s why this might be the perfect gift for yourself, or for a formula-feeding parent in your life.

A quick rewind to life before the magical formula pitcher arrived: When our son was a newborn, my husband and I were making bottles every two hours, and only one at a time. We were scooping formula from the can—in the dark and into a bottle with a quarter-size opening—making a mess while simultaneously trying not to wake the baby in the room next door. 

Each bottle we made had clumps and air bubbles, which left behind gas and tears for our little guy, not to mention sleepless nights for us. I was more than ready to try anything to gain a little bit of sleep back, and, most important, to prevent the air bubbles that were giving our baby boy a sour stomach.

Dr. Brown's Formula-Mixing Pitcher


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Instead of scooping formula from the can and into a single bottle, you can prep multiple, clump-free servings ahead of time with the Dr. Brown’s pitcher, and the process is so mess-free. The magic is all in the BPA-free plastic blade that spins via a pump handle on the lid. You simply fill the pitcher with the correct water-to-formula ratio and pump the handle to activate the blade. Unlike with the bottles you have to shake to mix formula, the pitcher does most of the work for you. The blade dissolves formula quickly without creating clumps and air bubbles, which can result in an upset tummy for littles. An adjustable stopper prevents the blade from leaking any precious food from the pitcher while reducing the amount of air that enters the baby’s formula. Plus, with a 32-ounce capacity, you can make up to four, eight-ounce baby bottles at once to prep for overnight feedings, daycare, or grandparents’ houses.

A locking lid stops the formula from leaking, while the spout opening offers easy and convenient pouring into bottles. The pitcher disassembles once you’re finished prepping bottles, and it’s safe to toss in the dishwasher (top rack only).

When I first found the Dr. Brown’s Formula Mixing Pitcher, it was available in only one color. Now, you can choose from six stylish colors, including orange and teal. Whichever you choose, this formula pitcher is life changing. I can confidently say we used it for hundreds of bottles, and it worked flawlessly for my family until the very last one.

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