Unique and Practical Double Cribs for Twins

Should twins sleep apart or in the same crib? There are plenty of opinions on this issue. Some research has shown the benefits of co-bedding, while other findings have indicated the potential hazards involved.

There are, however, a few questions to ask yourself before you make your choice:

  • Do your babies sleep better when they are right next to each other? Or do they tend to keep one another awake?
  • Do you have the funds and space for two separate cribs?
  • How long do you plan to keep your twins in cribs versus youth beds?

Thankfully, parents of twins now have plenty of twin crib options available to help them keep their babies happy and sleeping safely—even if space is at a premium. The cribs listed here include a wide range of styles, with some providing a happy compromise between co-sleeping and separation.


Twin Crib from TwinsThings (UK)

Twin Crib from TwinThings

Photo courtesy of TwinThings

UK company Twins Things features this attractive wicker crib set for twins. The cribs can be used individually or joined together. The set is sold with coordinating bedding, although the pole and drapery featured in the picture are sold separately. Although the company is based in the UK, it's website offers international shipping upon request.


Duetta Crib Mate Round Crib for Twins, Triplets or More

Duetta Crib Mate Round Crib for Twins.

Photo courtesy Little Miss Liberty Round Crib Co.

This unique crib design offers a round shape with a 45" diameter. Two, three or more cribs can be joined together in a configuration for multiples. The crib offers flexible styling, including canopy or dome covering and lots of beautifully coordinated accessories. The look doesn't come cheap, however. The twin crib starts at about $2000 and a triplet ensemble can run well over $3000.


Corner Crib from Baby Trilogy

Corner Cribs for twins
Photo courtesy of Baby Trilogy, Inc.

This wedge-shaped crib works well for multiples because the pie-shapes fit together to save on floor space, ideal for fitting multiple cribs into a room where space is tight. Unfortunately, Baby Trilogy, the company that manufactured this model, seems to have gone out of business but you may have luck tracking down an older model. The cribs do require special bedding.


Crib Divider

Crib Divider for Twins
Photo courtesy of DoubleBlessings.com.

As an alternative to buying two specialty twin cribs, a crib divider turns a single crib into a double, giving twins their own individual sleeping space within the confines of a single crib. Although it's probably not a long-term solution, it's not a bad option for getting through the early months. At only $30, it is by far the least expensive option!


Twin Corner Cot: L-Shaped Crib for Twins from TwinsThings (UK)

Twin Corner Cot L-Shaped Twin Crib from TwinsThings
Photo courtesy of TwinsThings.

The L-Shaped Twin Corner Cot from UK's TwinsThings.com has a unique design that nestles into a corner. A diagonal divider separates the two babies and can be configured with a clear or solid panel. This product offers plenty of versatility, with the ability to convert to toddler beds and even a sofa for an extra cost. Specialty sheets are required. TwinThings is a UK based company but does offer international shipping for some products. Please contact the company for more information.

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