Child being disciplined by mother

Discipline Styles

Discipline is key in parenting. Learn the underlying philosophies of various types of discipline to pick the style that aligns with your family's values.
A young boy counting his piggy bank money
How to Create a Token Economy System That Will Motivate Your Child
Toddler crying and clinging to parent
Is Spanking a Child Ever OK?
Authoritative parents raise capable kids.
Strategies That Will Help You Become More Authoritative to Your Kids
Mother talking seriously with young son.
Getting Your Child to Quit the Talking Back Habit
Father reading book with daughter during "time-in"
5 Positive Discipline Strategies to Change Your Child's Behavior
Parenting experts say this is how you raise a healthy child.
Parenting Experts Say These Are The Most Important Things Parents Should Do
Restitution can help your child repair his friendships.
Teaching Kids to Be Responsible for Their Behavior With Restitution
Effective parents give their kids plenty of positive attention.
How to Raise Children That Are More Responsible and Mentally Strong
Teenager mowing the lawn
6 Ways to Motivate Your Teens in Doing Their Chores
Crying child
Dealing With Your Child's Tantrums Before Going to Preschool
Mother and Daughter
5 Different Types of Child Discipline
These discipline strategies are more effective than yelling.
How Can Parents Discipline Kids Without Raising Their Voice?
Little boy giving memo sticker to his mom holding notebook
How to Create an Effective Reward System for Your Children
These parenting quotes provide inspiration on difficult days.
These Parenting Quotes Will Help You Keep Things in Perspective
Mother disciplining her daughter
Signs You Are Too Strict With Your Child
Ignore attention seeking behavior and it will go away.
Why You Should Ignore Some of Your Child's Behavior Problems
mom hovering over child while she's working
What You Need to Know About Helicopter Parenting
Close-up of a father face to face with his daughter
Parents Can Take Steps for Preventing Their Children Hitting Others
Sisters yelling at each other
8 Tips to Minimize Your Kids' Fighting
Close up of crying little boy.
Will Spanking Kids Really Scar Them for Life?
A father with his arm around his son
Positive Discipline Techniques That Really Work
Boundary-based discipline teaches kids to follow the rules.
Using Boundary-Based Discipline for Getting Your Child to Behave
Mother and daughter high-fiving
The Secret to Getting Your Child to Behave Is Easier Than You Think
Mother looking over daughter's shoulder at laptop
Over-Parenting or Being a Helicopter Parent to Your Children
An if...then statement usually puts an end to behavior problems fast.
How to Stop Behavior Problems With a Single Warning
1-2-3 Magic is a parenting book that addresses child behavior problems.
Is 1-2-3 Magic Really a Magical Cure for Child Behavior Problems?
Every parent needs a variety of discipline tools.
Create a Discipline Toolbox to Help You Address Behavior Problems
kid getting an ice cream cone
Common Concerns About Giving Kids Rewards
Emotion coaching helps kids learn about their feelings.
How Emotion Coaching Can Help Your Family Focus on Feelings
There's a big difference between disciplining your children and punishing them.
How to Manage Misbehavior With Discipline Without Punishment
Father disciplining toddler
Is Hitting an Appropriate Form of Discipline?
Two boys fighting over toys
Tips for Parents to Teach Children to Play Gently Instead of Roughly
Father giving daughter lecture
When Is it Appropriate to Discipline Another Person's Child?
Grandma's rule of discipline teaches responsibility.
Try Grandma's Rule of Discipline If Your Child Doesn't Listen
Limit your child's TV time.
How to Effectively Limit Your Child's TV Time
A daughter and father looking at a behavior chart
How to Create a Behavior Chart for Your Child
Mother scolding children
How Parents Can Stop Their Kids From Fighting
Prevent your child from misbehaving.
How Can Parents Prevent Behavior Problems in Their Children?
child playing in sand box
How Free-Range Parenting Can Benefit Your Child
Girl (6-7) writing Thank You card, smiling
Teaching Kids the Value of Writing Thank You Notes
little boy getting haircut
Why You Should Never Discipline Your Child With a Bad Haircut
Police Car with Flashing Lights
7 Reasons Why Calling the Police Won't Teach Your Child a Lesson
Positive reinforcement encourages your child to keep up the good work.
Improve Your Child's Behavior Problems With Positive Reinforcement
Father and daughter putting away folded clothes
Motivate Kids to Behave Better With Rewards That Don't Cost Anything
Taking away a privilege can be one of the most effective teaching tools.
How to Take Away a Privilege to Teach Your Child a Life Lesson
A simple sticker chart can motivate your child.
How to Make a Sticker Chart That Really Works With Your Child
Write out your behavior contract with your child.
This Is How to Create a Behavior Contract With Your Child
Here's the Secret to Avoiding a Power Struggle with an Oppositional Child
Portrait of a little boy refusing to listen to his mom
Avoid Making Discipline Mistakes That Make Behavior Problems Worse
mom and girl talking
How to Address Kids' Behavior Problems Effectively With Consequences
Reward systems motivate kids to do chores.
Reward Systems Can Motivate Kids to Change These Behaviors Fast
Father and daughter discussing while using laptop at porch
Tips and Mistakes When Disciplining Children
Reward your child's good behavior with tokens.
The 5 Biggest Problems Parents Have With Token Economy Systems
Girl reading book in bed.
How Parents Can Keep Kids in Their Own Bed at Night
Time-out can be an effective way to teach kids to behave better.
Strategies to Consider When Establishing Time-Out as a Consequence
Giving in to kids can do more harm than good.
Are You a Pushover with Your Kids? Read Why You May Want to Change
happy father and daughter at sofa looking at digital tablet
How to Be a More Supportive Parent for Your Tween
A mom comforting her young child
How Parents Can Stop Overparenting Their Kids
Young mother and her daughter.
Surprising Reasons Why We Need to Discipline Children
Use gentle discipline to teach your child how to manage his behavior.
How to Discipline Children Without Yelling or Corporal Punishment

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