Child being disciplined by mother

Discipline Strategies

There are multiple recommended discipline strategies, but not all of them will fit your needs as a parent. Learn more about them and pick the best for you.
Don't try to force a fussy eater to eat.
14 Ways to Support Picky Eaters
Young girl having tantrum in bedroom
How to Help Your Kids When Things Aren't Fair
boy in sitting in corner in time out
How to Reprimand Your Child the Right Way (and Mistakes to Avoid)
How to help an emotional child. Child dropped ice cream and cries. Mom tries to soothe her kid.
How to Help a Highly Emotional Child Cope With Big Feelings
A father punishes his son by taking his tablet off him for playing on it too long.
What Are Natural Consequences? When and How to Use Them
Don't allow your child to have too much screen time.
How Too Much Screen Time Can Hurt Kids and Their Families
Father lecturing daughter
How Parents Can Work With a Kid Who Won't Listen
The way you give instructions determines how likely it is your child will listen the first time you speak.
5 Ways You Might be Accidentally Training Your Child Not to Listen to You
Let your child use digital devices, but only in moderation.
How Much Screen Time Is Really OK for Kids?
Father scolding his middle school aged son in the kitchen
10 Common Child Discipline Mistakes That Fathers Make
Teenage boy listening to music on a mobile phone.
7 Ways to Make Grounding Your Teen Work
A mom and daughter playing with blocks
How to Raise Mentally Strong Kids
Don't entertain your bored child with electronics.
How to Teach Your Kids to Entertain Themselves
Young boy using digital tablet in bed
How a Digital Detox Could Improve Your Child's Behavior Problems
These bad behaviors should not go unnoticed with your child
Little Behavior Problems That Can Cause Big Issues
boys play fighting
How to Respond to Back Talk, Swearing, Defiance, and Outright Disrespect
Setting Limits With Your Strong Willed Child
How to Set Limits With Your Strong-Willed Child
How to Choose Appropriate Consequences and Punishment for Kids
Child crossing fingers behind while lying to parent
10 Ways to Get Your Child to Stop Telling Lies
A little girl jumping on the furniture
10 Fun Ways to Help Your Child Gain Better Impulse Control
Boy screaming
How to Curb Aggressive Behavior Before It Gets Out of Control
Prevent temper tantrums before they start.
Useful Strategies to Reduce Your Child's Tantrums
Aggressive child
Discipline Strategies for Children Who Hit Their Parents
Non-compliance is a common behavior problem among children.
10 Ways to Respond When Your Child Refuses to Listen
Woman doing yoga with her daughter
Mindfulness Skills Will Serve Children Well Throughout Their Lives
girl setting the table
Teaching Kids Self-Discipline so They Can Grow Up to Reach Their Goals
Teach your child appropriate self-discipline.
Teaching Your Child Self-Discipline and Responsibility Is Important
Use these discipline strategies to reduce bedtime behavior problems.
7 Ways for Putting an End to Bedtime Behavior Problems
Father talking to little boy on playground
How to Teach Kids Anger Management Skills
Create household rules that keep teenagers safe.
How to Create Household Rules for Teenagers
rude behavior in kids - girl sticking out her tongue
7 Bad Behaviors Parents Should Correct ASAP
kid with tablet in the dark on bed and reading at Night .
10 Ways to Limit Your Kids' Screen Time for Better Health
Daughter jumping and screaming on bed
6 Ways to Curb Whining Fast
Don't let your child miss the school bus every day on purpose.
Here Are Tips on What to Do if Your Child Misses the Bus on Purpose
teenager talking to therapist
Should You Take Your Child to Therapy?
Avoid these mistakes that can make temper tantrums worse.
5 Parenting Mistakes That Will Only Fuel Your Child's Temper Tantrums
mother sternly talking to young son on couch
3 Common Reasons Why Kids Lie (and How You Should Respond)
Father and son arguing on sofa
How to Teach Kids to Deal With Their Uncomfortable Feelings
Tips for Helping Your Child Succeed in Public Situations - Illustration by Adriana Sanchez
How to Discipline Your Child in Public
Mom having an important conversation with daughter about sneaking out
How to Handle Catching Your Teen Sneaking out of the House
Father reading bedtime story
How to Create Structure In Your Child's Day and Prevent Behavior Problems
All kids need rules.
Establish Rules That Will Help Your Child Become a Responsible Adult
Father lecturing daughter
Effective Solutions Parents Can Use for Common Child Behavior Problems
child holding remote sitting on rug in front of television
10 Tips for Limiting Your Child's Screen Time
Resist the urge to solve your child's problems for him.
Teaching Kids How to Solve Their Own Problems and Make Good Decisions
Letting your child swear sends the wrong message.
Effective Ways to Discipline a Child for Swearing
Teach your child how to talk about her feelings.
Prevent Behavior Problems by Teaching Your Child About Feelings
Start teaching your child to do chores at a young age.
Why You Should Be Giving Your Kids More Chores
Setting limits teaches kids the boundaries of their behavior.
Establish Guidelines With Healthy Discipline for Your Kids
Talk to your child sexualized behavior.
Discipline Strategies for Sexual Behavior Problems in Children
Parent with dog and child
The Most Effective Ways to Discipline a Child With Autism
Permissive parent
How to Shape Your Child's Behavior One Small Step at a Time
A mother talking to her little girl
How to Get Your Child to Do What You Ask the First Time
father yelling at child
How to Discipline Kids Without Yelling
child pouting in time-out
Top Child Discipline Techniques and Ideas
Angry teen
What to Do When Your Child Gets Suspended for Fighting
It's common for kids to steal once in a while.
How to Discipline Your Children When They Steal
Boy with brown hair holds a stack of money and looks surprised
Teaching Your Child Self-Control When it Comes to Spending Money
Young girl making faces
How Parents Can Stop Their Preschooler Calling Them Names
mom checking on daughter
How to Address Your Child for Bullying Others

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