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Delilah is an ancient name of Hebrew and Arabic origins. In both Hebrew and Arabic, the name means “delicate.” If you are familiar with biblical stories, then you’ll immediately recognize the name, Delilah. Delilah was the love interest of Samson, who was famed for his great strength. The source of his strength was a mystery until Delilah was offered a bribe by the Philistines to reveal it.

Eventually, Delilah found out that Samson's strength came from his long hair. As he slept, she had Samson’s hair cut causing him to lose his strength and be handed over to the Philistines. The name Delilah has since shed any negative connotations and has become popular in works of fiction and music.

The Plain White T’s hit song, “Hey There Delilah,” is the most popular song to date with the name Delilah. Florence and the Machine, Tom Jones, and Queen also have songs named “Delilah.” 

  • Origin: Delilah is a name of Hebrew and Arabic origins.
  • Gender: Delilah is a typically feminine name, but it can be given to a baby of any gender. 
  • Pronunciation: deh-lie-lah

Although many baby names are separated by gender, Verywell Family believes that sex does not need to play a role in your name selection process. It’s important to select a name that you feel suits your new baby the best.

How Popular is the Name Delilah? 

In the biblical story, Samson and Delilah, Delilah is painted in an unflattering light. But, the name has since shed that stigma and is currently one of the most popular Hebrew names for girls.

According to 2020 data from the Social Security Administration, Delilah is the 69th most popular name for girls in the United States. For most of the 1980s and 1990s, Delilah enjoyed little to no popularity. But, the name witnessed a sharp spike in popularity in 2007. In that year, 1,136 babies were named Delilah.

Coincidentally, “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White T’s was released just one year before. Delilah has witnessed a steady rise in popularity since then. In 2020, 3,384 babies were given the name Delilah, which has been the peak of its popularity so far. 

Name Variations 

Delilah has other spelling variations in other cultures, some of them include: 

  • Dalida (Greek)
  • Dalila (French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Latin)
  • Delila

Similar Names

If you are considering other biblical names for your baby, here’s a list of options:

  • Abigail 
  • Deborah 
  • Diana 
  • Elizabeth
  • Esther 
  • Eve
  • Hannah
  • Leah 
  • Martha
  • Mary 
  • Miriam 
  • Moriah 
  • Naomi
  • Rebecca
  • Ruth
  • Sarah

Common Nicknames

Delilah is a meaningful and distinct name, and most bearers of the name like to make use of the full name. However Deli, Lala, Lily, and Lila are great nicknames for a baby named Delilah. 

Suggested Sibling Names 

Looking for a sibling name for Delilah? Here are some popular options: 

  • Abraham
  • Amos
  • Caleb
  • Daniel
  • Danielle
  • Elijah
  • Ezekiel
  • Gabriella
  • Isaac
  • Jeremiah
  • Jordan
  • Levi
  • Michaela 
  • Naomi 
  • Sharon
  • Zachary

Famous People Named Delilah    

If you are considering naming your baby Delilah, here’s a list of some famous and inspiring people who would also be sharing a name with your baby: 

  • Delilah Cotto, American actress, dancer, and model 
  • Delilah DiCrescenzo, American distance runner 
  • Delilah Pueka Gore, former member of Papua New Guinea Parliament
  • Delila Hatuel, Israeli foil fencer
  • Delilah Montoya, American contemporary artist and educator 
  • Delilah Rene, an American radio personality simply known as Delilah
  • Delilah S. Dawson, American fantasy and science fiction author 
  • Delilah Loud, featured in the television documentary “An American Family”

Delilah is also commonly used in works of fiction. Some of the most popular include: 

  • Delilah Belle Babcock, a character in the book series “Deliciously British” 
  • Delilah Buchanan, a character in the American sitcom “The 5 Mrs. Buchanans” 
  • Delilah Copperspoon, a character in the video game “Dishonored” 
  • Delilah Hannaford, the main character in the book “Fixing Delilah” 
  • Delilah Ralston, a character in the American television series “One Life to Live” 

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