Cyberbullying Facts - How Common is Cyberbullying?

How Often Do Tweens Experience Cyberbullying?

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Question: How common is cyberbullying during the tween years?

Answer: Parents should know a few cyberbullying facts before their preteens begin middle school. About 1 in 5 tweens reports being victimized by cyber bullying, according to a comprehensive study of 9- to 11-year-olds. In particular, the researchers found that 11% of children had been victimized online or through their cell phones one or two times in the previous year. An additional 10% of the students had experienced cyberbullying three or more times in the year.

Additional cyberbullying facts: When asked about the form of the bullying, 18% of the victimized tweens said that the bullying happened through email while 17% said it occurred in a chat room. Bullying via instant messages was less common (13%), as were text messages (12%), comments on a website (11%), and distribution of an embarrassing photo (7%).

More Cyberbullying Facts to Know

Interestingly, the majority of the victimized tweens said they did not know the form the cyberbullying took (25%) or reported that it took a different form than any of the forms listed here (22%). These findings indicate how much researchers still have to learn about cyberbullying. The unclear results about forms of cyberbullying also underscore the secrecy and shame that often accompany being bullied.


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