Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Stroller Review

Contours Options Elite Double Stroller
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Looking for a double stroller that does it all? The Contours Options Elite tandem double comes pretty close, and at a lower price than other full-featured double strollers. This stroller offers seven different seating configurations, so your babies can always be comfy.


Let's review the Contours double stroller features.

  • Stands independently when folded
  • Contains rubber-coated rear wheels
  • Offers independently reclining seats with four positions each
  • Has independently reversible seats
  • Provides adjustable footrests
  • Contains extra-large basket with side access
  • Offers expandable mesh canopy for each seat
  • Includes an infant car seat adapter
  • Has the ability to hold two infant car seats
  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Contains the following dimensions (unfolded) - 47" x 26" x 42"
  • Provides the following dimensions (folded) - 28.5" x 43.5"
  • Offers maximum child weight - up to 40 pounds in each seat (totaling 80 pounds)
  • Costs $399.99

The Contours Options Elite tandem double stroller has a long list of features and benefits. Though it's not priced on the lower side like some other brands, its value is worth the investment.


At just under $400, this certainly isn't a cheap double stroller, but it's important to note that you can spend hundreds more on a​ stroller with fewer features. It's definitely one of the best-priced tandem double strollers with reversible, removable seats and the ability to hold two infant car seats.

The seat configurations are the best feature of the Contours Options Elite. The two seats operate completely independent of each other. Some double strollers require you to recline both seats or to use one sunshade to cover both seats. Not so with the Options Elite.

Every adjustment, from sunshade to seat recline and footrest settings, is independent, so you can easily accommodate each child's preference (or nap time). The seats are also removable, which allows you to use this stroller as a single with a massive shopping basket, or you can take the seats off to add an infant car seat adapter on one or both seats to create a travel system.

The infant car seat adapter can be purchased for about $30. The adapter is universal, so it will work with almost any infant car seat brand. Certain models of Chicco, Graco, Evenflo, Britax, Maxi Cosi, Cybex, Baby Trend, Peg Pérego, and Safety 1st infant seats will work with the adapter. If you have twins, you can always buy a second adapter.

The storage basket is huge. Any diaper bag will fit in there, along with just about anything else you may need. It can be a little bit hard to reach in the basket when the seats are in certain configurations, but not any more difficult than with other big strollers. Contours added a side zipper on the basket to address that problem.

The fold is fairly easy for a large stroller. With both seats facing forward, lock the foot brake and close the canopies. Then, squeeze the triggers on the sides of the frame and step on the foot brake as you push the stroller forward until it folds. Pull tightly to engage that auto-lock latch. The stroller stands by itself when folded. It would be nice to see a one-hand fold mechanism on this stroller, but this one feature is not a reason to bypass the Contours Options double stroller.

The steering is about what you would expect for a very long, heavy stroller. It's not going to turn on a dime, but it's easy enough to get around corners (slowly) and you'll easily fit through standard doorways. The frame is quite sturdy and holds up well, even with two bigger kids in the stroller regularly.

What We Like
  • Reversible, removable seats that hold two car seats

  • Infant car seat adaptability

  • Fully customizable for one or two children

  • Folding is easy, but does require two hands

What We Don't Like
  • Enormous and heavy at 34 pounds

  • Requires a large trunk or cargo area to store

  • Snack tray, car seat adapter, and organizers are sold separately

  • The under seat basket can collect dropped food and get dirty


It's enormous, to start. All of those options are heavy, to the tune of 34 pounds. You may need to do a some strength training to prepare for hauling this stroller in and out of your trunk! The folded dimensions are also pretty big, 28.5 inches by 43.5 inches, so you'll probably need to leave plenty of room in the trunk to stash the stroller.

The parent console, child snack trays, and car seat adapter are not included with the stroller and must be purchased separately. At around $400 for a stroller, it would be nice to not to need to spend another $100 for accessories that many cheaper strollers include.

However, there are other flexible stroller organizers, cup holders, and snack trays available to add storage to the stroller if you don't like the ones available from Contours. It's fairly easy to customize your baby's ride.

The way the basket runs under both of the seats, anything the kids drop will end up in the basket. That's great if it's a toy that is dropped. When it's french fries and cookie crumbs, the basket gets dirty quickly.

Overall, the Contours Options Elite tandem stroller is a very good option for two kids. It's one of the best and reasonably priced tandem doubles on the market.

It works equally as well for twins as it does for an older child and a newborn. The reversible, removable seats mean this Contours stroller truly lives up to its name: options.

By Heather Corley
Heather Wootton Corley is a mother, freelance writer and certified Child Passenger Safety Technician-Instructor.