Why You Want a Chore Contract for Your Tween

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A chore chart is often used to keep children and tweens on track with their daily household duties. But a chore chart doesn't always help a child get the job done. Writing a chore contract may seem a bit extreme, but a chore contract is key to helping your child understand his or her chore responsibilities.

A chore contract also is a grown-up procedure that may make tweens feel more like adults and encourage them to follow-through with their responsibilities.

Before your child picks up one sponge or dusts one table, it's best to sit down with him or her and discuss the specifics of tackling family chore responsibilities. Make sure your child knows that everyone in a household must pitch in to help and that it's a family duty and responsibility. After you go over the rules of the house, make sure you both sign the chore contract, and display the contract somewhere where it's visible by both you and your child. A refrigerator is one potential spot, or tack the contract up on a family bulletin board.​

Edit the contract below to fit your family's needs, and review the contract from time to time to make sure the details are working for everyone involved. Edit the contract as your child's skills grow, and as the needs of your family changes. 

Sample Chore Contract/Chore Chart

To: Whom it May Concern

Date: (Fill in the date)

This contract is to formally acknowledge the agreement made between (parents' names) and (tween's name) regarding the responsibility of household chores.

As agreed upon, (tween's name) will be responsible for completing the following household chores:

  • Chore #1
  • Chore #2
  • Chore #3
  • Chore #4
  • Chore #5

The above chores will be completed by (tween's name) in a timely manner as agreed upon by both parties. (At this point you'll need to indicate the timing of the chores. Will they be completed daily, weekly, or on an as-needed basis? Be specific with each chore, indicating exactly when you expect it to be finished by your child.) 

Both parties recognize the importance of responsibility, and that all members of the household are expected to participate in routine chores and clean-up. The contribution of all parties is important to the family and the maintenance of the family home.

To make sure (tween's name) fully understands the requirements of his assignments, (parents' names) will take the time to demonstrate exactly how the chores should be completed and will provide feedback when (tween's name) has completed chore duties. In addition, (parents' names) will supply all cleaning products and other tools needed to complete the assigned chores.

Both parties understand that if chores are not completed as agreed upon, (parents' names) may decide to withhold (tween's name) allowance, or fail to allow (tween's name) to participate in after-school activities, attend parties or other events, or enjoy other privileges, such as television, computer games, or cell phone privileges.

(Provide specific information here regarding whether or not chores will be linked to allowance, and if so, at what rate, or if privileges will be earned for completed chores.)

This contract will be reviewed and updated periodically by (parents' names) and (tween's name).


  • Parents' Signatures, Date
  • Tween's Signature, Date
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