How Fathers Can Win Child Custody

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It's often assumed that mothers always get child custody when parents separate, but that's not exactly true. Legally, fathers have as much of a chance of getting child custody as mothers do. Here are some considerations for fathers who hope to win child custody.

Factors Considered in Child Custody for Fathers

A father who wants to get child custody should consider the following factors that may be used to determine a child custody case:

  • Adequate documentation: A father who is interested in getting child custody should prepare all appropriate documentation regarding visitation schedules and child support payments prior to a court hearing.
  • Courtroom etiquette: A father who is interested in getting child custody should refrain from all courtroom outbursts and shows of anger. Courtroom outbursts may adversely affect the outcome of a child custody case.
  • Courtroom dress: A father who is interested in getting child custody should wear a dark suit and dress shoes to court. A father should avoid casual wear to all courtroom hearings.
  • The best interests of the child: In awarding custody to a father, a court will consider the best interests of a child. A father seeking custody of a child should be prepared to explain in court why sharing custody with a child's mother does not serve the child's best interests.

Obstacles to Fathers Getting Child Custody

There are certain obstacles involved with fathers getting child custody including:

  • Paternity determination: If parents are not married, a court may want a father to provide proof of paternity prior to ordering custody.
  • The other parent's wishes: The child's mother may also request custody and a court of law is reluctant not to offer joint custody unless extenuating circumstances exist such as domestic violence.
  • The child's wishes: The court may also consider a child's wishes prior to awarding a father custody of a child depending on the age of the child and the child custody laws of that particular state.

For more information about how fathers can get child custody, speak with a qualified attorney in your state or refer to more references about strategies to help fathers win even full child custody.

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