Child Custody

If you are experiencing a custody battle, you know how stressful this can be. We're here to help. Learn more about what how to navigate this process and move forward as a parent.
Father playing with twin daughters in park
Can a Father Get Full Custody of a Child?
Mom and daughter having fun at a park
10 Steps to Get Custody of Your Child
Dad lifting up his young son.
How to Have Alternatives and Modify Your Family's Visitation Schedule
Business executive discussing with her clients
Prepare to Answer Different Questions at Your Child Custody Hearing
Grandfather pushing grandson on swing
When Is the Best Time Arrange Temporary Guardianship for Your Child?
Mother rubbing noses with her son
Understand the Different Types of Child Custody Before Settling in Court
Family on walk
How to Win a Child Custody Battle in Court
boy watching father repair car
Determining Custody for the Child's Best Interests
Grandfather and grandson fishing on pier
How to Give and Get Temporary Child Custody
Mom and daughter laughing together
Decide Whether Sole Physical Custody Is the Best Option for You
Father and daughter walking on footpath in city
Steps You Can You Take If You Lost Custody of Your Kids
Mom and son cuddle
Overcoming the Obstacles of Gaining Sole Custody of Your Kids
Sad little girl hugging her mother's leg
How to Handle Your Kids' Separation Anxiety During Visits With Your Ex
Mother and young daughter talking in kitchen
Why You Should Consider the Benefits of Sharing Joint Custody
Mother talking to a lawyer
6 Tips to Help Prepare for Your Child-Custody Hearing
Judge in chambers
What to Expect During Child Custody Proceedings
A mother talking to her toddler son inside in a bedroom
The Ins and Outs of Sole Legal Custody
Family holding hands and walking in sunny woods
Your Most Commons Child Custody Questions, Answered
Affectionate mother and daughter rubbing noses in pajamas
How to Create a Standard Visitation Schedule for Non-Custodial Parents
Mother comforting daughter
How to Protect Your Children When an Ex Uses Substances Around Them
Judge and gavel in courtroom
The Appropriate Way to Dress for a Child Custody Case
a father and son laughing
Know the Rules for Joint Custody Child Support
Little girl strolling in park with mom joyfully
Strategies for Winning Full Child Custody
Young girl in a moving box.
What You Need to Know About Moving When You Have Joint Custody
Affectionate mother and daughter rubbing noses in pajamas
The Benefits and Rights of Custodial Parents
Father holding newborn daughter
Support Your Baby and the Need to Bond With a Visitation Schedule
Mom and toddler boy playing with stuffed animals
When to Take Steps to Change Your Custody Arrangement
Boy looking away as parents argue behind him
The Impact of Domestic Violence on Child Custody Cases
Child custody hearing
How Parents Can Find a Good Attorney for Child Custody Hearings
father talking to son
Court-Ordered Supervised Visits Protect the Well-Being of Children
Smiling toddler holding hands with mom in park
Responsibilities of Custodial Parents
Woman holding folders, close-up
Winning Custody Begins With Documenting Your Circumstances
Joint custody
Examples of Joint Custody Schedules
Girl playing airplane with mom on a bed
What the Child's Best Interest Standard Means in Custody Cases
a child kissing their parent on the nose
Use These Pro Se Custody Tips When Representing Yourself in Court
birth paperwork including baby's footprints
Do Single Moms Need to File for Child Custody?
Mother watching daughter do homework
The Reasons Why Children Are Placed in Emergency Custody
Family eating lunch at table on sunny patio
Tips for Drafting a Suitable Child Custody Agreement
Laughter around a mouthwatering breakfast!
How to Win Joint Custody of Your Child
Family talking at breakfast table
The Factors Courts Consider Before Determining Primary Custody
Young boy listening to his parents fighting
The Pros and Cons of Joint Legal Custody Between Parents
mother and young daughter holding hands
How to Go About Appealing a Child Custody Ruling
father with arm around son looking out window
What to Do When You Fear for Your Kids' Safety During Visitation
small boy sitting on couch arm facing away from camera
The Right Way to Handle Concerns About Court-Ordered Visitation

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