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Carrie has worked professionally in the field of adoption/foster care since 1996. She has a wealth of experience in adoption and foster care, both personally and professionally. She is a freelance writer, an adoptive mother, a foster mother and has experienced a successful adoption reunion. Several years ago, after the death of her mother, Carrie discovered that her mother had had a child before her and had placed the infant for adoption. Carrie has since met her sister and has built a relationship with her


Carrie worked at the Wichita Children's Home, then, began fostering in 1997 in response to the need for more foster parents. Over the past fifteen years, Carrie and her husband have provided foster care for 50 children in police protective custody, long term, short term, and respite placements. Carrie is an adoptive parent, with three adopted sons, as well as a former foster parent. Carrie and her husband are also the parents to one birth daughter.

Carrie holds certifications in several training curriculum. She trains others to be foster/adoptive parents and also designs customized curriculum on a variety of subjects related to adoption and foster care for both online and face-to-face workshops and trainings. Local, state, and national organizations have contracted with Carrie to train foster/adoptive parents, in face-to-face trainings as well as on-line classes, on various issues that affect their families and the children they parent. Carrie was also a presenter at the 35th Annual Governor's Conference for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect in 2011.

In November 2012, Carrie became a College Access Mentor with the Kansas Kids @ GEAR UP program. GEAR UP encourages low-income and foster children to attend college or other post high school training by offering ACT preparation, college visits, financial aid workshops, mentoring, and more. One of the unique things about the Kansas GEAR UP program is its emphasis on assisting foster children.

Carrie has been the Guide for Adoption / Foster Care on since 2004. She has also written articles for magazines on various foster and adoptive parenting issues. Three articles have been published in the book The Foster Parenting Toolbox, published by EMK Press in 2012.


Carrie holds a B.A. degree in Education from Wichita State University. She attends numerous trainings on a wide variety of subjects related to foster care, adoption, and parenting. Through her education, professional training, and personal experience, Carrie has developed an understanding of the needs and concerns of fostering and adoptive families.

A Word From Carrie Craft

I hope that the About: Adoption / Foster Care Web site helps others learn about all aspects of adoption and foster care and provides support for all of those whose own lives have been impacted by adoption and/or foster care. I want the About: Adoption / Foster Care Web site to provide factual information, a variety of perspectives, news, resources, and a supportive community for all who visit.

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