Can I Be Pregnant if I Had My Period the Day After Sex?

Couple lying on bed looking at pregnancy test.
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It is highly unlikely that you got pregnant if your period came after you had unprotected sex. Though it is not entirely out of the realm of possibility. This is particularly true if you had your period the day after you had sex.

It is important to figure out if you had your period or if you are simply having vaginal bleeding. This bleeding may not be your period but may be something else like implantation bleeding, which would possibly indicate pregnancy.

You should consider a pregnancy test if your period seems light or in any way different. This is a fairly common occurrence. 

"I was really anxious about being pregnant. We had the condom broke, and while I was pretty sure it was late enough in my cycle that I wouldn't have to worry much, I still worried until I started my period. I was never so glad to see it," recalls Sharon. "Still, after it started someone told me that it could be nothing and I could still be pregnant. It was normal enough, so I worried about it until I started my next period, but less and less so as I didn't feel pregnant."

Some methods of birth control will use days that are safe and days that are not safe as a way to indicate days that you do not need to use backup methods of birth control, like a condom. While the days just before your period are likely to be considered safe days that do not require backup birth control, this would only be known after several cycles of study of your specific cycle length.

This makes it unreliable for women who are not practicing this as a method of birth control.

"I had been counting the days in my cycle before, but not as closely this month," says Angela. "I'm fairly regular, but I messed up by a day. I had been so sure it would start later that day, when it didn't I freaked out until it did."

A pregnancy test will tell you if you are pregnant or not. If you have an unexpected pregnancy test results, like a negative test when you are sure you're pregnant, wait a few days to retest. This will help you ensure that you get the most accurate response from your pregnancy test. It will also ensure that your body has enough time to produce hCG in order for you to test positive on the pregnancy test, as hCG nearly doubles every two days in early pregnancy.

If you are trying to avoid pregnancy, you should use at least one method of birth control every time you have sex. The various methods of birth control all have different attributes. Only you can decide which one fits your lifestyle and needs. When used correctly birth control is a very accurate way to prevent pregnancy. You can get birth control from your primary care provider, the local health department, or Planned Parenthood type of offices.


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