Boy crying from being bullied

Bullying Prevention and Coping

Bullying is a widely recognized problem in schools. Learn where it happens, how it impacts learning, and ways to work on preventing and responding to it.
Upset girl being cyberbullies
Laying Down the Law for Cyberbullying
Upset man making a phone call
Why You May (or May Not) Want to Call a Bully's Parents
woman holding note with #MeToo
How the #MeToo Movement Opens Conversations Between Parents and Kids
upset young adult on laptop
Internet Trolls— How to Recognize and Deal with Them
Bullied girl sitting on steps at school
How Parents Can Help Their Kids When Bullied
Young schoolchildren and gym teacher at school
10 Ways to Handle Your Child's Bullying Teacher
Schoolgirls walking hand in hand at school isle
Do You Know These 12 Cold, Hard Facts About Friendship?
7 Ideas for Helping People Who Bully to Change Their Behavior
teen girls taking a selfie
How Social Media Is Negatively Impacting Your Teen's Friendships
Female teen helping another who is being bullied
Empower Your Child so He or She Can Stand up and Respond to Bullying
Girl being teased by other girls
Get a Bully to Stop Teasing You at School and Work
depressed young woman
Discover How to Move Beyond the Lasting Effects of Bullying
two girls gossiping in class
6 Ways for Dealing With Gossip and Rumors at School
Mother and daughter having a serious talk
10 Ideas on How to Help Your Child Recover from Bullying
Sad girl looking out window
Help Your Daughter End an Abusive Relationship Without Taking Over
teenagers laughing and taking selfies outdoors
7 Ways to Build Social Skills and Prevent Bullying
group of teens on social media
Why Social Media Is More Than a Vehicle for Cyberbullying With Teens
Two boys bullying another boy
Common Signs of Kindergarten Bullying That Parents Should Recognize
Teen sitting alone and being ignored
How to Avoid Raising a Child That Excludes Others
Teacher instructed class
17 Ideas for Creating a Bully-Free Classroom
Female office workers using computer
How to Deal With Mean Girls in Adulthood
Helping Socially Isolated Students Form Connections
Girl being rejected by other girls
Warning Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied at School
young girl comforting another
7 Ways to Teach Kids Empathy and Prevent Bullying
Young teen being bullied
How Middle School Bullying Can Be Stopped
two teens using a laptop
Get the Facts: What Every Educator Needs to Know About Cyberbullying
Group of girl friends laughing
8 Skills That Discourage Bullies From Targeting Your Child
Teenage students learning in classroom
Top Strategies for Teaching Children Emotional Intelligence
upset boy looking out a window
Teach Your Bullied Child How to Take Control of His or Her Life
wife and mother-in-law upset with husband
Learn How to Confront the Family Bully
Child putting up palm
How Kids Can Defend Against Attacks by Bullies
Young woman being sad
Taking Control of Self-Blame When You Are Bullied
dad comforting teen daughter
How to Help Your Teen Cope With Mean Friends
Affectionate mother kissing daughters cheek at summer neighborhood block party in park
How Positive Thinking Benefits Bullying Victims
group of girls talking and laughing about other girl
5 Ways to Prevent Your Friend From Bullying
Teen girl talk to a boy
7 Ways to Improve Assertiveness so You Don't Get Bullied
Young girl sitting alone at lunch
7 Tips for Helping Kids Deal With Being Shunned at School
Mother talking to son on the sofa
10 Tips for Putting an End to School Bullying
Soccer Team Meeting
Ways Parents Can Address Bullying in Sports
Little Boy Being Bullied
How Schools Should React to Reports of Bullying
Two female siblings arguing
How to Put an End of the Bullying Between Siblings
Two teenage boys (14-15) in hoods stealing items from school girl's bag (12-13)
How Zero Tolerance Policies Can Do More Harm Than Good
mom checking on daughter
How to Address Your Child for Bullying Others
teacher reprimanding a student at school
How to Discipline School Bullies
Couple talking to a woman.
How to Talk With Your Child's Principal About Bullying
10 Ideas for Educators on Bullying Prevention
happy teen girl
How to Raise Confident Teens to Make Them Resilient Against Bullies
Boy being bullied
Teach Your Child How to Deal With a Bully
Mother talking to daughter in bedroom.
How to Raise a Bully-Free Kid
Boy hugging his mother
Ways Parents Make Bullying Worse
row of school buses
Both Parents and Students Can Prevent Bullying on School Buses
A teacher talking to a girl who was being bullied by a group of other girls
An Overview of Bullying Prevention Programs
middle school girl at locker with others in back
Do Your Kids Have What It Takes to Cope With Bullying?
preschool bully
How Do I Stop a Preschool Bully?
Mom comforting daughter
13 Reasons Why It’s Time to Stop Avoiding a Convo About Big 3 Issues

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