The 5 Best Footstools for Breastfeeding Mothers of 2020

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When you're breastfeeding in a seated position, a nursing footstool can help you place your baby in a better position at your breast. It can also make you feel more comfortable while you're breastfeeding. Footstools are useful for first-time moms, moms with short legs, nursing after a c-section, breastfeeding a newborn, or nursing a preemie.

Positioning and Comfort

A footstool encourages a good nursing position and a proper latch by lifting your lap and bringing your child up closer to the level of your breast. When your lap and your baby are raised up, it also helps to relieve strain on your legs, arms, back, shoulders, and neck.

Premature Babies or Babies With Reflux

You can place both feet on the stool to lift your entire lap, or you can just put one foot on the stool to lift the side where your baby's head is resting. It may be helpful to keep your baby's head higher than the rest of her body during feedings, especially if your child is premature or suffers from reflux.

Can You Just Use an Ottoman or Another Type of Stool?

Ottomans or other furniture footrests are often too high to use as a nursing stool. However, a stack of books or a kitchen step stool may work well. You could also buy a stool made specifically for breastfeeding mothers. Nursing footstools are designed for comfort with fixed or adjustable angles. They even come in different colors and styles to match your home or nursery.

There are five types of breastfeeding footstools available:

Our Top Picks


KidKraft Adjustable Nursing Stool

KidKraft Adjustable Nursing Stool

The KidKraft Adjustable Nursing Stool has three positions: two different angles and a flat position. You can easily adjust it into one of the angled positions for your breastfeeding comfort. And, since it can be placed flat, it can be used as a toddler seat or a step stool when you're not using it to breastfeed, or when you no longer need it as a nursing stool. This easy to assemble wooden stool is available in white, natural, cherry, honey, and espresso.


My Brest Friend Adjustable Nursing Stool

My Brest Friend's nursing stool has knobs that allow you to adjust the angle and find the position that's the most comfortable for you. You can also put it in a flat position and use it as a step stool. This footstool is made out a sustainable rubberwood, and there's a non-slip grip surface on the top so your feet won't slide off while you're breastfeeding.


Medela NursingStool

Medela's NursingStool was created to lift your lap and improve your breastfeeding position. It's fixed angle is designed to help make breastfeeding ​rubberwood and more comfortable by reducing the strain on your back, neck, and shoulders. Medela's NursingStool is easy to assemble, and it's available in a natural wood tone.


Leachco Rock 'N Soft Cushioned Nursing Stool

Leachco's nursing stool is different. It's not a hard wooden stool like the others. Instead, it's a soft, comfortable, foam stool covered with a fleece-like material. It's lightweight and easy to move. It has a removable, washable cover with built-in foot sleeves to keep your feet cozy and warm. This stool can also be used as a comfortable footrest when you're not using it to breastfeed. 


KR Ideas Padded Wooden Footstool

The footstools from KR Ideas are not nursing stools, but they're the perfect size for a nursing stool. They're handcrafted in the USA and constructed from high-quality wood. The tops are padded with foam and covered with neutral tone fabrics or leather. You can use this stool to raise your lap while you're breastfeeding, but you can also use it while you're reading or watching television. It's a beautiful, sturdy piece of furniture that is built to last a lifetime. 

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