Should You Try a Breastfeeding Tracker App?

Breastfeeding is best for most babies but that doesn't mean it's always easy. Babies require a lot of nourishment, and if you’re breastfeeding, that means your little one will be spending a lot of time nursing—and feeding your baby is a big job that can be confusing and overwhelming. To make things easier, many companies offer a variety of virtual breastfeeding-related products and tools.

One tool you might find helpful is a breastfeeding tracker app. Designed to provide you with one place for tracking all of your information, breastfeeding trackers allow you to record and monitor the time you spend nursing, how often your baby is feeding, which breast they last fed on, and more. 

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Benefits of a Breastfeeding Tracker

Whether you’re new to breastfeeding or on baby number four, being a parent requires a whole lot of time and organization. No matter how well-prepared you are to tackle the demands of breastfeeding (and the exhaustion of parenting babies), there are going to be plenty of times when you forget which breast your baby fed on last or when your baby last ate or pooped. Not being sure about these nursing details is not the end of the world, but it can cause unneeded worry and stress.

Rather than racking your brain trying to remember everything you did during the day, or even a few hours ago, breastfeeding tracker apps help take the guesswork out of monitoring your baby’s feedings. Some apps even come with extra features, such as diaper trackers, timers, graphs, and charts, and the ability to share the data with family, doctors, and caregivers. 

Breastfeeding tracker apps give you the freedom and ease to easily keep tabs on everything related to nursing, pumping, and feeding.

Top Breastfeeding Tracker Apps

There are many breastfeeding apps available, which means that you should be able to find the perfect one that fits your needs. To help you choose the best one for you, here are seven of the top breastfeeding tracker apps available for iOS and Android. 

Baby Breastfeeding Tracker

The Baby Breastfeeding Tracker app for Android and iOS helps you keep tabs on your nursing sessions and gives you a place to log information about diaper changes, doctor visits, sleep, height, weight, and more. Other features include a timer, nursing progress, diaper changes, growth, among others.

If you like to monitor how your baby feeds at certain locations, you can also track where feedings occur. Plus, the app gives you unlimited ability to add photos, sound, and video to record how your baby grows and develops.

Baby Tracker

The Baby Tracker app for Android and iOS was designed by busy parents who understand exactly what you need to make your life easier. The app includes a nursing timer that tracks per breast and total feeding information for full nursing sessions.

There are also settings for formula feedings, sleep schedules, and diaper changes, a log for medical histories such as medicines and vaccines, and a place to keep milestones, such as first tooth and smile. Share with caregivers and loved ones via your phone or download as a spreadsheet and print out. 

Breastfeeding-Baby Tracker

The free Breastfeeding-Baby Tracker app for Android tracks breastfeeding time, amount, and side of the breast, plus other meals. After gathering enough data, the app will also display your typical breastfeeding times. There are several add-on options you can purchase to make this app multi-functional.

The app also allows you to record and analyze pumping time and quantity. It comes with a sleeping tracker and measurement tracker, and place to make a note of daily events such as bathing and diaper changes. 

Pump Log

Parent who exclusively pump will love this breast pumping tracker app for iOS. The Pump Log app comes with features unique to pumping including a built-in timer, a place to track the ounces you pump, and reminders that it’s time to pump. It also allows you to track your daily averages and log your freezer stash, plus estimate the “use by” date for your pumped milk.

In the information section, you can find all kinds of tips on how to increase milk production and what to look for when it’s time to adjust the timing or frequency of your pumping sessions. 

Baby Feeding Log

If you need a simple yet effective nursing tracker with a timer, the Baby Feeding Log app for iOS is worth checking out. Record information about nursing sessions, bottle-feeding times and amounts, naps, diapers, and more.

The Baby Feeding Log app allows you to email a spreadsheet of your feeding log to your doctor or caregiver, which makes newborn appointments so much easier. 

Feed Baby

The hugely popular Feed Baby app for Android and iOS is perfect for tracking the eating habits of babies and toddlers. This app allows you to track a variety of feedings such as breastfeeding, formula, solids, and pumped milk. Glance at your daily activities via the “Today” screen to see how many nursing sessions you’ve completed and how many you have left. You can sync data with another device to share data and tracking ability with a partner or caregiver.

If you want to get even more detailed, you can break it down by the hour in the “Timeline” screen. This app also has a place for you to log medications, diapers, sleep, and solids. Plus, if you install Feed Baby Pro, you have the option of tracking two babies, which is a bonus if you have twins. 

Baby Manager

The Baby Manager app for Android and iOS is a comprehensive tool that allows you to track all of your feeding data. It also offers the option to share data with a partner or caregiver in as little as four seconds. This helpful feature lets both parents stay involved in the feeding schedule. Track breastfeeding sessions, sleep times, diapers, growth, meals, and moods (both parent's and baby's).

The "reports" screen gives you access to all of your daily activities and helps you recognize your baby’s feeding patterns. 

A Word From Verywell

Your nursing experience is unique to you. If using a tracker helps you stay on schedule and reduces stress, then it's worth doing. But if continually monitoring and plugging data into an app sends your anxiety into overdrive, then it's absolutely fine to skip it. Gollowing your gut and the telltale sign of breastfeeding success—a trail of dirty diapers—usually works just fine, too.

By Sara Lindberg
Sara Lindberg, M.Ed., is a freelance writer focusing on health, fitness, nutrition, parenting, and mental health.