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Pumping and Storing Breast Milk

Breast pumps can seem complicated - just like the rules for handling the milk you produce. Get more comfortable with pumping and storing your milk safely with these articles.
What to Know About Power Pumping
Breast pump next to baby
Can You Add Fresh Breast Milk to Breast Milk You Already Collected?
Breast milk bottles with labels for days of the week
A Step-by-Step Guide to Freezing and Storing Breast Milk
bottles of breast milk in refrigerator
Can You Add More Breast Milk to a Frozen Bottle?
Woman bottle feeding baby
How to Hand Express Breast Milk
Breast pumping equipment.
How Often Should I Pump Breast Milk for My Preemie?
Mother feeding baby out of bottle
What To Know About Different Types of Breast Pumps
Breast pump and bottles with a baby in the background
How to Make Exclusive Pumping Easier
Bulb style, ball style, bicycle horn type breast pump
What You Need to Know About Bulb-Style Breast Pumps
Woman bottle feeding baby
Is It Okay to Bottle Feed Breast Milk Rather Than Breastfeed?
Caucasian woman holding baby son near bottles of breast milk
How Much Breast Milk Should You Put in a Bottle for Your Baby?
Breast pump next to baby.
How Alcohol Affects Breast Milk and Pumping
mother and baby with bottle
How to Thaw, Warm, and Use Frozen Breast Milk
A pacifier and two plastic bottles filled with breast milk
How to Collect and Freeze Breast Milk in 6 Steps
Woman using a breast pump
5 Ways to Tell If Your Breast Pump Flange Is a Good Fit
Family with newborn talking with lactation specialist
6 Ways to Prevent Sore Nipples and Breast Injury When You're Pumping
Woman breastfeeding her baby
The 8 Best Breastmilk Storage Containers of 2022
A mom reading to her baby
How to Go About Gradually Weaning From Pumping Breast Milk
A woman doing hands-on pumping
How to Increase Your Breastfeeding Milk Supply With Hands-on Pumping
Pump in Style product shot
Top 5 Electric Breast Pumps
Breast Milk pumped at work
Working Mothers of Babies May Have to Pump While at Work
Breastmilk in bottles
What You Need to Know About Storing Breast Milk at Room Temperature
Breast milk in bottles
How to Ship Breast Milk: A Step-By-Step Guide
Breast Milk pumped at work
What to Do If You Need to Pump Exclusively
Woman pumping milk from breast
Breastfeeding: What Does Pump and Dump Mean?
Breast pump with bottles
How Much Breast Milk Should I Pump for My Preemie?
Preemie moms may wonder how to increase their milk supply while pumping.
Can You Increase Your Milk Supply While Pumping?
9 Essentials You Need for Breastfeeding
Mom and baby with breast pump
When to Use the Pump and Dump Method for Lactation
Breast pump with bottles
Everything You Need to Know About Breast Pumping
Woman using a breast pump
How Can You Make Breast Pumping Easier?
Breast pump and bottles on a desk
The Benefits of Using and Storing Pumped Breast Milk
Woman with infant going through airport security
Restrictions on Bringing Breast Milk Through Airport Security
Bags of frozen breast milk on table
The Best Breast Milk Storage Bags Keep Your Liquid Gold Safe and Secure
Best Manual Breast Pumps
The 8 Best Manual Breast Pumps of 2022
Making sure she grows into a heathy and strong princess
The 8 Best Breast Pump Bags of 2022
Tired mother nursing baby daughter indoors at home, resting on bed
Best Online Lactation Consultants of 2022

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