Sex Selection iPhone Apps for Expecting Parents

Trying to find out if you're having a boy or a girl?  These apps can supposedly help you figure out if you are having a boy or girl during pregnancy.  Or you can even try your hand at sex selection with some apps that can help you select a boy or girl depending on various factors like age at conception and the month of the year. Each of these apps bases their prediction on various factors that can be real or perceived - like date of conception versus what are you craving or how big is your belly. 

There are a variety of apps out for your iPhones that are around pregnancy and birth and parenting. You can find contraction timer apps, apps for breastfeeding, and many, many more.

Boy or Girl? Gender Prediction App

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This app actually lets you pick the day you want to conceive, today or another day, and then by entering both your birth date and the father's birth date, tells you if you are carrying a boy or girl or what you will conceive if you are not yet pregnant. Once done, you get the option to email the results to people.

Boy or Gal? Free

This iPhone app is free and asks you to give your age and the month of conception. It immediately pops up with the congrats for a girl or boy.  You can use this to predict a future pregnancy, your current pregnancy or simply to see if it worked for previous pregnancies. You can also email the results easily from the app, which opens into your email.

Boy or Girl? Ask the Chinese Calendar

Simply tell this app how old you are, being sure to add that year to your age to the Chinese Calendar, and it will tell you when to make love to conceive the sex of your choice. There are a few bars of loud, unexpected music that play, so turn your sound off as you're finding out what to do. You can also tell the app when you conceived and your age and it will tell you, based on the Chinese Calendar if you're carrying a girl or boy. There is also Facebook integration to share your results.

Baby Gender Free

This baby gender app allows a user to enter information on birthday and the choice of conceiving a boy or girl. Then it tells you when you should try to conceive. You can then email the results from the app.  You can also have it predict, using the same info if you are currently pregnant with a girl or boy.

Boy or Girl Free

This app explains how natural sex selection works. You can click on buttons to find out how to have a girl or boy, but you'll be required to pay to see what the secrets of their sex selection method are for the price of $1.99. This says full access, I wasn't willing to pay to see if that included both boy info and girl info. 

These apps are meant to be fun and for entertainment. Don't take it too seriously and certainly don't make medical decisions based on what you see or hear from these apps. They can be a great source of fun for baby showers, or for family gatherings. They can also be fun to try to one up each other family member wise. New apps for predicting the girls from boys come out all the time. Be sure to check back for updates on fun pregnancy apps too and the contraction timer apps for labor.

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