Books About Groundhog Day for Preschoolers

It is Groundhog Day! Will we have to face six more weeks of winter? Or is spring finally on its way? Only the groundhog knows for sure!

Help your preschooler be a part of this fun February tradition with these books about Groundhog Day. Some explain the back story of this special day, while others share a fun tale about a groundhog's adventures.

Even if the groundhog finds that we still have lots of winter left, it just means you can cuddle up with your preschooler and read some more!


Who Will See Their Shadows This Year?

Who Will Their Shadows This Year?

Why does the groundhog get to have all the fun on February 2? In Who Will See Their Shadows This Year? by Jerry Pallotta and illustrated by David Biedrzycki, we take a look at what might happen if other animals decided that they would like to predict and influence the weather.

This is a great book to read with little ones to help them learn about predictions.


Wake Up, Groundhog!

Wake Up, Groundhog!

Is it possible that the groundhog is sometimes wrong? Of course! In Wake Up, Groundhog! by Susanna Leonard Hill and illustrated by Jeffrey Ebbeler, we meet Phyllis, who always likes to be outside.

When her uncle, Punxsutawney Phil, wants to sleep in on Groundhog day, Phyllis says she'd be glad to help. But Phil says that only boys can be groundhogs. He gets up and decides winter is going to stick around for a while.

When Phyllis shows him the signs of spring, he realizes he is wrong—about the weather, and about girls doing a good job as weather forecasters.


The Secret Of The First One Up

Secret Of The First One Up
Cooper Square Publishing

In The Secret Of The First One Up by Iris Hiskey Arno, Lila is a sweet, smart groundhog who does not want to hibernate for winter. But her Uncle Wilbur explains that she needs her rest so she can be up very early and learn a special secret.

When Groundhog's Day arrives, Lila is indeed the first to wake up from her long winter's rest and is thrilled to learn the secrets the animals and the earth hold, while some spend the dark months asleep.

This book also includes an explanation about what Groundhog's Day is, in terms little ones will understand.


Substitute Groundhog

Substitute Groundhog
Albert Whitman & Company

When Groundhog is sick, and Dr. Owl tells him he must stay in bed and get his rest, who is going to fill in? A whole host of animals interview for the job in Substitute Groundhog by Pat Miller and illustrated by Kathi Ember.

There are a lot of requirements, as potential weather-forecasters find out, and some pretty big furry shoes to fill. But who will be the best fit?


Double Trouble Groundhog Day

Double Trouble Groundhog Day
Square Fish

In Double Trouble Groundhog Day by Bethany Roberts and illustrated by Lorinda Bryan Cauley, we learn what happens when there are two groundhogs who are charged with predicting the weather for the next few weeks, instead of just one!

When Grampie Groundhog decides that it is time for him to kick back and to retire, he asks one of his twin grandchildren to take on the tradition of letting everyone know if spring is on the way. But is Gregory up for the task? Can Greta help? Will these two siblings ever stop fighting?