10 Pregnant Black Mom Influencers to Follow

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Being pregnant is a special experience, and it’s even more special when you get to go through it with family and friends you love. However, they might not always understand what you are going through, especially on the tough days—and trust us, there’ll be some difficult moments.

They might not quite get how bothersome it is to pee so many times a day (or per hour). Or just how bad your back aches. These 10 Black mamas, however, likely can relate and are sharing their pregnancy journey every step of the way. Their content is knowledgeable, enjoyable, and also relatable. Keep reading to learn more about them.

Christina Milian 

Christina Milian is an actor, singer, and songwriter. To anyone who has paid attention to the music and movie industry, she's probably a household name, as she has been in pop culture classics, such as "American Pie" and "Bring it On." She is also a proud mommy of three beautiful children: Josiah, Violet, and Kenna.

On her Instagram page, she shares glowing progress photos of her baby bump, alongside relatable captions, such as "enjoying every moment of these curves before they are gone!" (While she recently gave birth, her pregnancy content is still prevalent on her page.)

On her YouTube channel, she creates funny, authentic videos about life as a pregnant mom. In this video, she discusses navigating the dynamics around sharing photos of your new baby on social media. Plus, she often includes her gorgeous daughter in her videos, in which they tackle everything from DIY jewelry-making to hairstyling (on each other). Milian also has an ongoing collaboration with Your Babiie, an e-commerce store that sells stylish and functional baby gear. 

Jeena Wilder

Jeena Wilder is a South Carolina-based digital creator. On her blog, "Hey There Wilders," she writes about everything from toddler potty training to her three-ingredient banana bread recipe.

The Haitian-American influencer, along with her husband, is the proud parent of four children—three of which are biological, and one who is adopted. They are Jemymah, Deylah, Claridy, and Elijah. Wilder is currently pregnant with her fifth child and taking us along on her pregnancy journey via her Instagram page. 

Wilder created her blog to document her family’s life, discuss motherhood, and advocate for adoption. She speaks specifically on the transracial adoption process by sharing her own experience going through it.

Frederique Harrel

Frederique Harrel is a beauty startup founder, influencer, and entrepreneur expecting her second baby. She is on a mission to drive change in the beauty world with her beauty brand, RadSwan. In 2018, she was named Cosmopolitan's influencer of the year.

When she’s not promoting her business or sharing adorable photos of her baby, Hugo, she is updating her followers on her latest pregnancy journey. In one of her posts, she reveals her fears about being pregnant again—especially during a global pandemic, and after experiencing hyperemesis gravidarum when she was pregnant with her first baby. (Hyperemesis gravidarum is a pregnancy complication that causes severe nausea and vomiting.)

Over 400 women and moms took to her comment section to talk about their fears about pregnancy, too. Harrel also discusses the struggle of balancing work when expecting—a struggle which many of us can relate to. 

Kyra Knox 

Kyra Knox is a digital creator and lifestyle influencer who is currently expecting her first baby. She is based in Houston and known for creating detailed YouTube makeup tutorials. Nowadays, she combines beauty content along with her pregnancy experience—all featured on Instagram and YouTube.

Knox is refreshingly honest about parenthood. For instance, in this video, she talks about why she changed her mind about having kids.

She also uses her Instagram captions to preach the importance of taking time to care for yourself during your pregnancy. "I’ve learned that if I don’t take the time to recharge mentally, emotionally, and physically, I’m no good for anyone," she writes. "So for anyone who’s wondering how to manage, especially now during this pregnancy, this is one of the ways. Here’s a reminder to make time for you!" Agreed!

Abby De La Rosa 

Abby De La Rosa is a Los Angeles-based International DJ and broadcast professional, who is currently partnered with the famous Nick Cannon. The first-time mom is expecting twins and uses her Instagram to share what it's like to be expecting multiples. She talks about having a larger-than-usual baby bump and experiencing back pressure and pain.

She also runs an Instagram page called Club Tummy, where she talks about connecting with her babies through music. There, you’ll find her sharing videos of herself with headphones over her baby bump playing the type of music she and her baby might enjoy. Her playlists include an interesting mix of all types of music from Tupac to William DeVaughn.

State of the Mother 

Jasmine Williams of State of the Mother is a proud mom to her baby boy, Theodore, and is expecting her second, Sunny, in May 2021. She is the owner of Sunny & Ted, an e-commerce store that celebrates inclusivity and sells clothes, mugs, and pins.

Brittney Fusilier

Brittney Fusilier is a Louisiana-based mom of two beautiful girls, Madison Kate and Olivia Grace, with a newborn on the way. In addition to being a family and lifestyle influencer, she describes herself as a "pharmapreneur" (pharmacist and entrepreneur). Fusilier helps guide other entrepreneurs who are looking to start home businesses. She believes there is more to life than working 40 hours a week for the next 40 years.

She blogs at Everything Fusilier about raising her children in a healthy, wholesome way. Her blog post on how she cultivates confidence in her kids provides insight into how important it is to instill self-confidence in your kids. She has also covered everything from what to put on your baby registry to how to prepare a birth plan for your baby.


Dahnizia Colmenar, who is more popularly known as Bubbles on social media, is a member of the United States Army. She is the proud mom of a baby girl named Khaleesi, with another baby on the way.

The Texas-based lifestyle influencer uses her Instagram page to share raw motherhood and family adventures. After experiencing two miscarriages she keeps the memory of the babies she lost alive by calling them her "angel babies." In a touching Instagram post, she discusses the pain of losing a baby and shares words of encouragement for people who might be going through the same experience.

Colmenar is currently in the last trimester of her pregnancy and actively shares parenting tips. Visit her Youtube channel or Instagram page for helpful content, such as how to sleep train your baby or how to swaddle a newborn. This video, in which she discusses her mental state during pregnancy, is particularly relatable for anyone who may be feeling overwhelmed, too.

Trinity Sierra

Trinity Sierra is a family blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s the founder of the blog Dear Little You, where she writes about real issues she has struggled with as a wife, mother of two, and writer. By doing so she hopes to help people who come across her page be the best version of themselves.

Sierra has a YouTube channel with almost 15,000 subscribers; she primarily creates videos about her motherhood experience, as well as beauty advice. Occasionally she shares tips on how to take care of your baby. Her videos on her toddler hair-care routine and newborn must-haves are great places to start. 

Antonia Boakye

Antonia Boakye is a mom of two, content creator, and influencer. She’s also the founder of Mom Space & Co. This national organization aims to be a resource for mothers at all phases of their journeys. It also helps moms make meaningful connections with other mothers through community-building initiatives.

Boakye also hosts a podcast called Talk Space & Co, in which she and other women are vulnerable and transparent about motherhood. She started the podcast to let other women know they are not alone in motherhood. 

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