10 Black-Owned Businesses to Shop for Kids' Products

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Teaching your child that they are worthy, valued, and represented in the world is an important part of being a parent. It's important for Black children to see themselves and their culture in books, TV shows, clothing, dolls and action figures, toys, and more.

It's also important for them to know that they can do anything they set their mind to, such as growing up to own a business. If you are raising Black children, purchasing kids' products from Black-owned businesses is a great way to do just that—and support your community.

If you are not raising Black children, it's just as important to teach your kids the value of diversity and representation from a young age. A good way to do this is to diversify their toy bucket and bookshelf. All children benefit from seeing the world around them represented within their play world. Doing so while buying from Black-owned businesses is another important way of supporting the Black community.

Many of the brands listed are small businesses. Items will typically be more expensive than ones that are mass-produced. However, it's important to remember that your money will be directly supporting Black creators and their families. Verywell Family recognizes that some of these items are expensive for the average family.

We've rounded up 10 Black-owned businesses for you to support when buying toys, clothing, and more.

Brave + Kind Bookshop

books for babies


The owners of the Brave + Kind Bookshop have a mission: "To diversify and beautify bookshelves with inclusive, engaging, classic, inspiring (and fun) stories every single day." This woman-run business also sells adorable gifts for babies. 

The moms at Brave + Kind do an incredible job of curating books and gifts for all ages. This makes it easy for shoppers to find the addition to their home library or present for a special occasion. There is something for everyone.

Our Pick

This small Board Book Bundle gift box is available at the Brave + Kind Bookshop for $50.00.

In addition to book bundles, you can find single books like "I Know a Lot!" by Stephen Krensky for $7.99 to "His Truth Is Marching on: John Lewis and the Power of Hope" by Jon Meacham for $30.00.

Why We Love It

These gift boxes from Brave + Kind are filled with vibrant colors and messages of inclusivity. Each set comes with a selection of books (from four to six) as well as your choice of a wooden teether or crochet rattle.

The books are aesthetically pleasing, and the diverse stories can help kids see themselves throughout their reading materials. Your family will love returning to these books time and time again.

Little Giants

black baby onesie


Little Giants is a couple-run business that makes modern clothes and accessories for children, inspired by youth and street cultures. All of the kids' clothes they design are pieces they would want to wear themselves.

The line was created with the couple’s own baby in mind. When their son was born they struggled to find clothing that reflected their own likes and cultural interests. They began making one-off onesies and shirts for their son. Other parents started inquiring and placing orders, and Little Giants was born. 

Our Pick

The Black ‘Infinite Potential Dwells Within’ onesie is available at Little Giants for $20.00.

Why We Love It

We appreciate how this small, family business began, so this onesie that the company says sums up their ethos is the perfect way to honor that. (It also comes in mustard yellow, by the way!) 

This onesie sends a strong message to the world and to the little ones. And while babies can’t read yet, they will look back on photos of themselves. If they see a snapshot of themself in this onesie, they’ll know their parents were building them up and championing their potential, right from the get-go.

The Fresh Dolls

Kacey doll from The Fresh Dolls


The main goal for The Fresh Dolls company is for children to see their own beauty, brilliance, and power reflected back at them with dolls that represent themselves and their friends. The company was founded by Lisa Williams, PhD, a former professor and mom. Through her research, she was inspired to create dolls and accessories that honor multicultural children.

Black children deserve to grow up knowing and believing that their skin is beautiful. The best ways to do that are to ensure that Black kids see themselves in the media they consume, the dolls they play with, and the businesses their families support.

Our Pick

Kacey from the Simply Fresh Fashion Doll collection is available at The Fresh Dolls for $13.99.

Why We Love It

Fresh Dolls represent Black, Afro-Latinx, Latinx, and mixed-race or biracial people, so little kids can see themselves reflected in the toys they play with. The dolls also feature inspiring stories and interests, meaning kids can find a personality they relate to as well.

Kacey, from the Simply Fresh Doll line, for example, loves gymnastics and dreams of making the U.S. Olympic Gymnastics Team.

Coal N Terry

Coal n Terry grey n white burbs tee

Coal N Terry

If you're on the lookout for loungewear that fits everyone in the family, from babies to grandparents, check out Coal N Terry. You can look cool and match with your kids (if they’ll let you, of course).

This Black family-owned business first started out selling vintage clothing on eBay. When that took off, they launched independently and now offer colorful contemporary streetwear designs as well as cool vintage options. 

Coal N Terry threads have been spotted on celebs, bloggers, and socialites such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Khloe Kardashian, Pia Mia, Becky G., Carli Bybel, Sydney Fashion Blogger, and Dawn Richard.

Our Pick

This Dark Grey N White Burbs Tee is available at Coal N Terry for $30.00.

Why We Love It

Vintage is at the heart of this family's journey, and this sweet vintage tee balances classic and cool. The simple, yet bold, Coal N Terry logo is timeless, unisex, and versatile. It would be a great gift idea for any kid who has a little edge.

The Black Toy Store

American Black History flashcards


The Black Toy Store is an online shop featuring a curated collection of children’s toys, games, books, and gifts. They aim to "reflect the beauty and diversity of the African diaspora" through their product selection. 

The Black Toy Store scours the web and traditional retail stores around the world in search of innovative and affirming gifts for Black children. Their goal is to combat the lack of diversity in products offered at traditional retailers.

The staff at The Black Toy Store do all the research so their shoppers can browse a hand-picked array of inclusive and empowering products.

Our Pick

The Great Americans Black History Flash Cards by AnnieBea are available at The Black Toy Store for $14.99.

Why We Love It

These flashcards by the AnnieBea Company are educational and inspiring. They were first invented by a mom as a homemade game created for her 2-year-old son. When other parents started requesting flashcard sets of their own, this mom (and her sister) complied and the rest is history.

Tippy Tot Shoes

red boot for toddlers


Yolandra Rodgers founded Tippy Tot Shoes to "make babies look and feel fantastic." The company works with shoe design experts to create high-quality toddler shoes with support and comfort. Plus, they made use of the best research to design a shoe that encourages your baby to take their first steps.

Our Pick

The Red Vintage Walkers with candy-striped shoelaces are available at Tippy Tot Shoes for $80.00.

Why We Love It

Not only are these retro, red boots absolutely adorable, but they are thoughtfully designed. The shoe uses suede and rustic leather, paired with a non-slip sole and double padding inside for supporting your baby's food. All children can run, jump, play, and dance in these versatile boots.

Puzzle Huddle

puzzle featuring a girl doing chemistry


Matthew and Marnel created Puzzle Huddle to affirm and inspire diverse children and their families. The young couple has three young children, and they believe that all kids should be reflected in the products and toys they use.

These puzzles feature an inspiring array of scenes meant to inspire. They also come in different sizes. There are 15-piece puzzles for children as young as 2, 100-piece puzzles for kids 6 and up, and several puzzle sizes in between.

Our Pick

The Chemistry Girl puzzle is available at Puzzle Huddle for $11.95.

Why We Love It

This puzzle is perfect for toddlers, as it is made with sturdy cardboard and larger pieces. Their little fingers should be dexterous enough to handle assembly. Plus, the image could inspire your future scientist!

Ade + Ayo

blue patterned baby romper


Temidayo Adedokun founded Ade + Ayo to spread the joy of her Nigerian culture to others through vibrant kids' merchandise. When Adedokun was pregnant with her son, she discovered that there was a lack of clothing and decor that accurately represented African cultures.

Adedokun created Ade + Ayo to fill that gap. The company name translates to "crown" and "joy" in Yoruba and is meant to reflect the pride and happiness that children bring. Adedokun aims to celebrate those qualities with her designs.

You can find baby items, clothing, decor, and accessories made with traditional cloths, such as Ghanian kente and Nigerian ankara. They also see items inspired by various African styles and subcultures like the Congolese sapeur and the Malian bògòlanfini.

Our Pick

The Kayin Sleeveless Romper is available at Ade + Ayo for $22.50.

Why We Love It

Ade + Ayo clothes are gorgeous and representative, while still being practical. The company also donates a portion of its profits to organizations that aim to improve the education gap for young children in sub-Saharan Africa. This vibrant blue romper is versatile and a joyful reflection of African culture.

Marlo Bea

amya headwrap from Marlo Bea


Marlo Bea's founder, Shun Moore, was inspired by her blended family when starting the company. Her family has Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and European roots, and she wanted her children to grow into that identity with self-awareness.

Moore's goal through Marlo Bea (which also happens to be the name of her third child) is to represent people of color and teach culture through self-expression. This small, family business produces bold and ethnic prints for head wraps, scrunchies, and clips for kids that celebrate cultural diversity.

Our Pick

The Amya head wrap is available at Marlo Bea from $8.00.

Why We Love It

The Marlo Bea headwraps and scrunchies are made from bright and beautiful jersey cotton that is comfortable on little heads. They are also handmade with an adjustable bow and an elastic back, so they can fit almost any child's head.

Annie the Brave

Insects Play Dress from Annie the Brave


You won't find rainbows or princesses at Annie the Brave. Their team believes girls can be anything and is committed to empowering them with STEM-inspired clothing.

They offer modern designs on "twirl-worthy" dresses that encourage kids to be both curious and self-assured. These short-sleeve dresses are 100% cotton, so they are extra soft for any activity your child wants to explore. With these dresses, your little ones can not only be inspired but also comfy!

Our Pick

The Insects Play Dress is available at Annie the Brave for $35.00.

Why We Love It

This dress is the perfect choice for kids who want to further explore their interests in all things bugs. Annie the Brave believes kids should be able to wear clothes that reflect all of their interests—creepy crawlies included!

By Shannon Day
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