Birthday Goodie Bag Ideas for Preschoolers

If your preschooler's birthday is coming up, you know you have a lot to think about and to do. From actually planning a party to finding a great gift for your little one, you want to make sure that your preschooler's special day is really special and memorable. For a lot of parents, creating the perfect goodie bag is a big part of their preschooler's birthday party celebration, whether it is something you hand out in class or at an actual party with friends and family (or both).

Goodie bags can be simple or elaborate and can either reflect the theme of your child's birthday or just be a fun collection of treats to share. Great filler for goodie bags include:

  • pencils
  • erasers
  • balls
  • tattoos
  • stickers
  • sidewalk chalk
  • small packs of crayons
  • small containers of Play-Doh
  • noisemakers
  • costume jewelry

In some cases, rather than a whole bag of treats, some parents opt to give out a single, slightly more expensive item (such as a coloring book and crayons) that the children might get more use out of.

Before you hand out anything in your child's classroom, be sure to check with the teacher first to make sure that it is permitted and to check for allergies, especially if there are any food items such as candy. Also keep in mind that small toys and candies can pose a choking hazard for children under 3. 

Whatever you choose, here are some ideas for themes.


Beach Pail Goodie Bag

Bucket and toy tools at sandy beach in Ramatuelle
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Beach pails and shovels can be found at dollar-type stores and are great not only as a treat itself, but, to fill with things as well. If you live near the water (or are doing a beach or fish-themed party) consider following through with the treats you hand out including items such as beach balls, bubbles, sunglasses, bags of Goldfish crackers or Swedish Fish.


Get Artsy

colorful crayons

Encourage kids to get in touch with their artistic side with things like a box of crayons or markers, small note pad, stickers, decorative pencils, and a small can of Play-Doh. Most of these items can be bought in bulk inexpensively or at a dollar-type store.


Watch It

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If your child is having a movie party, or if the party theme reflects a popular movie or television character, try choosing goodie bag items to match, including disposable 3D glasses, a bag of microwave popcorn, and something related to the character. Put it all in a popcorn box.


Wild Thing

Crocheted penguins
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Animal-themed goodie bags are always cute. You can include all sorts of animal-themed things such as stickers, pencils and erasers, balls, and tattoos. Finish the bag off with a small plush doll.


Play Ball

Soccer ball inside a colorful cupcake
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If you've got a sports nut at home, consider goodie bags that embrace her love of all things athletic. Fill a plastic molded baseball cap (often available at dollar-type stores or online) with a pack of trading cards, a whistle, a small ball, and sports-themed pencils and erasers.


Outside Fun

Summer Chalk 04
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Take advantage if your preschooler has a birthday during months of good weather. Fill a bag or again, a pail and shovel, with sidewalk chalk, bubbles, a small ball, a foam glider, and a pair of sunglasses.


School Is Fun

animal rubber eraser, Isolated on white background
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Handing out the goodie bags in school? Give each child treats that make them remember how much fun school is. Consider including a pencil, shaped erasers, a notepad, chalk, stickers, and a bookmark.


Single-Item Goodie Bags

Play-Doh modeling compound
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If you would rather spend your money on a single item rather than a whole goodie bag, consider some of these slightly larger ideas. Yes, they are more expensive as a whole, but buying one per child might be less expensive than putting together individual goodie bags.

  • coloring books and crayon
  • reading book
  • large cupcake or cookie
  • reusable plastic cup with crazy straw
  • a baseball cap
  • a frisbee
  • a large ball
  • one big can of Play-Doh (or a couple of little ones)
  • molded chocolate lollipop
  • movie-sized box of candy
  • $5 gift card to a local ice cream parlor
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