Birth Videos with Epidurals

Watch Births with Epidurals

Anesthetist injects anesthetic into a patient's spine.
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An epidural is the most common form of pain relief given in labor and birth. Women who choose epidurals do so for a variety of reasons. Some women knew that they wanted an epidural early on while others didn't make the decision to have an epidural until labor began.

Each of these birth videos feature an epidural used in some format. You can see how the epidural works for pain, including complicated labors. Feel free to add your own birth video suggestion below.

  • Baby Audrey's Birth
  • Baby Boy Tripp
    • This mom goes to the hospital with contractions and gets sent home, only to return 90 minutes later after her water broke.
  • Charlotte's Birth
    • 21 hours of labor, epidural, Pitocin, and an episiotomy.

You can also check out videos that show natural births.

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