Birth Videos About Natural Childbirth

Water Births, Home Births, and Birth Center Births

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Before giving birth to your baby, it can be helpful to watch videos to see what labor and birth are all about. Natural childbirth videos can help you know what to expect and help you choose the setting where you'd like to deliver.

Value and Risks of Birth Videos

Watching a variety of birth videos is a great way to see just how different every birth is, even if they incorporate many of the same elements.

You may be considering a specific type of birth and want to know what it is like to give birth with a midwife, have a water birth, or in different settings for a home birth. Seeing positive births can help you boost your confidence.

Write down any questions that occur to you when you watch birth videos and bring them to your childbirth class or discuss them with your childbirth educator.

You will also probably see some birth videos in your childbirth class. This is often a series of videos chosen to help you see specific things.

Natural Childbirth Videos

These selected videos show variations of natural childbirth, including using a midwife or doula, giving birth at home or in a birth center, and having a water birth.

Be forewarned that some of the women will be nude or in various states of undress as they give birth. These videos show women in pain, and the birth process is typically bloody. Use discretion in viewing these videos, especially in the company of younger family members.

Everyday Miracles

This is a quick video produced by natural childbirth educators. It shows different women and their partners during labor.

The video follows each birth through many contractions and the eventual births of their babies. You will see a variety of positions used in labor and many comfort techniques. There is very little nudity and the video is appropriate for most audiences.

Naomi's Water Birth

This 8-minute natural childbirth video shows the mom on her hands and knees during a water birth delivery. It includes part of her early labor as well as the pushing once she is fully dilated.

She has a midwife who coaches her through labor, which can give you insight into what to expect if you are using a midwife.

Baby Bear's Birth

A birth center is the setting for this video showing a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). The mother had two sets of twins before this birth.

Birth centers have a homelike setting. They may be set up within a medical center or they may be separate from any hospital, although one may be nearby to transfer care if needed.

Aline's Hypnobirth

The hypnobirthing method is used in this homebirth video. Hypnobirth is a method that includes education in special breathing, relaxation, meditation, and visualization.

This method also coaches mother's to be in nutrition and body toning. The aim is to reduce the fear and tension you may have about giving birth. You use self-hypnosis to help have a calm delivery.

Blissful Water Birth

This video shows a mom in a water tub pushing and the baby is born with the amniotic sac (caul) still intact. The birth attendant removes the sac and the baby is lifted out of the water. The video is very gentle, with no sound.

A Word From Verywell

Natural childbirth is not always portrayed in a positive light on television, and often you see only the most extreme examples. The above videos were carefully curated to ensure they show a variety of births with positive outcomes.

Use caution watching random birth videos online as some may be stressful or focus on poor outcomes. Be sure to discuss any distressing videos with your childbirth educator so you can get a balanced view.

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By Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH
Robin Elise Weiss, PhD, MPH is a professor, author, childbirth and postpartum educator, certified doula, and lactation counselor.