Big Ticket Baby Gifts for Twins

When a new baby is coming into the world, family and friends want to celebrate and commemorate the event by giving the perfect gift. When the new arrivals are twins, the desire to celebrate, as well as help meet the family's needs, is increased. Looking for the perfect baby gift for twins? If you're not limited by budgetary constraints, here are some big-ticket items that would be welcomed by new parents of twins. They are items that they are less likely to splurge on for themselves, especially if money is tight. These baby gifts for twins are perfect as group gifts where individuals can share the cost. If you're not afraid to spend a chunk of cash, choose these baby gifts for twins.


Graco Pack and Play With Twins Bassinet

Graco Pack n Play with Twins Bassinet

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet

As a gift, this item has so much utility for parents of twins, and it is sure to be a much-used piece of equipment during the first year with twins. While it's not an essential for baby twins, there are so many useful ways that it will come in handy: as a bassinet, a play yard/playpen, a travel crib, an extra sleeping space. Two cozy bassinets nestle in the play yard frame. Bassinets are a great alternative to cribs for infants, providing quick access to the babies and a soft place for them to sleep before they are mobile. Once the babies outgrow the bassinets, the pack 'n play can serve as a 2nd crib, a travel crib, or a portable crib for napping at grandma's house or when with a babysitter. It's also a useful play place to ensure that busy twins stay contained once they become mobile. 

The Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet retails for about $175.


Snap N Go Double Stroller Frame

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go Stroller Frame

Baby Trend Universal Double Snap 'n' Go Stroller Frame 

Finding the perfect stroller can be a real chore for parents of twins. The fact is, there is no one perfect stroller that works for all ages and stages. For infant twins, the efficiency of a travel system stroller that utilizes infant carrier seats is invaluable. This double stroller frame is compatible with almost every make and model of infant car seat, so there are no worries that the gift recipients will have to purchase additional items to use it. 

The Snap 'n' Go costs about $70.


Twin Trexx 2 Double Baby Carrier

Twin Trexx 2

How do you carry two babies and still keep your hands free to get things done? The Twin Trexx2 ingeniously makes baby-wearing a possibility for parents of twins. Only a mom of twins could create a product made so perfectly to accommodate twin babies. Stuff 4 Multiples founder Julixa Newman designed Twin Trexx baby carriers for carrying two children at once; in the front, back or one on each. It can be worn in five different positions and is designed to hold two babies, up to 25 pounds each. It also separates into two individual carriers to share the load with a partner or friend. 

The Twin Trexx 2 costs about $140.


Wagon for Two

Radio Flyer 2 in 1 Journey Wagon for twins
Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon. Courtesy of

Radio Flyer 2-in-1 Journey Wagon

Transporting two kids is a big challenge for families with twins, and a wagon comes in very handy. Although there are less expensive options, like the Step 2 Wagon, a classic red Radio Flyer is sure to be appreciated. With deluxe details like folding seats, drink holders, under seat storage, seat belts, and a fold-over handle for compact storage, it is the ultimate in safety and style when it comes to wagons. 

The Radio Flyer 2-in-1 wagon is about $100.


Twin Nursing Pillow

Twin Z Feeding Pillow
The Twin Z Co.

Twin Z Nursing Pillow 

Whether mom is breastfeeding or bottle feeding, a nursing pillow is a handy item, and sure to be well received as a baby gift. Many parents find that they use it on a daily basis for supporting and positioning their twin babies during feeding time. It can also be used for tummy time, play time, and self-feeding babies. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Order it direct from Twin Z's website as part of a deluxe baby gift basket, including the pillow, additional pillow cover, fleece blankets, diapers, toys and more. 

The Twin Z Nursing Pillow costs about $90.


Kinderwagon Hop Double Stroller

Kinderwagon Hop double stroller for twins

Kinderwagon Hop Double Tandem Stroller 

As mentioned, finding the perfect double stroller can be difficult for families with twins. But everyone will find a need for a lightweight, low profile double umbrella stroller. Most models are available in a side-by-side form, but the Kinderwagon offers a unique tandem style. It works with some models of carseat carriers for use as a travel system with infants but will be most useful for older kids (up to 50 pounds each) for quick runs around town. Its slim dimensions make it the perfect option for storing in a closet or car trunk. Folded, it is 45" L -x- 12" W -x- 15.5"H; unfolded it fits through almost any doorway at only 20.5" wide. 

The Kinderwagon Hop double stroller costs about $300.


Glider Swing

Glider Swing for Twins

While suggested as a baby gift, realistically this is not an item that will get much use at first. As a swing, it is recommended for children over the age of two. But presenting it as a baby gift will give parents plenty of time to figure out how and where to install it so that it will be ready when their twins are. Once the twins are old enough to safely enjoy it, it's sure to be the source of fun for many years to come. The swing, built for two children, mounts to a beam and can be attached to any existing wooden swing set. 

The Swing N Slide Fun Glider costs about $100.

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