The 7 Best Wii Games for Kids of 2020

The top picks for your little gamer

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Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Mario Party 9 at Amazon

"A huge selection of popular characters."

Best Budget: Just Dance Disney Party 2 at Amazon

"Your kiddos will sing and dance to their favorite songs."

Best for Toddler: Nickelodeon Fit at Amazon

"Your toddler will engage with their favorite Nickelodeon character."

Best Educational: Big Brain Academy at Amazon

"Teaches memory retention, enhanced focus, and problem-solving."

Best Racing: Mario Kart at Amazon

"Comes with a steering wheel console."

Best Sports: Sports Resort at Amazon

"The games are fun for kids of all ages."

Best Classic: Super Mario Brothers at Amazon

"This modern adaptation has full-color 3-D graphics."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Mario Party 9

Mario Party 9

Courtesy of Amazon

With its huge selection of popular characters with easy-to-grasp gameplay, Mario Party earns our top spot. It’s a sweet, age-appropriate mash-up of lots of different mini-games that your younger kids will totally be able to play without frustration. They’ll have a blast catching hoops, jumping on clouds, and racing to the finish line while riding frolicking dolphins in this fun series of challenges. The best part? These mini-games are so fun, you’ll find yourself wanting to join in! Just be sure to keep the screen time to appropriate limits, especially for preschoolers and toddlers.

Best Budget: Just Dance Disney Party 2

For about half the price of other Wii games, you can bring home this Disney version of the ever-popular Just Dance series for the Nintendo Wii. It’s a fun game that allows your kiddos to sing and dance to some of their favorite songs, while footsteps and characters on the screen teach them some awesome moves. This version contains lots of songs from popular Disney shows like Descendants and K.C. Undercover, so if you’re more into Disney movies than Disney shows, check out the first version of this game.

Best for Toddler: Nickelodeon Fit

A round-up of your toddler’s favorite TV show characters leading them through a series of super-fun workouts? Sign us up! Nickelodeon Fit turns video games into a great indoor physical activity. Using the balance board and remote, toddlers can participate in games like running, biking, and river rafting with characters from popular Nickelodeon shows like Dora the Explorer, Diego, and Kai-Lan.

Best Educational: Big Brain Academy

Channel those hours spent in front of the Wii into learning time when you pop in Big Brain Academy. This educational game is great for the whole family; for kids as young as 5 all the way to adults. With a series of challenges in several different categories, Big Brain Academy teaches skills like memory retention, enhanced focus, and problem-solving skills, all with a fun interface.

Best Racing: Mario Kart

Mario Kart is one of the most iconic Wii games out there. It’s been around since the 1992 introduction of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and it continues to be a fan favorite for kids and adults alike. The Wii game system really took Mario Kart to the next level, with the introduction of actual wheels that house the remotes so kids can “turn the wheel” while driving. And with a bevy of classic Nintendo characters to choose from, along with tons of customizations available for the vehicles, Mario Kart is the clear winner when it comes to the best racing game.

Best Sports: Sports Resort

Archery, ping pong, frisbee (with a cute dog!), kiteboarding, and a super-rad swordplay game are all part of Wii Sports Resort. This is the companion game to the original and wildly popular Wii Fit and Wii Sports games, which included more traditional games like baseball, tennis, and bowling. This version is set in a resort, where bright blue and green colors combine with lilting music to lend an authentic vacation feel. The games are fun and easy for kids of all ages. And anyone who’s played Wii Sports (or any Wii game, really) will quickly grasp the motions required to nail each of the games.

Best Classic: Super Mario Brothers

If you thought Nintendo would have a hard time recreating everyone’s favorite early-90’s game, think again. The new Super Mario Brothers game is stunning. Full-color 3-D graphics combine with classic elements like collecting coins and blasting bricks in this modern adaptation that’s pretty easy to play on the Wii. With thousands of top reviews, you can feel confident that this game will quickly become a favorite in your household, no matter how old your kids are!

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