The Best Valentine’s Day Cards for Kids of Every Age

From themes to treats, kids will love these classic and unique V-Day cards

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When you think of Valentine’s Day, your mind probably goes to chocolates, flowers, candy conversation hearts, and cards. Kids who celebrate the day at school or with their friends will likely need a pack of Valentine’s Day cards. Special features—from candy to toys to coloring sheets and surprise gifts—can set these cards apart.

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The JOYIN Valentines Slime! is a set that includes enough Valentine's Day cards for 28 classmates, and each comes with a party favor of slime. For preschoolers, we recommend the JOYIN Valentine’s Day Card Set of Gift Cards and Gift Crayons.

When choosing Valentines, choose those that are age-appropriate for your child and their classmates. If you're busy (or shopping last-minute), you should also pay attention to how long it will take for each Valentine to be assembled. We carefully considered design, material, age recommendations, value, and ease of use and assembly when reviewing products.

Here are the best Valentine's Day cards for your kids.

Best Unique: JOYIN Valentines Slime!

The JOYIN Valentines Slime! earned a top spot on our list because if your kiddo loves slime, there's a big chance their friends are also big fans of the classic gooey mixture. This set includes enough Valentine's Day cards for 28 classmates, and each comes with a party favor of slime. The slime is made from non-toxic materials, is safe for ages three and up, and comes in four different colors: blue, purple, red, and green.

Best Game: Kangaroo Cootie Catcher Valentine’s Cards

Kangaroo Cootie Catcher Valentine’s Cards

Courtesy of Amazon

Cootie catchers are a classic childhood game, and your kid can have the whole class playing with them thanks to this Valentine’s Day card set. The box comes with 28 Valentine's Day cards for classmates with four different designs and envelopes. After opening the card, kids can follow the directions to fold it up into a cootie catcher game. 

Best for Preschool: JOYIN Valentine’s Day Card Set of Gift Cards and Gift Crayons

JOYIN Valentine’s Day Card Set of Gift Cards and Gift

Courtesy of Amazon

Little kids in daycare or preschool whose class is celebrating Valentine’s Day will make their friends really happy with these coloring card and crayon sets. The set comes with 30 Valentine's Day cards for school that have designs on the front and back and space for four crayons each (which are included). These Valentine’s don’t come with envelopes and do require some assembly, but preschoolers will absolutely love them. 

Best for Little Kids: Hallmark Super Mario Bros Valentine Card Set

Hallmark Super Mario Bros Valentine Card Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Mario fans in lower elementary school will love handing these cute Valentine’s Day cards out to their friends. This set includes 32 tear-apart cards featuring Yoshi, Mario, Princess Peach, and Luigi, 32 stickers, and one teacher card. Your kiddo will love collecting Valentines they receive in the included party box.

Best Princess: Disney Princess Box of 32 Valentines Cards

Disney Princess Box of 32 Valentines Cards

Courtesy of Amazon

If your little cupid is princess-obsessed, they'll fall in love with this set of Disney Valentine’s cards. With 32 cute Valentine's Day cards and eight different princess designs to choose from, there is a perfect card for all of their friends. Featuring the whole gang of dazzling Disney princesses, these perforated, tear-away style cards will make the holiday much sweeter.

Best With Treat: Wonka Fun Dip Valentine Card & Candy Kit

Wonka Fun Dip Valentine Card & Candy Kit

Courtesy of Amazon

Get ready for your little one to turn into the class favorite with these extra-sweet Valentine's Day card alternatives. Instead of just a card, your kid can give their friends a special Valentine’s Day treat with these classic Fun Dip packets. The box comes with 24 candy packets with each packet including a “To” and “From” line so you can address and sign the Valentine's Day cards for classmates. 

Best Superhero: Hallmark Kids Avengers Valentine's Day Cards and Stickers

Hallmark Kids Avengers Valentine's Day Cards and Stickers

Courtesy of Amazon

Fans of the Marvel Universe can use this set of cute Valentine’s Day cards to share their love of superheroes with their friends. The kit comes with 12 cards, 12 sticker sheets, and 12 envelopes. Your little superhero will be excited to gift their friends these cute cards featuring two designs and crime-fighting characters like Thor, Black Panther, and Iron Man.

Best Pokémon: Hallmark Pokémon Valentine's Day Cards

Look no further if your kiddo is a Pokémon fan. This set of Valentine's Day cards for school includes a total of 32 cards, 35 stickers, one teacher card, and one box. Favorite characters of the classic video games series are featured on the cards, like Pikachu and Jigglypuff.

Best With Toy: Unomor Mochi Squishy to Squeeze Valentine’s Day Card Set

Unomor Mochi Squishy to Squeeze Valentine’s Day Card Set

Courtesy of Amazon

Kids can gift Valentine's Day cards for classmates and a toy with this pack of 36 cards and Squishy figurines. There are nine different designs with coordinating toys including a unicorn, panda, dinosaur, crocodile, and more. While these mushy, colorful toys are likely going to be a hit with your child's friends, they are about 2 inches tall and shouldn't be given to kids younger than 6 years old.

Best Bulk: B-KIDS Valentine’s School Value Pack

B-KIDS Valentine’s School Value Pack

Courtesy of Amazon

If you have a few kids and a lot of Valentine's Day cards for classmates to buy for, a bulk pack may be the best option for you. This set comes with three packs of 30 valentines and 150 stickers to ensure that all of your children's classmates have a card with their name on it. Valentine's designs include pirates, superheroes, puppies, cupcakes, rainbows, and more. 

Best Custom: minted Classroom Valentine's Cards

Valentine's day cards

Courtesy of Minted

Take a custom approach to your kiddo's Valentine's Day cards for school this year with these buggy sets from Minted. You and your creative tot can choose from different silhouettes, color themes, and paper finishes to craft the perfect Valentine's cards for their friends. Each card can also be outfitted with a tic-tac-toe grid on the back for added fun.

Final Verdict

It’s hard to choose the best out of these great picks, but if you’re looking for something affordable that is sure to be a crowd-pleaser, consider the Kangaroo Cootie Catcher Valentine's Day Cards (view on Amazon). There's also minted Classroom Valentine's Cards (view on, which can be custom-made by you and your kiddo together.

What to Look for in Valentine's Day Cards for Kids


Eye-catching designs will help your child’s Valentines stand out. You can go with a classic red, white, and pink color palette, pastels, or more modern primary colors.

You can have Valentines that have characters that your child and their friends will know, or you can go with cards with simple words, colors, and shapes ideal for pre-readers. Many kids will enjoy giving and receiving interactive Valentines that come with stickers, candy, crayons, or toys.


When choosing Valentines, choose those that are age-appropriate for your child and their classmates. For example, cards that come with small crayons or hard candies aren't suitable for kids under 4. Use your best judgment, and check each box for any age range recommendations.

Ease of Use

Especially if your child has a long list of card recipients, be mindful of how long it will take to assemble and address each Valentine. Kids are likely to lose interest or grow frustrated quickly if assembly is complicated or to/from spaces are small and they have a hard time completing a card. And once that happens, the card-making process becomes a parent's problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do kids learn from giving Valentine's Day cards to friends?

    Children can learn many social skills from having friends, and giving Valentine’s Day cards is one way to help children develop friendship-making skills. It can help with confidence and communication, as well as empathy. Empathy is important in preventing bullying

  • Should kids give Valentine's Day cards to all their classmates?

    Your school might require that Valentine’s Day cards be given to the entire class, so check before purchasing your set. At an early age, it’s important to encourage empathy and inclusiveness. By giving every child a Valentine’s Day card, no child feels left out.

    Sometimes, children might not want to give Valentines to someone in their classroom, such as a peer that they don't get along with. If that is the case or your school mandates that every child gets a Valentine, keep the sentiment of a Valentine neutral and positive to err on the side of caution. Children can take Valentine’s Day messaging literally. Instead of choosing one that says “Be Mine” or another conversation heart phrase, look for one that says something simple like “Happy Valentine’s Day,” or that doesn’t have any words. 

  • Should parents help their kids fill out Valentine's Day cards for classmates?

    If your child is unable to write, help them by filling out their Valentine’s Day cards for them. If they can write, Valentine’s Day cards are a great opportunity to practice spelling and writing. If your child has a large class, divide and conquer addressing the cards over a few days so as not to fatigue your child or turn what should be a fun project into a burden.

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