The 22 Best Unique Baby Gifts of 2021

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Our Top Picks

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy at Amazon

"Easy for little hands to grasp, this giraffe-shaped teether is made of chewable rubber to soothe any sore gums."

Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten at Amazon

"Created by a Black-owned company, the toy provides both teething relief and sensory development with its textured surfaces."

Baby Aspen 4-Piece Shark Bath Gift Set at Amazon

"Lovers of the "Baby Shark" song will appreciate this on-theme shark bathing set, complete with a hooded towel and a bath puppet."

Savor Baby Keepsake Library at Amazon

"A great alternative to baby books and calendars, it has little drawers where you can store things like baby’s first shoe."

Lullaby (For a Black Mother) Book at Amazon

"This little book is like a Black mother’s love note to their baby, and is full of beautiful illustrations."

GUND Animated Flora the Bunny Stuffed Animal at Amazon

"A cuddle buddy, music player, and a game all in one, it sings "Do Your Ears Hang Low" and can also play a game of peek-a-boo."

Alaffia Kids Coconut Chamomile Bubble Bath at Amazon

"Babies who love bath time will have so much fun playing in the suds from this bubble bath, made with clean ingredients."

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Jitter Stroller Toy at Amazon

"Attachable to a stroller or infant carrier, it's chewable and offers sound and light for baby's enjoyment."

Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy Gift Kit at Amazon

"Gift parents-to-be some of the best essentials with this kit, featuring relief for stuffy noses and baby nail clippers."

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat at Amazon

"The lightweight seat can fold down, making it easy to travel with, and has built-in toys to keep your little one occupied."

Buying a gift for an infant is not easy, to put it lightly. They don’t have pointed interests and it’s hard to know what is age-appropriate or will be helpful for parents to have around the house. Not to mention, there are an overwhelming amount of options; you can go the sentimental keepsake route, practical necessities, or a fun toy for the baby. While it is tricky, finding a useful and unique gift for the newest little one in your life will likely be welcomed with open arms by both the bundle of joy and their parents.

No matter what direction you choose to go, there is likely an excellent option for you on this list of unique baby gifts. 

Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy

Sophie is a favorite for a reason - babies love her! The toy is safe to use as soon as they’re born because it’s designed to help strengthen their grasp. A few months later, it can be used as a fun toy and distraction thanks to the squeak. And once the baby starts teething, Sophie is designed with several different textures and points to help soothe sore gums. 

Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten

Yummy Mitt Teething Mitten

 Courtesy of Darlyn & Co

Babies between 3 and 8 months old can use this toy for teething relief and sensory development. The bright and playful colors will grab your sweetie's attention for added visual stimulation. The mitten, created by a Black-owned company, attaches to the wrist with velcro, makes crinkle sounds, and has four textured teething surfaces.

Baby Aspen 4-Piece Shark Bath Gift Set

Parents will certainly find themselves singing Baby Shark in their heads with this four-piece shark bathing set. It comes with a hooded towel, a bath puppet (that also works as a washcloth), and two little spa slippers. Everything can be tossed in the washer and dryer for cleanup and it’s designed for newborn babies to 9 months old.  

Savor Baby Keepsake Library

This is a great alternative to baby books and calendars because it has little drawers where you can store physical items like baby’s first shoe or pacifier. It has nine drawers and vertical folders to keep first handprints and preschool art projects safe. The small envelopes are perfect for holding little items while the 50 pre-made sticky labels help you stay organized. 

Lullaby (For a Black Mother) Book

Written by Langston Hughes, this little book is like a Black mother’s love note to their baby. The hardback book is full of beautiful illustrations depicting tender moments every mama has with her baby. It’s the perfect bedtime story! 

GUND Animated Flora the Bunny Stuffed Animal

Not only can babies snuggle with this soft bunny from day one, but they can continue to enjoy it as they develop more and learn how to make it play music and an interactive game. Squeeze one foot and the bunny sings Do Your Ears Hang Low while its ears dance around, squeeze the other foot and it will play a little game of peek-a-boo. While your baby is booging, they are also learning about cause and effect.

Alaffia Kids Coconut Chamomile Bubble Bath

Babies who love bath time will have so much fun playing in the suds from this bubble bath. It’s made from all clean ingredients and is safe for all skin types, including sensitive skin. Plus, your purchase from this Black-owned business will help further their mission in improving the lives of people in Togo, Africa. 

Skip Hop Silver Lining Cloud Jitter Stroller Toy

This toy is designed for babies from newborn stage and up. It attaches to a stroller or car seat carrier handle and has a variety of different textures to help sensory development. It also vibrates and shakes when the handle is pulled down, makes crinkle sounds, and has a squeaker for even more sensory fun. 

Fridababy Bitty Bundle of Joy Gift Kit

You can give parents-to-be some of the best essentials with this kit. It includes some of Fridababy’s best products including the Nosefrida to help relieve stuffy noses, Windi to help ease baby’s gas pains, and baby nail clippers. The set even comes with a Mom Washer to help mom while she’s recovering from delivery. 

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Once the new baby has neck control and is at least 2 months old, they can start using this fantastic seat. It’s lightweight and folds down, making it easy to travel with. The built-in toys keep your little one occupied up until they can sit on their own or they’re 8 months old, whichever comes first. 

Cloud b Sleep Sheep Sound Soother

Cloud b Sleep Sheep Sound Soother

Courtesy of Amazon

This little sheep can play eight soothing sounds from white noise to lullabies. It has velcro straps that allow parents to strap it to a car seat, stroller, or crib so they can keep their baby soothed no matter where they’re at and it’s super soft and cozy, which makes for great snuggling. 

Baby Aspen Simply Enchanted 5-Piece Gift Set

For anyone who loves the unicorn trend, this little gift set comes with a lovey, cap, bib, mittens, and blanket, all of which are unicorn-inspired. The plush unicorn toy is also a rattle, so it’s extra fun for the baby, and the bib features a sparkly ribbon mane and a horn with gold detailing. 

Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Set

Once the baby is past the infant tub stage, parents will need a few things to make bathtime safer and easier, and this set has it all. It comes with a drain cover to help avoid painful head bumps and a rinsing cup that’s designed to keep water out of baby’s eyes. The kneeler pad and elbow pad will come in handy and will make the process a little more comfortable for parents. 

Slumberkins Honey Bear Snuggler & Book

Slumberkins Honey Bear Snuggler & Book

 Courtesy of Slumberkins

This set comes with a board book, cozy stuffed animal, and an affirmation card. The book tells a story that helps teach kids about gratitude and the affirmation card is a sweet reminder to be grateful for the things they have. The teddy bear is hypoallergenic and has a super-soft and silky touch. 

Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle Sound Machine

By giving new parents a Baby Shusher, you’re basically giving them hope for a good night’s sleep during those early infant months. The shushing and white noise sounds are similar to what a baby heard in mama’s tummy which helps provide comfort that will lull them back to sleep. This travel-friendly baby gadget is battery operated and has a timer that can be set for either 15 or 30 minutes. 

Lucy Lue Organics Kimono Knotted Baby Gown

Made from super soft organic cotton and lycra, this little kimono gown will keep the baby warm, cozy, and looking adorable. It has front buttons that allow for easy dressing and undressing and the knot at the bottom is self-tie, making diaper changes a breeze. Plus, by purchasing one, you’ll be supporting a Black-owned business. 

Brooklinen Alpaca Baby Blanket

baby alpaca wool blanket

Courtesy of Brooklinen

Treat the new baby to the glorious softness of this "Baby Alpaca" wool blanket. Designed to hold up to wear and tear of little ones, this naturally hypoallergenic blanket puts cotton to shame in the luxe softness department. While this is certainly a special gift, it is dry clean only and shouldn't be used inside of cribs.

Ugg Kids Bixbee Bootie

Gift a new baby with these adorable booties that will help keep their tiny toes warm all winter long. There are four color options, each of which is covered in a soft cozy fabric and a suede sole. Unlike a lot of baby shoes that end up on the floor almost as soon as they are put on, these booties have a velcro strap that tightens around the ankle to help them stay put. 

Puj Foldable Baby Bathtub

This bathing mat is made for babies up to 17 pounds and allows parents to clean wash them up in the kitchen sink rather than a clunky infant tub. It’s designed to keep the baby safe and cozy during bath time and is made of flexible, mildew-resistant material that allows it to fit into most sinks. It should be hung to dry after use.  

Whose Toes Are Those Book

Whose Toes are Those is a board book written by Black author, Jabari Asim, that uses the classic “this little piggy” as its inspiration. The illustrations are bright and engaging, and it inspires interactive play between baby and parents. This sweet board book will be a favorite bedtime pick well into toddlerhood.

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Parents can control this amazing gadget with their smartphones, and it can be used from birth through the toddler years. It works as a night light and sound machine for a nursery and then can be set up to serve as an “okay to wake” clock during the toddler years to help them know when it’s time to come out of their room for the day.

Darlyng & Co. Bandana Teething Bib

Darlyng & Co. Bandana Teething Bib

 Courtesy of Darlyng and Co

Teething babies will most certainly do two things: drool and chew on everything. These little bandanas are designed to address both of those issues as the fabric portion of the bib is double layered for extra drool absorbency, while the tip of the bib is textured silicone that’s safe for the baby to chew on to get some relief. These bandanas are safe for babies between 2 and 24 months old and are machine washable. 

Final Verdict

If you’re still not sure which gift to get to welcome the new baby in your life, you can’t go wrong with Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teething Toy, the Slumberkins Honey Bear Snuggler & Book, GUND Animated Flora the Bunny Stuffed Animal, or a pair of Ugg Kids Bixbee Bootie. The best options for parent-to-be gifts are the Skip Hop Bath Essentials Set, Lullaby (For A Black Mother) board book, the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Baby Keepsake Library, or the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat.

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