The 35 Best Unique Baby Gifts of 2019

Parents will be oh so grateful for these picks

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Our Top Picks

3 Sprouts Whale Play Mat

If you are looking for a unique baby gift why not try something practical, because every parent knows that the struggle is real when it comes to putting away toys. 

Help a family out by buying them the 3 Sprouts Play Mat Bag, which is made from 100% cotton canvas, and serves as both a storage bag and a play mat. The mat provides a circular surface measuring 44-inches in diameter for easy play, and can easily be folded into a space-saving bag with sturdy handles. The bag comes with cute animal prints ranging from elephants to foxes to hedgehogs.

Blooming Baby Bath

Bath time is great for keeping babies clean, sure. But it’s also an ideal time to take adorable photographs. The Blooming Baby Bath sponge, which is made from polyester plush and fits in most sinks, is the perfect prop for a newborn photo session. It also provides a soft and stimulating bath experience for little ones. Recommended for babies up to six months, the Blooming Baby Bath comes in a variety of colors.

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Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Night Light Soother

Dark rooms are scary for everyone, adults included. The Cloud b Twilight Turtle Classic Night Light Soother banishes shadows and transforms a nursery into a twinkly, starry sanctuary. Shaped like an adorable turtle, the night light comes in three colors and turns off automatically after 45 minutes to ensure that children stay asleep throughout the night. The light comes with three AAA batteries.

Ugg Erin Bootie

Ugg boots


Unique baby gifts are hard to buy. This pair of adorable Uggs is something new parents didn't know they needed but will be oh so happy to have on hand. Made from suede, and lined with shearling combined with 100% UGGpurewool lining, the Ugg Erin Booties are easy to secure on tiny feet with a hook-and-loop tab. Plus, they keep those chilly toes nice and cozy no matter the temperature outside.

Artifact Uprising Baby Board Book

photo book

Artifact Uprising

Many babies will have a sizable collection of board books by the time they turn one. But will they have a board book that features photographs of their own family? The Artifact Uprising Baby Board Book is the perfect unique baby gift as it allows you to upload up to forty personal images, and combine them together in a book constructed with durable, thick pages. You can choose from three different themes, or dream up your own layout.

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Lovevery Play Kit Subscription

play kit


Take the guesswork out for parents trying to figure out the perfect toys for their child's age group with Lovevery. The brand sells subscriptions to their Play Kits, which start at $36 a month. The toys in the kits are made from sustainable wood and 100% soft organic cotton and tailored to every month of a child’s development. Lovevery makes kits for newborns through toddlers.

Uncommon Goods Personalized Baby Photo Album

Photo Album

Uncommon Goods

New parents don’t have time for most things, including ordering thoughtful photo albums for their new child. Do the thinking for them by ordering a Personalized Baby Photo Album from Uncommon Goods. Designed to hold up to 40 four-by-six-inch photographs, the album comes with a wooden cover that can be personalized with a child’s name and date of birth.

Minted Kids Thank You Cards

kids thank you cards


Another thing new parents forget to do? Buy thank you cards. Gift them with Minted Kids Thank You Cards, which feature a watercolor drawing of a giraffe and can be personalized with a new baby’s name. Printed on luxe paper, the cards come in a complimentary gift box.

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On the Day You Were Born Night Sky Print

night sky print



This print from Etsy captures a map of the sky on the day the baby was born. It can be personalized to include the baby’s name, date of birth, and any other relevant details. The makers provide a wide array of options and sizes for printing, including framed or unframed canvasses. 

Cashmere Baby Gift Set

cashmere baby gift set

Parachute Home

Looking for a luxurious baby gift? This pick from the beloved Parachute brand comes with a cashmere blanket and a cute bear hat that will keep baby warm and snuggly.

Personalized Wooden Name Puzzle

Wooden puzzle



Puzzles are a wonderful developmental tool for teaching children spatial reasoning. The personalized wooden name puzzles from Etsy can also teach children how to spell their own names.

Made from poplar wood sourced from Italy, and water-based Adler paint, the puzzles are ten to twenty-four inches long, depending on how long the child’s name is, and four inches high.

The personalized wooden name puzzles have a variety of options, including adding pegs on individual letters and painted backgrounds underneath the removable pieces.

Personalized Baby Boat and Tote Bag

tote bag


First introduced by the brand in 1944, the LL Bean Boat and Tote Bag can hold up to 500 pounds of weight—which means that it is sturdy enough to carry all of the stuff new parents must lug with them whenever they leave the house.

The bag, which comes in four different sizes, can be personalized with the name of a new baby. It is durable enough that it can be passed down when that baby is old enough to lug stuff around himself. 

Estella New York Themed Organic Baby Gift Set

baby set


Perfect for a baby born in New York—or just born to have their name written in big lights on Broadway—the New York Themed Organic Baby Gift Set comes with an "I Metrocard NY" blanket, NYC apple baby rattle toy, and matching striped hat.

Handmade in Peru with organic cotton, all three items in the set are machine washable. The blanket measures 14 inches square, and the hat fits 0-6 months.

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Owl Post Books Monthly Book Subscription

Owl Post Books

Owl Post Books

Looking to help a baby fill their first bookshelf? Buy them a monthly subscription to Owl Post Books, which offers high quality monthly book subscriptions for ages zero to three, four to seven, and eight to eleven. Subscriptions start at $14.99, and the orders are shipped at the beginning of each month.

Pottery Barn Kids Personalized Stroller Blanket


Pottery Barn Kids

A personalized blanket is always a welcomed gift. This top pick from Pottery Barn Kids comes in six colors to suit any style. Parents will sure to swathe baby in this on cool morning strolls or even as a car seat blanket.

3 Sprouts Owl Book Display

Owl Book Display

3 Sprouts 

Organizing baby books can be a real challenge. This Owl book display keeps them at eye level from when they are walking around and keeps things tidy and neat at home.

Savor’s Baby Keepsake Box

keepsake box


Finding somewhere to store the name tag from the hospital, the first pair of shoes, and sonogram print-outs can be a challenge. But thanks to the Savor’s Baby Keepsake Box, which comes with acid-free doors, vertical files, mini envelopes, and labels it makes things easier. 

The Lalabu Dad Shirt

Dad shirt


Make babywearing easy for new dads by buying them the Lalabu Dad Shirt, a sporty v-neck outfitted with a pouch. The pouch can safely hold newborns weighing seven to fifteen pounds. The t-shirt is made from a polyester, rayon and spandex blend, and comes in gray and black.

Elephant Calf Adoption Kit With a Stuffed Animal from the World Wildlife Foundation

adot an african elephant calf

World Wild Life

Start a baby on the path to environmentalism early by buying them an Elephant Calf Adoption kit from the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), which has been protecting the future of nature for over 50 years. The WWF offers a variety of different adoption kits, some of which come with a plush 12-inch baby elephant stuffed animal. All donations can be made in the name of the special baby in your life.

Hatch to Home Bag

Hatch to Home bag

Hatch Collection

The Hatch to Home bag comes with all the best things new parents need to bring their new baby home from the hospital, including an organic cotton newborn onesie in a soft double-ply pointelle, an organic cotton blanket, little booties, tiny baby socks, a Jellycat stuffed animal and a notecard for documenting birth details easily forgotten in the chaotic first few days of life.

The Finnish Baby Box

baby box

Finnish Baby Box

Maybe you’ve already heard that in Finland, every new baby is sent home with a box of supplies that can double as a sleep-safe cradle. Now, you can purchase the Finnish box yourself. It comes chock full of everything a new baby will need, including clothing for the first twelve months of life, blankets, sleep accessories, a bib, a stuffed animal, and even cold-weather buntings. The box itself is outfitted with a mattress and is safe for a newborn to sleep in for the first four months of life.

Baby Keepsake Box

Baby Keepsake Box

Stacie Dale

The timeless Baby Keepsake Memory Box from Etsy is hand-painted and made from poplar wood. The box comes with acid-free envelopes and ribbon for safekeeping a baby’s treasures and can be personalized with a child’s name and date of birth. 

The Baby Shusher Gift Box

Made using a real human voice, the Baby Shusher provides calming, consistent white noise to help aid a newborn in falling asleep, and can be set to run for 15 or 30 minutes. The Baby Shusher Gift Box comes with BPA-free plastic pacifiers and two swaddles, to ensure that a baby is fully outfitted for a good night’s sleep —or even just a few hours. 

Oli & Carol Origami Bath Boat

Made from 100% natural rubber and hand-painted with natural food graded dyes, the Oli & Carol Origami Bath Boat has a whimsical, classic design, and comes in a variety of neutral colors. Along with being a bath toy, it can also be used as a teething object or even a nursery decoration.

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Baby Art Gallery: Turn Your Baby Into An Art Critic

Train the baby in your life to recognize great art early with the Baby Art Gallery art cards, which transform masterpieces by Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, and Jackson Pollack into high-contrast images easily visible by a newborn. The kit comes with eight double-sided cards.

While the manufacturer does not guarantee that the cards will turn a child into a creative genius, they do provide welcome distractions during diaper changes or tummy time.

Origami Crane Mobile

Origami Crane Mobile

 Spare Bedroom Studio

Featuring eight hand-folded origami cranes made with heavy-duty paper, and hung at graduating heights, the Origami Crane Mobile from Etsy is two-and-a-half feet in length. The maker welcomes customized orders, and can accommodate color requests.

Taco Booties

Taco Booties

Uncommon Goods

What’s cuter than a pair of tiny feet made to look like two delicious tacos? Nothing, let’s be honest. The Taco Booties from Uncommon Goods are hand-sewn in Kyrgyzstan with natural wool and perfectly resemble a fully loaded hard-shell taco. So delicious you’ll want to kiss them—or at least snap a photo of the baby in your life wearing them.

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Baby Rattle Socks

Shhhh, here’s a secret. Rattles, no matter how basic, can keep babies occupied for hours. Something else that keeps babies occupied? Their own feet. Give the new parents in your life a moment of rest with the BBS Wrist Rattle and Baby Socks.

The package comes with two socks and two wrist attachments in cute animal shapes, all of which rattle and shake. The rattles are wonderful developmental tools as well, helping a baby develop hand-eye coordination as well as visual skills.

Baby Lips Pacifier

Made to look like puckered lips, a mouth with a mustache, and vampire teeth, the Baby Lips Pacifiers are a funny baby gift. Made from BPA-free silicone, the pacifiers come in a set of three and are safe for everyday use.

Sesame Street Baby Activity Chair

Sesame Street Baby Activity Chair

 Crate and Barrel

Featuring all of a baby’s favorite Sesame Street characters, as well as squeaky and crinkly materials, a mirror, and a rattle, the Sesame Street Baby Activity Chair by Crate and Barrel is a wonderful gift for any baby 3 to 9 months of age.

Outfitted with a safety harness, and clad in a soft 100% cotton shell, the chair is a great tool for helping a baby develop the core strength to sit up on her own.

Dove’s Personalized Baby Care Products

My Baby Dove


Anyone can click a button and buy a baby care product, but very few babies have bottles with their names emblazoned on them. Dove offers a personalized baby care kit that comes with up to eleven characters of a baby’s name printed on each bottle.

Personalized Storybook Pillow

Storybook pillow

Uncommon Goods

Turn the baby in your life into a legend with a personalized storybook pillow by Uncommon Goods. The front of the pillow features a personalized illustration by Patricia Carlin that evokes timeless storybook classics. On the back is a synopsis of the baby’s “story,” along with space for a “review” by a loving friend or relative.

Custom Family Portrait

family portrait

Love Becca Designs


Offered in three sizes — 8x10, 11x14, or 12x16 inches—the custom family portraits by Becca Jane Designs are personalized digital designs based on a general likeness of individuals. Details like glasses, baseball hats, and beloved animals make each family member easily recognizable. The digital portraits are printed on smooth matte photo paper with archival inks and can include up to 15 characters. 

Personalized Space Growth Chart

Growth Chart

Designs Direct


The days are long, but the years are short when you’re a parent. What better way to measure them then in the height of a child as he or she grows over the years?

The Space Canvas Growth Chart can be personalized with the name of a child. The chart features an image of a spaceship flying around the galaxy, providing perfect fodder for the imagination of a young child. 

Funbase Baby Knitted Crown Beanie Hat

The baby in your life might not have been born royalty, but that doesn’t mean he or she isn’t a king or queen anyway. Anoint them with the Funbase crown beanie hat, which is made from acrylic fibers, and comes in solid or striped patterns.

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What to Look for in a Unique Baby Gift

Usefulness: There are unique gifts, and then there are those items that are so unique no one knows quite what to do with them. A good gift is one that new parents will find themselves reaching for over and over again. While it’s fun to coo over cute little things at baby showers, it’s those lifesavers in the middle of the night or mid-meltdown for which parents will be truly thankful.

Style: While practical is great, when you can marry that with a high cute factor, you have a winning gift. From adorable prints to designs that are stylish, clever, and quirky, there are a host of baby items that are useful and look great, too. Those that lend themselves to cute baby pics are an extra bonus.

Ease-of-use: Raising a baby is difficult enough, so the last thing new parents want is baby gear that’s difficult and cumbersome to use. You want to select gifts with clear, simple instructions that make the job easier and don’t add extra unnecessary steps to everyday tasks. Products that save parents stress and oh-so-precious time will be most appreciated.

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