The 6 Best Travel High Chairs of 2019

Keep your baby happy when you are on-the-go

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Traveling with little ones in tow is both an incredible experience and incredibly stressful—or it can be. Of course, traveling when your kids are young is one way to get them used to the process, but it is true that when you travel with little kids, there tends to be a lot of extra stuff that you have to bring with you.

You'll need a comfortable and safe place for baby to sleep, a stroller, a baby carrier, clothes, bottles, and entertainment. If your kid is finally eating solid foods, you will probably also want to think about packing a travel high chair. There are a lot of travel high chair products on the market these days, but the best ones will be safe and easy to throw in the car or potentially even take on a plane. Here are a few of the best options out there today.

Our Top Picks


Best Overall: Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair

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We like the Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair as a travel chair for a bunch of reasons, but top on our list is the fact that it’s a great chair to use in your own home, as well, which makes it multifunctional. Just strap the booster chair to any regular kitchen chair and voila! Your kid will not only be able to eat at the table with you, but you’ll be avoiding the extra space that a regular high chair tends to take up, as well.

When it comes to traveling, simply remove the tray and seat back on this Amazon’s Choice product and pack the pieces with the rest of your baby gear. As your kid grows, you can skip the seat and tray completely and just strap the base to a regular chair as a booster seat. The seat pad is also machine washable, which makes it easy to clean.

Fischer-Price recommends using this chair in the reclining position for newborns and then up to a weight limit of 50 pounds, which is higher than some of the other products you’ll see on the market today.


Best Hanging: Inglesina Fast Table Chair

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For a lightweight, compact product that’s super simple to tote around, it doesn’t get much better than the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. We love how easy it is to fold this chair completely flat and shove into a suitcase, and the fabric cover—which comes in eight color options—comes off completely and can be washed in the washing machine.

The chair works by twisting the arms up onto most table types, and the grooved arms won’t leave any marks behind. There’s also a storage pocket on the back of this Amazon’s Choice product, and the carry bag means you can easily bring it into and out of restaurants, too.

Since this product isn’t as supportive as a traditional high chair around the head and neck, you wouldn’t use this particular travel chair if your baby doesn’t have full head and neck control and isn’t sitting on her own. It’s best to use the Ingelsina for kids between 6 and 36 months and who weigh no more than 37 pounds.


Best Sling: Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat

The Amazon’s Choice product Cozy Cover Portable Easy Seat is so lightweight and compact you could fold and carry it just about anywhere, from a suitcase or diaper bag to your own purse or book bag. The sling itself can be slid over most dining chairs (flimsy or folding chairs wouldn’t work), and then baby slides right in and can be secured with the shoulder straps.

You can also throw the entire thing in the washing machine without disassembling any pieces. Even though the seat comes with a five-point security harness, you should only use this seat with kids who are able to sit on their own, from around 6 months to 36 months, or until they weigh 35 pounds.


Best Traditional: ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

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If you think your baby will do best in a travel high chair that’s as similar to his regular one as possible, the ciao! Baby Portable High Chair, an Amazon’s Choice product, is a great option. Even though the entire chair can be folded up into a compact size that’s easy to travel with, the whole thing pops back into place in mere seconds.

Baby is secured in the chair with a lap belt, and there is a clear vinyl tray that you can attach to place his food. One of the best things about this product is that you actually don’t need any additional chairs or tables to make it work, like some of the hanging or sling products. Pick from eight colors, and use only if your baby can support her own head and neck and sit on her own, and use it up until three years of age.


Best Inflatable: Roamwild’s Airtushi Soft & Padded Inflatable Travel Chair

Nothing is more compact than a product that can be fully deflated. Roamwild’s Airtushi padded inflatable chair fits to pretty much any standard regular chair, and it’s made with padded seats, sides and backrest for maximum comfort, as well as a front bumper bar that aids little ones in their development when they’re just learning how to sit by themselves.

The one potential negative of this chair is that it takes a little extra time and effort on your part to actually blow it up, whereas other chairs mostly strap onto a traditional dining chair, fold out, or clamp on to a table. This chair is best used for kids from six months to about three years or 33 pounds.


Best Pop-Up: Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster

If outdoor activities are on your list during your travels, you’ll want to try the Summer Infant Pop and Sit Portable Booster, an Amazon’s Choice product. The removable tray, carrying bag, and pop-and-fold setup means you can easily move the chair from campsite to restaurant to dining room chair.

The pop-up feature is easy to set in seconds, and it’s durable enough to be used indoors or out. This chair can even be strapped to a regular chair for your kid to be able to sit at traditional table height. The chair comes in three different color options and is best for kids from 6 months up to 37 pounds.

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