The 9 Best Toys for a 5-Month Old of 2019

Help them reach their milestones with these must-haves

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Your 5-month-old has probably recently become lots of fun. While there’s a lot to love about staring lovingly at a newborn, once babies reach the 5-month mark, there’s just so much more that they are starting to do. As head and neck muscles get stronger, your baby is probably flying through tummy time, and might even be well on his way to sitting on his own. Those tiny hands and fingers are becoming more agile as well, and babies around 5 months of age can usually start to grasp and hold objects, which makes playtime even more interactive.

There are tons of toys on the market for babies that your kid is sure to adore, but getting the right toy for your 5-month-old might help him develop certain skills—like gross and fine motor—while others will be sure to keep him entertained and engaged for long periods of time. To help you determine what to add to your own kid’s toy chest, here are the top toys for 5-month olds.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Bright Starts Lots of Links

Lots of Links

Courtesy of Amazon

A bunch of colorful links might not seem all that interesting, but in actuality, Bright Starts Lots of Links should be a staple in every household with a baby. This Amazon’s Choice product is a must not only because their bright colors and different shapes make them fun for babies to hold and play with (and put in their mouths) all by themselves, but they’re also the most functional toy you’ll ever buy. They can be used to string, attach, loop, and hang other toys on the car seat, stroller, play mat, and more.  

Over 2,000 reviews attest that these rings are that versatile, with many parents keeping a few different links in separate rooms, the car, and the stroller. Many parents have commented that these continue to get a lot of use even with their 4- and 5-year-olds! 

Best Active: Skip Hop Explore and More Baby's View 3-Stage Activity Center

At 5-months you've probably started to realize that your little one is a lot more aware of what is going on and they are sure to be more active day-to-day. If you want to inspire their more active side, an activity center will get them moving and grooving. 

This favorite from Skip Hop is suited for children 4 months and up. Place them in it and watch them bounce up and down as they play with all the 25 different activities including a piano at their feet, a peek-a-boo owl, swaying trees and more. This toy will grow with them as they get bigger and stronger and learn how to do more. 

Best Mobile: Tiny Love Meadow Days Take Along Mobile

Mobiles are a must-have for any parent of a baby because they can not only help lull your child to sleep—they can also keep them entertained while you fold laundry or attend to other household needs. This mobile works great in their crib, playing up to 30 minutes of continuous music in five different tunes. But what is unique about this is that you can take it on-the-go easily. A large clip allows you to attach it to a stroller while a velcro strap will allow you to loop it onto your car seat handle. No matter your mood of transportation you can keep your little one entertained on the go.

Parents remark this is a solid mobile at a super affordable price. Many claim their baby is quite fascinated by this and their eyes light up each time they turn this on. 

Best Fine Motor Skill: Bright Starts Grab and Stack Block Toy

Anything that your baby can pick up, pinch, hold on to, or move from hand to hand will help her develop those all-important fine motor skills, but it doesn’t hurt to help her out with options that will be easy for her to hold and fun to touch and look at. The best part about finding a toy that will help develop your kid’s fine motor skills is that you can keep it simple.

We like Bright Starts Grab and Stack Block Toys—an Amazon’s Choice product—because the concept is easy. There are four soft blocks (easy to keep track of!) that tiny hands can easily hold, and additional features like rattles and crinkles will keep them engaged. Loops on the toys make it easy to attach them for travel, as well. As your baby matures they'll also have fun learning how to stack these so these blocks have a long shelf life in your household.

Best Musical: HOHNER Kids Musical Toys MS9000 Baby Band

Many toys developed for babies in the 5-month-old range will come with some sort of musical feature​ since music is a great way to keep babies happy and entertained. What we like about the HOHNER Kids Musical Toys MS900 Baby Band items are that they require your child to play actively with them rather than passively listening. This means your kid will be working on additional skills, like fine motor, cognitive, and sensory, all while keeping herself entertained through music. This particular set includes four musical instruments for your baby to shake, rattle, and groove with.

This toy has received 27 top toy awards and it also comes with a traveling case so you pack the band up and take the show on the road. 

Best Travel: Sassy Wonder Wheel Activity Center

A great on-the-go toy should be easy enough to carry around in your diaper bag or purse, and it should be entertaining enough to keep your little one engaged while out and about. The Sassy Wonder Wheel has so much going on—from noises to bright colors to spinning wheels and so much more—that your baby will love staring at and touching it, no matter what else is going on around him. The suction cup on the bottom makes it super simple to stick to any table or tray, making it a smart toy to bring at a restaurant. 

Best Teether: Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys

Any parent of a 5-month-old will know that no matter what toy you give a kid this age, it’s going right into the mouth. The Amazon’s Choice Nuby Ice Gel Teether Keys are a tried and tested teether toy that is actually safe for your baby to chew on. You can also put the toy in the fridge for a while before giving it to your kid to provide a little gentle cool soothing to those aching baby gums.

Besides soothing their mouth these keys are also fun for your little one to jiggle around and feel the nubby textures with their fingers. Parents agree that this teether is a must for any household with a teething baby. 

Best Gross Motor: Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

If you haven't purchased a play gym for your child now is the time. These activity centers not only keep your kid entertained they also help them develop a whole range of skills, including gross and fine motor, as well as visual, and much more. When it comes time for daily tummy time your baby will enjoy looking at the vintage-inspired pattern on this mat that is padded to keep them cozy during their daily workout. It also comes with a little pillow that will help make tummy time a little more comfortable for them. Other features include a mirror that they can stare at and four linkable toys that will give them some sensory feedback when they touch them.

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