The 8 Best Gifts to Buy a 3-Month Old Baby in 2018

Toys and presents to help encourage developmental growth

Once babies pass the 3-month mark they are no longer newborns. At this age, they'll start to do a lot more—like begin to reach out and touch objects, smile, and some may even roll over. To help keep your child growing mentally and developmentally, it's important to have some toys on hand that will delight their senses and make your life a little easier. Toys that play music, make crinkly sounds, or help with tummy time are just a few that work for 3-month olds.

If you're a friend or relative meeting baby for the first time, we've included some great gifts for this age group as well as toys that mom, dad, and baby will surely appreciate. Here, the best toys and gifts to buy a 3-month-old baby.

Best Music: Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes Musical Toy

Designed to promote auditory development through music, this toy boombox of sorts plays versions of seven classical melodies from Mozart to Chopin while it lights up to entertain baby's eyes. Easy for small hands to hold, baby can also grasp the Take Along easily with the caterpillar bead handle. This is a perfect gift for the parent because it works at home and many parents say it is a must for car trips because it will distract baby.

Best Sitting: Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat

Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor Seat
Courtesy of Target

At 3-months-old, baby isn't sitting up unassisted (this usually happens between 4 and 7 months) but they might want to look around at the world and that is when this floor seat works wonders. Your curious baby can sit up assisted in the Fisher-Price Sit-Me-Up Floor seat and watch mom and dad do a quick clean up around the house. The seat works from the age of 3-months and can suit them till they are 25 pounds but if your baby has little to no neck control you might want to wait a bit before using this.

As with most seated devices, the AAP recommends not leaving your baby in there for extended periods of time, but if you need to do a quick wash of the dishes or just need a few minutes hands-free this seat will be a treat for both of you.

Best for Tummy Time: Bright Starts™ Tummy Time Prop & Play Mat

Bright Starts™ Tummy Time Prop & Play Mat
Courtesy of Target

Tummy time is essential to a baby's development and this play mat helps make the task at hand a bit more enjoyable for caregivers and baby. The plush mat is comfortable for a baby to lay on while they play and explore with the attached toys. Baby will find satin loops, crinkle sounds, mirror, teether, and a rattle which will help distract them from the task at hand. There is also a prop pillow if baby needs extra support when doing tummy time.

When tummy time is over your little one can still enjoy this as a play mat and when they get older they might like to curl up and recharge in their own designated spot. Since the footprint is so small on this it makes the perfect gift for parents with a small space.

Best Shoes: BirdRock Baby Moccasins

While baby isn't walking—nothing is cuter than a pair of baby shoes—especially as a gift! These soft moccasins will finish off any outfit and give a little extra warmth to baby's toes. Made out of genuine leather these shoes come in 29 patterns and sizes up 2-3 years so you are bound to find a pair (or a few) for the baby in your life.

Besides looking good, these shoes promote foot development since soft-bottom shoes help babies range of motion in the feet. And unlike other baby shoes and socks, these actually stay on the feet so you aren't scrambling to find the missing shoe.

Best Book: Look, Look! Board Book

It's never too young to start reading to a child. No matter the book, all reading helps develop many of the senses. At 3 months, reading might seem silly but you'd be amazed at how enthralled they become with the pictures and listening to your voice. Look, Look! captures baby with its bold black and white high contrast pictures that will mesmerize the smallest of babies.

Many parent reviewers said their babies weren't interested in books until they looked at this one. Some claim it even soothes their child when they are crying. Whatever it does, this book will become a favorite in an instant.

Best for Gross Motor Skills: Fisher-Price Rattle 'n Rock Maracas

Get baby's gross motor skills fired up with these colorful maracas that will entice them to shake, shake, shake. The small handles are easy to grasp and once they start moving their hands around they'll giggle at the sound they'll produce. On one end of the maracas is a soft pom-pom that baby can also grasp onto or put in their mouth to explore while the other side contains the shaking beads.

Many parents remarked that their kid enjoyed these well past the 1-year mark, and also noted these helped teach their kid how to grip better.

Best Bibs: Baby Bandana Drool Bibs

Trust us, you can never have enough bibs. From bottle and breastfeeding, drooling, spit up, and soon to be solid foods your baby will make a big mess. Bandana bibs are an easy and stylish way to prevent an unexpected outfit change from happening. These bibs come in a set of eight and are made out of 100 percent organic cotton on the front and the back has a polyester fleece which helps speed up drying, thus limiting bib changes and more laundry.

Best Gift That Keeps Giving: The First Years Stack Up Cups

At first glance, these just appear to be boring old cups. But for a kid, these will provide years and years of entertainment. When they are 3-months old they'll grab and probably chew on them, as they get a little older they'll learn how to stack and sort them. Caregivers can also throw these in the bath and use them to pour water over baby's head or show them how water can drip from one cup to the next with the holes on the bottom. Once your toddler starts to pretend play they'll love to set the table with these as fun little cups. The ideas and possibilities are endless. And at this low price, they are a no-brainer for every household.​

Best Tile Playmat: Yay Mat Playmat

With baby starting to be a bit more active it might be time to designate a separate place space for your little one. Here you can have your child's toys and mom and dad can have a comfortable place to sit on the ground. These play tiles from Yay Mat work wonders because they come in stylish patterns that would fit in any living room without causing too much of an eyesore. Choose from a blue mat, a serene swan, or a black and white graphic pattern.

Parents can rest assured these tiles are made of a non-toxic material and are BPA-, lead-, and phthalate-free. They also come with a handy storage bag that makes toting to grandma's a breeze.

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