The 10 Best Toys to Buy 15 Month Olds in 2018

Inspire their senses with these top-picks

If you have a 15-month-old, you’re probably shocked by how much they have grown and changed since they were born. By the time kids reach 15 months, they are likely very close to (if not already) walking, they might have some words in their vocabulary, and they may have become much more interested in certain toys and entertainment. As your child was growing you probably noticed there was no end to the type of toys you could buy that would help them develop important skill sets, like hand-eye coordination, gross and fine motor skills, language, and so much more.

As a 15-month-old, your kid may have conquered some important milestones already, but there are still a lot of ways that parents can foster the growth of and help perfect those same skills and bring out others. Instead of spending hours on your own research, check out the below suggestions for the best toys for 15-month-olds, based on what you’d like to accomplish with the toy other than a little peace and quiet while your kid is safely otherwise entertained, of course.


Best Overall: VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck


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Many of the toys you’ll find in the 15-month-old age range will foster multiple skills, but we like the VTech Drop & Go Dump Truck, an Amazon Best Seller, for many reasons. To start, repetition is a 15-month-old's best friend, so you’ll probably find that your kid enjoys dumping the brightly colored balls into the truck’s back dump section over and over and over again.

As they get older, your kid can work those fine motor skills by pushing the balls directly into the hole in the front of the toy, then watching them move swiftly into the back dump, all while the toy makes fun dump truck sounds and noises. Your 15-month-old can work on gross motor skills, too, by walking the truck around with the attached string.


Best Puzzle: Melissa & Doug Shapes Knob Wooden Puzzle

Puzzles are a great toy option for 15-month-olds who are really starting to work on their hand-eye coordination and have all but perfected their ability to pick up, hold, and move objects. While any puzzle with big enough pieces will do (15-month-olds may still have a tendency to put tiny pieces in their mouths, so you do need to still be on the lookout for potential choking hazards), we like Melissa & Doug’s cute house-shaped, large wooden knob puzzle because of the vibrant colors and the large wooden knobs that are easy for tiny hands to grasp.

One mom summed up the benefits of this puzzle perfectly when she wrote, “This is a great first puzzle—it’s sturdy and bright, all of the pieces can be put in at least two ways (like the oval can be put in upside down), which is awesome for kids who are just starting out with puzzles. I love that it can also be used to teach shapes and colors.”


Best Travel Toy: BUCKLE TOY “Blu” Whale

Hitting the road can be a stress-inducing topic of conversation for any parent. At 15-months many kids can't focus on the screen for long and bringing all of their favorites in the car or airplane aren't always an option. “Blue”, the cute Buckle Toy whale will keep little hands busy as they try and open and close the buckles keeping them entertained while they work on their fine motor, cognitive, problem-solving skills on-the-go.

Parents have said this is a lifesaver to keep in the car for when your child gets a little antsy. Many kids have perfected the art of closing the buckles in no time, while many others try so hard to get the task done. Even if they aren't interested in the buckles they'll still have a cute cuddly toy to snuggle with!


Best Blocks: Mega Bloks 80-Piece Big Building Bag, Classic

It's never too soon to start their love of building! This easy to adopt block set comes with 80-pieces and has a carrying bag that makes cleanup a breeze. Your child will learn how to both stack and take apart these blocks to make imaginative creations—and who knows parents might even get in on the action!

This set comes in classic, pink, trendy, and a numbers print so you can choose whatever you think will delight your child most. These blocks work on a whole range of skills including fine motor, problem-solving, and hand strength.

While many parents say their 15-month couldn't quite get the handle of how to work these yet, they are still a fun toy to have their kid grow into. One parent says they build a giant structure each morning and their child enjoys knocking it down!


Best for Fine Motor: Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze

Kids and adults alike will delight in the addictive practice of moving brightly colored beads from side to side on the Melissa & Doug First Bead Maze. This toy helps stimulate your kid’s visual senses and teaches colors while pushing the beads over the mazes from side to side will work those fine motor skills.

What is great about this toy is it has suction cups so it can easily adhere to a high chair or table without getting knocked over—making it the perfect toy for your child to play while you are getting dinner ready. Another plus is the toy is made out of wood which many parents prefer to plastic.


Best for Gross Motor: Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car

The Cozy Coupe has been around for 30 years, and the classic car only gets better and better with age. Delight your 15-month-old and enhance their gross motor skills at the same time with this Amazon’s Choice product. The bright red and yellow colors are fun for kids, but the bread and butter of this toy are in the steering wheel (super fun) and when your kid sits and uses their feet to push.

As your kid gets bigger they can work those gross motor skills by pushing the car from behind, as well. This toy is meant for kids up to 50 pounds, so it will be with your family for many years.


Best Musical: VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone

A good musical toy for your 15-month-old will not only provide tons of tunes for them to listen to, but it’ll also help them find their own musical talent with the help of a little active play. The VTech Baby Babble and Rattle Microphone is great because it grows with your child and comes with so many different ways to use it.

In the microphone setting, encourage your little one to find their (sure to be amazing) voice and sing along to their current favorite tunes. When they need a little help, have them push the puppy for access to 60 additional musical features.


Best Bath Toy: Sago Mini BPA and Mold Free Easy Clean Bath Squirters & Floaties

Upgrade your child’s time in the bath with something much better than the traditional rubber duck. The Sago Mini bath squirter and floatie pack comes with four adorable friends and their float toys that are small and easy enough for tiny hands to hold and squeeze. The tops also come off all four toys, which means they are easy to keep clean and mold-free.


Best Book: First 100 Words

As their vocabulary is rapidly expanding you'll want to indulge their need to learn more with a cute board book that illustrates 100 words that are very useful to their daily life like, high chair, socks, dog, and more. Your kid can point to anything they are interested in as you repeat (and repeat!) the words again and again. You'll get a kick out of how engrossed your kid is at looking at the pictures in the book and watching their mind work putting it all together.


Best Crafts: Crayola Crayons Jumbo 8ct Peggable Tuck Box

Inspire your budding Picasso at home with a set of jumbo crayons that will have them coloring and scribbling away. This classic toy might not be the most original but kids at this age are learning how to scribble so indulge them with crayons that are easier to handle.

Of course, your child might want to put these in their mouth so keep a close eye on them when they are using them or else you might get a surprise in their diaper. These crayons are non-toxic so if they do eat them it is not the end of the world, but we don't recommend it.

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