The Best Toy Organizers to Help Round Up Your Kid's Stuff

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The Best Toy Organizers to Help Round Up Your Kid's Stuff

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When you have kids, you have toys, and when you have toys, you need a place to put them. Some toys are self-contained, but others can accumulate around the house (like Legos or stuffed animals) if you don’t have a smart storage system. Toy organizers help contain all of those toys, and are available in many different styles, like nets, baskets, or bins.

Think about the types of toys that will be put into the toy organizer to ensure they will fit properly and your child can put toys away independently with ease. We carefully considered design, material, ease of assembly, value, and sizes when reviewing products.

Keep reading to find the best toy organizer for your family.

Best Overall

Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins

Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer with 12 Plastic Bins

Courtesy of Amazon

The Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer earned our top spot because it's easy to assemble and holds a ton of toys. This organizer measures 34 inches wide by 11 inches deep and 31 inches high, and boasts four shelves. 12 rugged plastic bins, eight standard-sized and four large, are included with the set as well.

What makes this organizer so great is that each bin easily comes off the shelf, allowing for kids to play with one type of toy at a time and then simply replace the bin at clean-up time. Label-loving parents can easily stick a label or tag on the bin to designate which toys belong where.

Price at time of publication: $64

Best for Books

KidKraft Children's Bookcase with Reading Nook and Cushions

KidKraft Children's Bookcase with Reading Nook and Cushion

Courtesy of Amazon

Store all those books and give your kiddo a cozy spot to enjoy reading with this ingenious bookcase. Easy to assemble and available in three colors, this bookcase features six convenient spots to store books, including two extra tall compartments for oversized picture books.

Three cushions with self-adhesive strips make for a cozy and secure reading nook on the shelf. Parent reviewers appreciate that this useful bookcase/chair combo is sturdy and comfy.

Price at time of publication: $94

Best Budget

Hiyagon Large Canvas Baskets

Hiyagon Large Canvas Baskets

Courtesy of Hiyagon

Attractive, affordable, and high-quality, large canvas baskets can’t be beaten as a simple way to organize toys. The collapsible design weighs less than 1 pound, has two handles, and comes in a multitude of kid-friendly patterns.

A wide opening will encourage kids to toss their toys in and stay organized. One drawback is that while the bin keeps toys contained, kids may toss everything in the bin, making it harder to keep small or specific types of toys separated from others.

Price at time of publication: $13

Best Minimalist

IKEA Trofast

IKEA Trofast

Courtesy of IKEA

Simple in design, thank IKEA for a useful toy organizer that looks stylish, doesn’t scream kid furniture, and will be useful for years to come. The sturdy storage series can be combined with others in the product line to make a wall of storage.

Made for flexibility, the frame has several grooves, so you can place the boxes and shelves just where you want them (and change them when you need to). IKEA offers a variety of bin sizes and colors to mix and match them to your desires.

Price at time of publication: $50

Best for Stuffed Animals

Simple Houseware Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock Pack

Simple Houseware Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock Pack

Courtesy of Simple Houseware Stuffed Animal Storage Hammock Pack

Wrangling stuffed animals is a job for professionals! Keep those animals off the floor, looking cute, and within sight with this easy-to-attach storage hammock. The innovative and lightweight design complements any decor and comes with mounting hook hardware. Parent reviewers are impressed with how well these hold up and how many stuffies the hammock can hold.

Price at time of publication: $16

Best Toy Box

Delta Children Toy Box

Delta Children Toy Box

Courtesy of Delta Children

For a traditional storage option, a spacious toy box can’t be beaten. Made from sturdy wood, the toy box is crafted with a safety hinge that will prevent the box top from closing too quickly on little hands. Available in five colors, the convenient cut-out handles on both sides make it easy to move the box from room to room. For a complete set, Delta Children also sells matching bookshelves, furniture, and more.

Price at time of publication: $55

Best for Sports Gear

MyThingLogic Sports Equipment Organizer

MyThingLogic Sports Equipment Organizer


If your garage or playroom is overrun with balls, bats, gloves, and other sports gear, look no further than this organizer made especially for sports equipment. Crafted with a durable steel coated frame and elastic straps, the three-level storage rack has hooks for hanging and three bins of various sizes.

The organizer has spots big enough for golf bags, custom slots for bats, and the shelves are crafted to hold balls, helmets, and other bigger items. For size reference, the whole rack can hold 24 full-sized basketballs.

Price at time of publication: $136

Best for Outdoor Toys

Basicwise Stackable Storage Bins

Basicwise Stackable Storage Bins

Courtesy of Basicwise

Colorful, stackage, wheelable, and sealable, this storage bin is a perfect solution for outdoor toys. Since it seals tight, no outdoor creatures can gain access to the toys. Four wheels and easy-to-grab handles make it easy to move around your yard, and a grooved lid makes stacking a cinch.

Available in a few bright color combos, this storage bin will stand out from plainer options while storing all your outdoor gear.

Price at time of publication: $44

Final Verdict

The Humble Crew Toy Storage Organizer (view at Amazon) checks all the boxes for ease of use, organization, and playfulness. With four shelves, you can store a number of different toys in various shapes and sizes. Families with active kids would likely benefit from the sturdy and easy-to-use MyThingLogic Sports Equipment Organizer (view at Amazon) that boasts three shelves and lots of room for sports gear.

What to Look for When Buying Toy Organizers

Types of Toys

Depending on your child, your house may be overrun with LEGOs, stuffed animals, art supplies, or something else. Think about your messiest spots or what toys need corralling the most before you figure out what toy organizer will be best for your home.

For toys like stuffed animals or plushies, larger canvas baskets might be ideal as a ton of organization isn't necessary on the flip side, art supplies and LEGOs may require various compartments to keep things tidy. Remember, heavier furniture that is used for storage or to hold storage bins should always be safely and securely attached to the wall to prevent pull-down accidents.

Make It Easy

When recruiting kids to help keep their spaces clean and organized, focus on easy-to-use organizers. Complicated bins with small designated spots may not be helpful for younger kids, while a big storage bin will make life easier. To help with organization, use a label maker or tape with the name or a picture of what is supposed to go where.

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