The Best Toddler Tables and Chairs to Help Grow Your Tot’s Independence

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Best Toddler Tables and Chairs

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Toddler-sized tables and chairs not only offer your child the perfect place to draw, play, and eat their meals, but these furniture sets can also give them a major self-esteem boost. When young children can safely navigate seating space on their own, they can foster an early sense of autonomy.

“Using child-sized tables and chairs makes it easier for them to complete tasks for themselves, giving them a sense of accomplishment and helping to build confidence,” says parent educator and play-space designer Alanna Gallo, founder of Play. Learn. Thrive.

When looking for toddler tables and chairs, you should prioritize sets that will be safe for your child to maneuver in and out of on their own, meet their height and weight requirements, and be developmentally appropriate for their age range. Children this age can change rapidly, so Gallo says there are additional specifics to keep in mind, like making sure the seating set also fits your space and style and has the specific functionality you’re looking for. We looked at size, design, weight limits, price, and durability when selecting the table and chair sets on this list.

We’ve reviewed the products on the market now, and these are the best toddler tables and chairs.

Best Overall

Lily and River Little Creator Table

Lily and River Little Creator Table

Lily and River

  • Activity-based surfaces include LEGO mat

  • Comes with built-in storage 

  • Accommodates kids up to 8 years old

  • Only comes with two chairs

  • Not great for mealtime use

We chose the Little Creator table and chairs set as our top pick because it makes activity time a breeze. The table features a reversible top that offers curious tots the option to flip between a dry erase board or building block surface. The dry erase tabletop also serves as the perfect spot for enjoying other fun toddler pastimes like using play dough or coloring in an activity book.

One of our favorite features of the Lily and River table is the built-in storage pouch that sits underneath a circular cutout in the middle of the table. When your kiddos are done building with their blocks, they can simply slide them to the center hole to quickly clean up after playtime.

Price at time of publication: $300

Key Specs:
Table Size: 23.5 x 23.5 x 20.5 inches | Chair Size: 11 W x 21 H (12 H floor to seat) inches | Recommended Age: 12 months to 8 years old

Best for Outdoor

KidKraft Outdoor Table and Chair Set and Bench

KidKraft Outdoor Table and Chair Set and Bench


  • Includes umbrella

  • Can be used for meals and activities

  • Attractive addition to patio/garden

  • Cannot be easily folded up for storage

Your backyard will become the favorite hangout spot for your little ones once they lay their eyes on this solid wood picnic table. This set by KidKraft has enough space for four little ones to sit, eat, and play. The bench seats are extra comfortable thanks to the removable pads, so your tots will be willing to sit for longer, making it easier for them to finish their meals and complete activities. 

The removable umbrella can be used to keep UV rays at bay during the day and then tucked away when it’s not needed. This is a great option for those who like to spend a lot of time outdoors. 

Price at time of publication: $123

Key Specs:
Table Size: 19 x 42 x 22.6 inches | Bench Size: 13 inches | Recommended Age: 2–7 years old

Best for Eating

KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Four Chairs

KidKraft Farmhouse Table and Four Chairs


  • Extra seating for siblings or guests

  • Easy clean surface 

  • Made partially of manufactured wood

Make mealtime less stressful with this petite square table by KidKraft. The perfect height and size for four kids to seat themselves, your kiddo will love having their own space for snacks, meals, and hanging out. The table has a gloss finish—which can make cleaning up those spaghetti-night messes a breeze.

It’s styled in the same vein as a lot of popular farmhouse pieces and comes in a variety of colors, ensuring that it will be easy to find a version that goes with your home’s decor.

Price at time of publication: $140

Key Specs:
Table Size: 23.6 x 23.6 x 19 inches | Chair Size: 11.7 x 11.1 x 21.7 inches | Recommended Age: 3–8 years old

Best for Small Spaces

Pottery Barn My First Table

Pottery Barn My First Table

Pottery Barn

  • Fits comfortably in tighter spaces

  • Simple design goes with anything

  • Plenty of color choices

  • Not solid wood

For those shopping with small spaces in mind, we recommend My First Table. If you’d like to expand your seating options and have a little more room, this piece also comes with the option to order additional chairs. 

What the Experts Say: “This table is good for smaller spaces—the two chairs push in to allow the table to sit against a wall and be out of the way," says Alanna Gallo, founder of Play. Learn. Thrive and the blog Growing Up Gallo.

This set is made from a wood composite, which means there’s a larger variety of color choices than the other solid wood sets on our list. We think you’ll be able to find a version that won’t cramp the style of your smaller space while still providing the freedom for your toddler to gain some confidence. 

Price at time of publication: $149

Key Specs:
Table Size: 24 x 17.5 inches | Chair Size: Not specified | Recommended Age: 2–8 years old

Best Budget

Delta Children MySize Kids Wood Table and Chair Set

Delta Children MySize Kids Wood Table and Chair Set

Delta Children

  • Inexpensive

  • Comes in a variety of colors

  • Nontoxic materials

  • Doesn’t grow with your child

  • Paint may chip or discolor with time

For those searching for budget-friendly options, we recommend this Delta MySize table. The set comes in three different colors, so it’ll make a great addition to communal spaces or playrooms where children spend most of their time. This table is safe and sturdy to help kids bridge the gap between the high chair and joining the family at the main dining table. 

“[The MySize set] is a great table if you’re on a budget and want something good for mealtimes, building, and arts and crafts,” says Gallo. 

If the two included chairs aren’t enough, you can add two seats to your order.

Price at time of publication: $70

Key Specs:
Table Size: 23.5 x 23.5 x 19.625 inches | Chair Size: 10 x 11.5 x 20 inches | Recommended Age: 3 years old or up to 50 pounds

Best Looking

Nico and Yeye Poco Table

Nico and Yeye Poco Table

Nico and Yeye

  • 5-year manufacturer warranty 

  • Assembly is quick and easy

  • Greenguard gold certified (low or no chemical emissions)

  • Seats sold separately

We love this round table for its unique appearance and versatility. While the seats are sold separately, you have the option to customize this table to suit your needs. “If you’re looking for a true piece of furniture that is stylish, this is a great pick,” Gallo says. “It’s gorgeous, and you can mix and match the tabletop and chair colors to match your specific decor.”

It’s available in seven different colors and works as a child’s desk, a mini dining table, or even a craft station. There is enough space to slide in four seats around this beautiful maple wood table.

Price at time of publication: $321

Key Specs:
Table Size: 23.5 x 20.5 inches | Recommended Age: Not specified

Best Sustainable Option

Lalo Play Kit

Lalo Play Kit


  • Made from sustainable beech wood

  • Lightweight and easy to move

  • Customizable color options

  • Not ideal for older toddlers

You won’t have to set aside your love for the environment when you purchase this Play Kit from Lalo. Made from certified sustainable beech wood, this set has a minimal carbon footprint without skimping on quality. 

The Scandinavian-style set is made with mealtime in mind and allows the freestanding seats to be pushed as close to the table as needed. However, your toddler’s fun doesn’t have to stop with food, as it’s also great for activities (it even comes with giant coloring sheets). You can choose from a variety of colors and mix and match to create your own style.

Price at time of publication: $355

Key Specs:
Table Size: 23.6 x 23.6 x 19 inches | Chair Size: 16 x 23 inches | Recommended Age: 1 year old and up

Final Verdict

Based on the specific needs of a growing toddler, we chose the Little Creator Table as our top pick. Unlike most of the other options, this one came with its own storage compartment, which will help children learn the importance of taking care of their things and cleaning up after themselves. For backyard fun and meals, we also really like the KidKraft Outdoor Table and Bench set.

How We Selected the Best Toddler Tables and Chairs

We consulted with play-space designer Alanna Gallo, founder of Play. Learn. Thrive. and the blog Growing up Gallo, to determine the most important features when selecting toddler chairs and table sets. Then we went into research mode. After combing the internet and checking out the highest-rated selections that aligned with the advice from our expert, we compared them against one another. 

Following the advice Gallo gave us, we looked for seats that were lightweight, easy for kids to move on their own, and allowed kids to adjust how close they sit to the table (you’ll notice no fixed seating sets made our list). Then we used what we know about the needs of busy families to come up with categories we thought would be most important to you.

What to Look for in Toddler Tables and Chairs

Because many toddlers are similar in size range, the best seats are going to be the ones that work best in your space. However, there are a few key factors you want to keep in mind.


It’s best to know where your toddler chair and table set is going to go before you start shopping. This way, you'll know exactly how much space you have to work with. Make sure to account for the footprint of the table when your child is actually seated in it because they will require a little more room than when the chairs are tucked in. 


There are a variety of design configurations to take into consideration. Do you want a chair that can be tucked into a corner (square and rectangular shapes are the best choices here) or something that is going to serve as a bit of a showpiece (you’ll likely place a higher value on stylish color options here)? Unless you have a designated play area or room for your kids, the table and chair set will likely be a part of your home decor, so you should definitely choose a set that matches your personal style. 

Main Purpose

Some toddler chair and table sets are inherently better for mealtimes, while others are better for activities. Consider how you want your child to utilize the table and shop with those characteristics in mind. And remember, an outdoor seating set can pull double duty and be brought inside when you can’t get into the yard, but an indoor set won’t hold up as well to harsh elements like sun, wind, and rain.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What age do kids use toddler tables and chairs?

    As soon as the child can get in and out of the chair themselves, Gallo says they can (and should) start sitting in more height-appropriate seats. “Each child is going to reach that milestone in their own time; depending on their size, gross motor skills, and balance...usually at around 18 months or so, children are beginning to be able to climb and position themselves in the chair,” says Gallo. While there’s no harm in letting them try from an earlier age, you want to make sure they have the mobility and stability to hop in and out without assistance.

  • What size should a toddler table be?

    When it comes to picking the right size, style, and arrangement, the decision has more to do with your own personal aesthetic than anything else. “I think most toddler/preschool sized tables are fairly similar in size, and children grow quickly, so I would focus on getting a table that fits your space and style (and has the functionality you need),” Gallo suggests.

  • What is a good table for kids?

    “The biggest benefit to having children use child-sized chairs for meals and activities is that it promotes independence. Using child-sized tables and chairs makes it easier for them to complete tasks for themselves, giving them a sense of accomplishment and helping to build confidence,” says Gallo. That means you should prioritize a table that fits your child’s height, weight, and development. Remember, your child needs to be able to get in and out of the seat by themselves in order for it to be a good fit.

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