The Best Toddler Sandals for Happy Little Feet

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Best Toddler Sandals

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Toddlers need supportive shoes that are comfortable, easy to put on, and sized right (since those little feet grow so quickly). There are so many styles to choose from so you can pick a sandal that fits your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

Since toddlers are walking, it’s important for their shoes to fit well, support the foot correctly, and be used in the proper way. Invest in a well-made everyday shoe and your kiddo’s feet will thank you. We carefully considered material, design, sizing, fit, use, and value when reviewing products.

Here are the best sandals for your toddler.

Best Overall

Skechers Kids Foamies Guzman Steps

Skechers Foamies Guzman Steps Glitter Mist Slip-On Sneaker

Courtesy by DSW

The Skechers Kids Foamies Guzman Steps are our top pick because these water-friendly shoes are just as comfortable on a splash pad or at the beach as they are on a pool deck or at the playground. Affordable, comfortable, and available in a wide variety of colors (including glitter!), these slip-on shoes have a cushioned footbed and overall perforation for cooling.

The best part, for both kids and parents, is the soft fabric heel, which makes it super easy for kids to put these shoes on all by themselves. Unlike other shoes, you won’t be wrestling chubby little feet into tight shoes. Another bonus: These are fully closed-toe shoes, which is a requirement of many camps and preschools.

Price at time of publication: $30

Best Budget

Old Navy Unisex Printed Flip Flop

Old Navy Unisex Printed Flip Flop

Courtesy by Old Navy

It’s always helpful to have a super affordable pair of flip flops that you can toss in a beach bag, leave in the car trunk, or keep in a camp backpack. These shoes fit the bill! While they may not provide tons of support or coverage, they’re perfect for quick trips or backup needs.

As most adults will agree, flip flops aren’t all-day shoes, but they certainly serve a purpose. To help little feet stay in the shoe, these flip flops have both a toe thong strap and an ankle strap, making it easier for little ones to keep their shoes on as they walk around.

Best Slides

Old Navy Ankle-Strap Pool Slides

Old Navy Ankle-Strap Pool Slides

Courtesy by Old Navy

Great for walking on a pool deck or to the beach, these slides will keep your kid’s feet protected from the elements. The easy slide-on style has a Velcro-close back strap, making it easy for toddlers to wear these while keeping the shoe secure. While these sandals may not last or fit for more than one season, the inexpensive price tag won’t break the bank.

Best Closed Toe

KEEN Kids Seacamp II Sandal

KEEN Toddler's Seacamp 2 CNX Closed Toe Sandal

Courtesy by Amazon

Closed-toe sandals are safer for active kids and oftentimes a requirement for outdoor summer camps or preschools. If your toddler will be spending lots of time outdoors, these rugged shoes are perfect. The non-marking rubber sole is sturdy and supportive while the polyester upper is comfortable and easy to clean.

For a perfect fit, there’s a secure fit system to tighten or loosen the strap and a Velcro strap over the instep. Parent reviewers praise how indestructible these shoes are and love how well they hold up all summer long.

Price at time of publication: $60

Best Leather

Hoy Shoe Salt Water Sandals


Courtesy by Nordstrom

A fan-favorite shoe, these classic unisex sandals feature breathable leather straps and a rubber sole. The rust-proof metal buckle is adjustable to ensure a good fit. Parent reviewers recommend that once the sandals get wet, leave them on your kid’s feet. As the leather dries, the sandals mold to your child’s foot shape. If family matching is on your radar, there are Salt Water sandals in adult sizes too!

Price at time of publication: $38

Best for Water

Native Shoes Charley Waterproof Sandal

Native Shoes, Charley, Kids Sandal

Courtesy by Amazon

Run, jump, and splash in these 100% synthetic shoes that are fully waterproof. Perfect for any water activity, these can also be worn at the beach or pool. Since they aren’t enclosed, it’s easy for any little shells or sand to flow right out of the shoe.

The sandal has two Velcro straps, so kids can adjust the straps to get the perfect fit and dexterous toddlers will have no trouble putting them on or off themselves.

Best for New Walkers

Stride Rite Soft Motion Splash Sandal

Stride Rite Kids Unisex Splash Sandal

Courtesy by Walmart

Stride Rite is a well-loved brand, especially for young kids. Early walkers need a supportive shoe with a soft sole that provides both support and flexibility. Easy to put on and take off, the shoe is made of quick-dry material, so when they get wet, they’ll dry quickly. Crafted with a flexible, rounded, and slip-resistant sole, these shoes help encourage the natural motion of new walkers, improve balance, and prevent slipping or falls.

Price at time of publication: $99

Best for Everyday Wear

Ten Little Everyday Sandals

Ten Little Everyday Sandals

Courtesy by Ten Little

Designed to keep up with your busy toddler, these sandals are incredibly lightweight, super flexible, and have a textured insole to keep slippery feet from sliding around. Made of material that is naturally water-resistant, non-toxic material, these sandals will hold up all season long and more.

Ten Littles take kid shoes and sizing seriously. The brand offers detailed sizing information on their site and will mail you a fit finder to make the process even easier.

Price at time of publication: $36

Final Verdict

If your child will be outside a lot, choose a closed-toe, supportive sandal that they can wear every day like Skechers Kids Foamies Guzman Steps (view at Zappos) or the Keen Kids Seacamp II Sandal (view at Amazon). These options will keep your toddler’s feet protected and comfortable. For quick trips to the pool, park, or beach, the Old Navy Ankle Strap Pool Slides (view at Old Navy) are easy to wear and toddlers can take them on and off independently.

What to Look for in Toddler Sandals


Shoe brands can vary their sizing. Some use U.S., European, or custom sizes. If getting measured in person is not an option, measure your toddler’s foot with a ruler or downloadable tool. Consult the brand’s size chart and read reviews to see if the shoes fit true to size, bigger, or smaller. 

Making sure your child's shoes fit properly helps to set them up for proper foot health as they grow. When they squeeze their foot into a shoe that is too small, toddlers run the risk of general discomfort, issues with gait, and distorted bone growth.


For extended or everyday wear, choose a sandal that is made out of good quality, breathable material like mesh or leather. Well-fitting shoes will support your child’s foot and high-quality material will hold up to the wear and tear the shoe will see. 

Since sandals are likely to frequently come into contact with water, it is important that you choose a shoe that can hold up to consistent moisture without falling apart.


Most importantly, toddler shoes should be comfortable. There should be adequate room in the front so the toes aren’t squished, and the shoe should flex at the ball of the foot. A Velcro or adjustable strap will ensure a comfy fit across the top of the foot.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my toddler's shoes are too small?

    Before your child can tell you that their shoes are uncomfortable, the best way to tell whether your toddler has outgrown their shoes is to look for redness and blisters on their feet. Another sneaky signal is a child who’s less active than usual—and it makes sense. Who wants to run around in shoes that are uncomfortable? To get ahead of the game, press your thumb into the toe box of your child’s shoe every so often. If you hit a toe, it may be time to size up.

  • Can you wear sandals to preschool?

    Unless your child’s preschool has special footwear rules, there’s no reason why they can’t wear supportive sandals there. In the case of a no-sandals policy, it's best to send your child to school wearing socks and shoes that protect their feet throughout the day. If your child does wear sandals to preschool, they should be closed-toe and supportive enough for all-day play (in other words, flip flops are a no-no).

  • Do toddler shoes need arch support?

    For many adults, arch support can make shoes feel more comfortable. Toddlers don’t need arch support since their arches are still developing.

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