The 5 Best Tiny Love Baby Toys

Classic toys your little will delight in

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There are so many options for toys and gear to choose from when creating a baby registry. Which toys and activities are the best for a newborn infant? Tiny Love baby toys are classic, must-have baby gifts that are designed to engage babies. Tiny Love toys are designed to encourage newborns to achieve new developmental milestones for motor, language, and social-emotional skills.​

Babies and their families enjoy playing with many different types of toys together. Playmats and activity gyms are popular, safe activities for baby to engage in while playing on the floor, at home or while traveling. Clip-on rattles and wind chimes can keep a baby entertained in their car seat or high chair. Crib mobiles have been mesmerizing babies and lulling them to sleep with beautiful music for decades. An activity arch is a perfect addition to on-the-go stroller play. Each baby toy is not only brightly colored to keep a baby's attention, every single toy engages baby in a variety of unique, playful experiences alongside their loved ones.

Best Overall: Tiny Love Super Mat

Tiny Love Super Mat
Tiny Love

Finding a soft and comfortable place for baby to play on, is a must. The Tiny Love Super Mat offers families a washable surface for baby to crawl, roll and sit on while they play. Since babies are prone to spit up and diaper accidents, the mat is easy to spot clean and wash. For playtime, the Super Mat​ has sensory activities for baby to explore which are securely sewn into the mat. An attached ring also makes it easy for parents to add the baby's favorite toys. Playmats offer a softer surface for baby to play on, especially in homes with hardwood floors. This large mat easily folds and is fastened with a button. Drop it into a diaper bag when taking trips to the park or when traveling to meet family and friends. 

Best Budget: Tiny Love Wind Chime Toy

Tiny Love Windchime Toy
Tiny Love

Having additional toys that attach to and dangle from activity gyms, diaper bags, car seats, strollers, high chairs, exersaucers and other gear, from a plastic link, are also very popular. A baby enjoys exploring cause and effect wind chime toys. They learn when they hit the toy it will make unique music. Each wind chime is different, many include soft textures, soothing sounds, and crinkly fabrics. 

Best for Playtime: Meadow Days Dynamic Gymini Baby Playmat

Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini Meadow Days
Tiny Love

There are many reasons why a baby playmat is one of the most important toys for a baby. The classic overhead Gymini from Tiny Love offers a soft, washable surface for babies to play on. The double arches, which are adjustable, include many small loop attachments to hang other toys from that baby will want to watch. Babies develop eye-hand coordination by reaching forward with their hands to touch and bat these dangling toys. In addition to the large mat, the activity mat includes several toys that will stimulate a child's sensory system. There is even a small pillow to help baby practice and eventually enjoy tummy time.

Best for Stroller: Tiny Love Stroller Arch

Tiny Love Stroller Arch
Tiny Love

Babies enjoy playing with toys at home in their nursery or living room, but for active families who frequently enjoy walking or running errands, a stroller arch is a fantastic way for a baby to play on-the-go using their hands.  A stroller arch attaches to the front of a stroller using a universal clip. Brightly colored and easily washable mirrors, dangling toys, sensory activities, and teethers will keep baby entertained in their stroller.

Best for Crib: Tiny Love Soothe and Groove Crib Mobile

Tiny Love Crib Toy
Tiny Love

Learning to fall asleep in a crib is a big milestone for a baby. Crib mobiles have been a popular toy for decades. Babies watch in awe as their toys spin and dance above their heads, while they listen to lullabies. A crib mobile is a great toy to include in a bedtime routine. The Tiny Love crib mobile plays 18 different songs from 6 categories, with up to 40 minutes of music. The mobile grows with children over time. The toys can be removed and the familiar music box remains, as children learn to fall asleep every night as part of their routine by listening to familiar music. Through the cause/effect push buttons on the music box, baby can even change the music on their own. A nightlight helps parents easily peek into the baby's crib at night. 

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