Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

A fun package for your kids to uncover each month.

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If you want to enrich your child's education in a fun and exciting way, a monthly subscription box may be exactly what you need. The right subscription box will combine hands-on learning with your child's unique hobbies and interests.

Whether your child loves art projects, science, or books, there's an exciting subscription box out there that's perfect for them to unpack each month. Read on for our list of the best kids' subscription boxes.

The 12 Best Subscription Boxes for Kids in 2021

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids
Best Subscription Boxes for Kids

Best Overall : Rock by Rock Changemaker

Rock by Rock Changemaker

Key Specs

  • Cost: About $23.99 per month to $49.99 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of plans: 4

Why We Chose It: It’s more important than ever that kids learn about social responsibility and making an impact on the world. That’s why we chose the Rock by Rock Changemaker subscription as the best overall subscription box for kids— the boxes give kids the tools they need to learn to live more responsibly every day.

  • Topics focus on real-world problems facing our planet

  • Suitable for kids ages 8 to 11

  • Single boxes available

  • Free shipping

  • Currently only 7 boxes available in subscription

  • Some topics may be heavy or scary for kids

Rock by Rock Changemaker is a truly unique subscription box for kids that helps them get involved in the solutions to real-world issues, like stopping the spread of COVID-19, saving the rainforest, addressing invasive species, and solving world hunger. Each box offers reading material on the box’s theme, games and activities, crafts, a project to help make an impact, and more.

The subscription box helps kids develop a sense of personal responsibility as well as a sense of empowerment in the face of today’s challenges. 

The company offers 4 subscription options, with subscription lengths of 3 to 7 months. There’s also a family subscription for families with multiple children, which offers 3 times the materials in each box. Single boxes are available as well. All boxes are suitable for ages 8 to 11. 

Subscriptions start at about $23.99 per month to $49.99 per month. Shipping is always free.

Best Budget : Little Passports

Little Passports

Little Passports

Key Specs

  • Cost: Approximately $16.95 per month to $27.95 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of plans: 5

Why We Chose It: Little Passports wins best for budget kids’ subscription boxes because you can shop by price right on their site.

  • Focuses on travel, culture, and/or science

  • Caters to kids ages 3 to 12

  • Non-subscription items available

  • Free shipping

  • No refunds

  • Science kits may require help from parents

  • Some parents say the first box is better than the follow-ups

Little Passports let kids explore the world without the hefty price of airfare. It’s a fun and affordable way to take them on various adventures and expose them to global benefits. 

From their Early Explorers plan for kids ages 3-5 to plans for older kids, everyone has options. When you sign up the first month, you get an introductory package; then there are monthly packages that follow, including everything from books to experiments and more. You can choose to pay monthly or sign up for a 6- or 12-month subscription to save more. Plus, most packages offer free shipping, and parents say these boxes are a great overall value.

Best for Book Lovers : Literati Kids

Literati Kids

Literati Kids

Key Specs

  • Cost: About $10 per month, plus what you buy
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of available plans: 6

Why We Chose It: Literati Kids wins best for book lovers because it’s a try before you buy experience— for books! Your little one (with your help) will get a week to decide which books to keep.

  • Beautiful, unique books

  • Prepaid shipping label for returns

  • For newborns up to age 13+

  • Books cannot be returned late

  • Little control over what is sent

Literati Kids is one of the most unique book subscriptions out there. Each month, you’ll receive 5 handpicked books, tailored to your tastes and goals selected in your profile. Take the week after receiving your package to choose which books you want to buy, then send the rest back. And if you keep all 5, you’ll get a 5% discount. It’s as easy as that.

You can use your account to review the books you receive, and these reviews will inform your future deliveries. The information in your profile will help the company select books to aid your child in reaching educational milestones based on your child's age, interests, and reading level. 

Literati Kids caters to newborns to 13 and up. The boxes ship monthly, but you can customize your schedule within your account.

Best for Toys : Kiwi Co



Key Specs

  • Cost: Around $15.50 per month to about $29.95 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Every 2 months for babies, monthly for older kids
  • Number of Plans: 8 crates available

Why We Chose It: KiwiCo’s variety of offerings and stellar reviews make this company our favorite subscription box for kids’ toys.

  • Focused on science, creativity, and more

  • Caters the youngest babies to the oldest kids

  • Individual crates available

  • Free shipping

  • Lots of packaging

  • Be prepared for lots of projects laying around

  • Can get expensive

Kiwi Co. tops our list of kids’ subscription boxes for its variety of options and enthusiastic customer reviews. Each month, hands-on science and art projects are delivered in fun crates that will inspire, delight, and teach kids essential skills. You select the projects' age range, from those designed for little ones 0-36 months up to those for bigger ones from 14-104 years of age. 

They come with various supplies and resources to complete cool projects in art, geography, science, engineering, and design. Kiwi crates have won numerous awards, and parents rave about them.

Best for Science : Green Kids Crafts

Green Kids Crafts

Green Kids Crafts

Key Specs

  • Cost: About $24.95 to $29.95 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of available plans: 2

Why We Chose It: Green Kids Crafts ranks for best science kids’ subscription box because it teaches science skills to kids ages 2 to 10 in a fun, exciting, and creative way.

  • One tree planted for each order

  • Uses sustainable materials

  • Caters to kids ages 3 to 10

  • Some pieces can be found cheaper in the grocery or craft store

  • Parents won’t know what’s in each box before it arrives

When it comes to building kids’ science skills, there’s much fun to be had, and Green Kid Crafts delivers it right to your mailbox. Designed for children ages 2-10, each box contains toys, activities, books, and more to help young ones explore and develop important science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) skills.

Each box has a fun theme, such as “Safari Science” or “Robot Workshop,” and is age-appropriate and engaging. These award-winning boxes get rave reviews from parents and kids alike who say they’re fun, educational, and exciting for kids to receive.

Best for Cooking : Eat2Explore



Key Specs

  • Cost: Roughly $20 to $24 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of available plans: 4

Why We Chose It: We chose eat2explore as best for cooking because it teaches so much more than fun in the kitchen. Kids will be introduced to foods from different countries each month and complete activities and lessons on the country as well.

  • 3 recipes, a cooking tool, and collectibles in each box

  • Additional learning activities and reading materials included

  • For kids 5+

  • Shipping costs about $5

  • Ingredients not shipped, must buy yourself

Eat2explore goes above and beyond by introducing your family to the cuisine of a different country each month and introduces activities and lessons on the theme country as well.

Each month, subscribers will receive 3 recipes from the country of the month, plus educational activity sheets, a shopping list, essential mixes of spices, sauces, and/or grains that may be difficult to find at your local grocery store, a kid-friendly cooking tool, collectibles like stickers and flag pins, and country explorer brochures that educate about the nation’s food traditions.

Eat2explore also offers gifts and one-time boxes. Subscriptions are available for month-to-month payment of about $25 per month, a 3-month prepaid subscription of roughly $24 per month, a 6-month subscription of about $23 per month, or a 12-month subscription of approximately $22 per month. Plus, if you refer a friend, you’re eligible for a discount of $10. 

The eat2explore team recommends their products for kids aged five and up.

Best for Babies : Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits

Lovevery Play Kits

Key Specs

  • Cost: About $80 to $120 per play kit
  • Delivery frequency: Every 2 to 3 months
  • Number of plans available: 4

Why We Chose It: Each Lovevery play kit box is dedicated to your baby’s development. The toys are well made, thoughtful, and minimalist, and focused on every new stage your baby reaches.

  • Sustainable, organic, non-toxic toys

  • Catered to child’s age and development stage

  • Based in Montessori education

  • Expensive

  • Only ships to U.S. and Canada

Lovevery’s Play Kit subscription offers open-ended toys that encourage skills fitting for your baby’s age and growth stage. The toys are based on the Montessori theory of child development, so they foster independence, exploration, and practical life skills.

All toys are made with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, non-toxic paint, and baby-safe plastics. The subscription offers access to expert advice and activity ideas to help you appropriately facilitate your child’s learning and development. 

Play kits start at infancy and continue to serve children through age 3. For ages 0 to 12 months, boxes are delivered every 2 months for about $80 per box. From years 1 to 3, boxes are delivered every 3 months for roughly $120 per play kit. There’s no commitment and you can cancel at any time.

Best for Clothes : Dopple



Key Specs

  • Cost: Around $10 per box, plus pay for what you keep
  • Delivery frequency: Quarterly
  • Number of plans available: 3

Why We Chose It: Dopple wins for best overall children’s clothing subscription because of its boutique brands, its goal to work within your budget, and its great discounts and insider prices.

  • Free shipping and returns

  • $10 service fee will be applied to any purchases made

  • 25% off if you purchase your whole delivery

  • Can’t browse entire site

  • Delivers quarterly

Dopple is our favorite children’s clothing subscription box because it offers gorgeous items from boutique brands like Oeuf, Rylee + Cru, Gray Label, Misha & Puff, Bobo Choses, Bonpoint, Alice + Ames, AIMAMA, Noé & Zoë Berlin, and many more. But perhaps one of the company’s best features is that it allows you to set a budget for what you’re willing to spend on items like shirts, pants, and other types of clothing, so you’ll always be receiving items that are within your set limit. 

New subscribers will take a style quiz and answer some questions about your child’s age, gender, and size. The subscription offers newborn clothing up to size 14, so you’ll be able to stick with the same subscription as your child grows. A professional stylist will send you selections within your declared budget. The company offers both casual and formal wear.

Dopple offers three subscription options:

  • 4 - 6 items (about 1 outfit with accessories)
  • 7 - 9 items (about 2 outfits with accessories)
  • 10 - 15 items (3+ outfits with accessories)

Once you receive your box, you’ll get 7 days to try on the items. You’ll pay a $10 service fee, which will be applied to your purchases. Shipping and returns are free. You just pay for what you keep, and if you decide to keep everything in your box, you’ll receive a 25% discount on your entire purchase. 

Deliveries are made quarterly, but you can skip or cancel at any time.

Best for Artists : Kids’ Art Box

Key Specs

  • Cost: Approximately $30 to $45 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of plans available: 3

Why We Chose It: Kids’ Art Box offers unique art projects monthly, curated for your child’s age range. Two of the subscription items focus on involving mom and dad, so the projects will foster quality time and bonding as well.

  • For ages 3 to 12

  • Free shipping

  • Subscriptions for different age groups

  • No refunds once box has shipped

  • Prepaid subscriptions not refundable

Kids’ Art Box offers all the supplies needed for 3 new, unique art projects every month, plus additional activities that vary by subscription. The projects will keep kids busy and creating, without parents having to come up with ideas or the materials for new projects continuously.

The company offers 3 different subscription boxes: 

  • Mommy and Me Art Box: For ages 3 to 6, this box comes with 3 art projects, 1 science project, and 1 visual recipe each month. It’s meant for kids and moms to work on together.
  • Daddy and Me Art Box: Made for kids aged 4 to 7 and their dads, this box comes with 3 art projects, 1 science project, and 1 origami tutorial each month.
  • My Artist Box: This box is made for kids ages 6 to 12, and is intended to be done largely independently. The monthly subscription comes with 3 art activities inspired by the artist of the month and 1 diorama. 

Each monthly box has a theme, with each project fostering creativity. Kids will be making crafts like a finger-painted family tree, performing activities like nature journaling, and creating new recipes in the kitchen like “pizza people.”

Boxes cost around $30 to $45 per month and shipping is always free.

Best for Stickers : Pipsticks Kid’s Club

Pipsticks Kid’s Club

Pipsticks Kid’s Club

Key Specs

  • Cost: Around $17.95 per box
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of plans available: 1

Why We Chose It: We chose Pipsticks Kid’s Club for the best sticker collection for kids because of the sheer variety each pack comes with, as well as their child-friendly design.

  • Kid-friendly stickers

  • For ages 3+

  • Free shipping

  • Only one subscription option

  • May take up to 4 weeks for international delivery

The Pipsticks Kids Club offers kid-friendly stickers that are easy for even little fingers to grasp. The stickers are suitable for ages 3 and up. Sticker themes in each monthly pack are designed to encourage creativity. 

Each sticker pack comes with 15 sheets of stickers, including a collectible giant puffy sticker, scratch n’sniff stickers, and interactive sticker projects. Your mini sticker lover will also get an activity book, a holographic sticker storage pouch, and a coloring postcard each month.

The subscription costs about $17.95 per box and delivers monthly.

Best for Future Travelers : Little Global Citizens

Little Global Citizens

Little Global Citizens

Key specs

  • Cost: Approximately $34.95 per month to $44.95 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Every other month
  • Number of plans available: 4

Why We Chose It: Little Global Citizens allows children to explore other cultures from their living room or kitchen table by helping them get to know a new country as each delivered box offers inspired crafts, activities, recipes, and more.

  • Designed for kids ages 4 to 10

  • Some subscriptions offer additional supplies for sibling

  • Free box when you sign up for a full year

  • Free shipping

  • Not available internationally

  • Must grocery shop for recipe ingredients

Little Global Citizens teaches kids about a new country with each delivery. Kids will learn about geography and culture with crafts, activities, recipes, a book, and lessons focused on the theme of country. 

The subscription delivers bi-monthly, and there are sibling subscriptions for families with more than one child. The subscription is designed for kids aged 4 to 10.

Subscriptions range from about $34.95 per month to $44.95 per month, and pre-ordering several months in advance is more economical. You’ll get a free box if you sign up for a full year of Little Global Citizens. Shipping is free.

Best for Kids with Autism : EarlyVention



Key specs

  • Cost: Approximately $47.35 to $134.25 per month
  • Delivery frequency: Monthly
  • Number of plans available: 2

Why We Chose It: EarlyVention is made for kids with autism and different abilities, assembled by adults with special needs, and includes visual, sensory, and interactive components to help parents bond and play with their child.

  • May be appropriate for ages 2 to 18 years old

  • Free shipping

  • Sibling add-ons available

  • Orders can take up to 4 weeks to arrive

  • Storage box for sensory play not included

EarlyVention is a subscription box made specifically for children with autism and children who are differently-abled. The product was developed by a special education teacher, a home therapy case manager, and an autism consultant using evidence-based approaches to help special needs children interact with their world and communicate.The boxes are assembled by special needs adults.

The products included in each box are based on the Applied Behavior Analysis teaching methods. Several of the included materials include visual support intended to help increase your child’s understanding, verbal language, and to give them the opportunity to independently complete the activities. 

There are two subscription options available: 

  • The Sensory Exploration Box: This box focuses on fine motor skills and language. The items are meant to be used within a sensory bin. Each month’s shipment is based on a theme. This box is about $47.35 per month.
  • The Full Activity Box: This box includes six activities each month, including sensory exploration box items, a social story, a reward chart, a fidget toy, an interactive story, a rhyme, and a craft. This box ships for roughly $134.25 per month.

Shipping is free for subscription boxes, and parents can choose a sibling add-on for an extra fee to involve a sibling in play and learning.

Final Verdict

The Rock by Rock Changemaker subscription box won out as the best overall subscription box for kids because of its unique mission of educating kids in social responsibility. We think the topics covered in the subscription are important in today’s world, and instead of just teaching about topics like COVID-19, deforestation, and world hunger, the activities encourage kids to be everyday heroes and to get involved in the solutions. 

The lessons in each box are in-depth and are taught using several different types of activities, from reading material to games to crafts to try to reach kids in a variety of ways. Each box includes a project in which the child works to make an impact on the world.

Compare Kids’ Subscription Boxes

Company Price Ages Number of plans Delivery Frequency
Rock by Rock Changemaker
Best Overall
About $23.99 per month to $49.99 per month 8 to 11 4 Monthly, but only for 7 months
Little Passports
Best for Budget
Approximately $16.95 per month to $27.95 per month 3 to 12 5 Monthly
Literati Kids
Best for Book Lovers
About $10 per month, plus what you buy Newborns up to age 13+ 6 Monthly
Kiwi Co
Best for Toys
Around $15.50 per month to about $29.95 per month Newborn to adult 8 Every 2 months for babies, monthly for older kids
Green Kids Crafts
Best for Science
Roughly $24.95 to $29.95 per month 3 to 10 2 Monthly
Best for Cooking
Approximately $22 to $25 per month plus about $5 shipping 5+ 4 Monthly
Lovevery Play Kits
Best for Babies
About $80 to $120 per play kit Newborn to 3 4 Every 2 to 3 months
Best for Clothes
Around $10 per box, plus pay for what you keep Newborn to size 14 3 Quarterly
Kids’ Art Box
Best for Artists
Approximately $30 to $45 per month 3 to 12 3 Monthly
Pipsticks Kid’s Club
Best for Stickers
About $17.95 3+ 1 Monthly
Little Global Citizens
Best for Future Travelers
Roughly $34.95 per month to $44.95 per month 4 to 10 4 Every other month
Best for Kids with Autism
Around $47.35 to $134.25 per month 2 to 18 years old 2 Monthly


What Is a Subscription Box for Kids?

Subscription boxes for kids are recurring shipments of kid-friendly products, project kits, books, or other items that center around a theme such as science, travel, engineering, art, or cooking. Some boxes provide materials and instructions that kids can use to create a simple project, while others include toys, books, and activities to help kids learn new skills through play.

Subscription plans are usually monthly but some are offered on a bimonthly or seasonal basis. Many companies also sell individual boxes for those who don’t want to commit to a subscription.

What Is Included?

Subscription boxes for kids feature a wide range of items, depending on the theme and age group it’s intended for. Science and art kits include materials and directions for hands-on projects, while cooking kits include kitchen tools, recipes, and grocery shopping lists. Boxes may also include toys, activities, books, and more to help kids explore and learn more about science, technology, geography, engineering, art, and math. 

How Much Do These Subscriptions Cost?

The cost of subscription boxes for kids varies depending on the size of the box, theme, and what’s included. They typically start in the range of $15 to $35 per box, but prices will differ based on the type of projects and materials in the selected subscription.

For example, boxes with advanced science and engineering projects for tweens and teens are pricier than basic art boxes for younger kids. In most cases, you can get a discount if you choose a longer subscription plan. Shipping is often included, but some companies charge an additional fee for delivery. 


We considered 40 kids’ subscription boxes when creating this list. We ultimately decided to narrow the list down by basic topics and items we believed kids would be most interested in. We opted to select boxes that served a variety of ages, from newborn up to 18 years of age. 

We scoured dozens of reviews of subscription boxes for boxes that included the most quality items and thoughtful activities. We also worked to include a variety of price ranges so that we could include a box that might be affordable for different demographics of our readership.

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