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Every kid loves getting snail mail addressed to them. While stickers, postcards, and magazines are always fun, subscription boxes are even better: There’s nothing like having a customized box of your favorite things sent straight to your house every month, like a surprise present designed just for you.

We’re not just talking about sparkly trinkets, hair accessories, and lip balms; that stuff is cute, but it’s easily found at the local shopping mall. The best subscription boxes for girls take their interests, hobbies, and personalities seriously, encouraging them to think about what makes the world go around—and where they see themselves fitting into it.

Here are our favorite subscription boxes for girls, which are guaranteed to put a smile on her face and all kinds of interesting thoughts in her head.

The Best Subscription Boxes for Girls in 2022

Best Overall : Girls Can! Crate

Girls Can! Crate

 Girls Can! Crate

Lots of subscription boxes designed with girls in mind claim to promote female empowerment, but inside the box, it’s just a bunch of pink and purple fluffy or sparkly stuff without any meaning behind it. That’s definitely not the case with the Girls Can! Crate, which knows exactly how powerful girls can be and wants to make sure they hear that message loud and clear.

Each Girls Can! Crate, delivered monthly, features an inspiring female role model (think Amelia Earhart, Nellie Bly, and Frida Kahlo) and tells their story as part of a mini-book. Other similar notable women are showcased, too. The crate includes two or three science and art activities (with necessary supplies) related to the role model’s field of interest, and small gifts such as pins, tote bags, and collectible buttons.

We love that the girls who receive this monthly subscription get to explore amazing women in all their glory—studying sharks, flying airplanes, painting flowers, making films, and more. The Girls Can! Crate works best for girls ages five to 10. Month to month subscriptions are roughly $35 per month, including shipping. But there are several different options for subscriptions, including pre-pay plans, sibling kits (with double the materials), and mini-mailers. With a 12-month plan, you will pay about $29 per month.

Best for Little Girls : Little Bookish Wardrobe

Little Bookish Wardrobe

 Little Bookish Wardrobe

If your daughter spends all her free time dressed up as Tinkerbell, Pippi Longstocking, or Anne Shirley, we have the subscription box for her. The ideal box for any girl who loves reading and dress-up play, a Little Bookish Wardrobe subscription will take your daughter’s imagination to the next level.

Every month, you’ll receive a new hardcover book and everything your daughter needs to inhabit the world within the story: multiple costume pieces and accessories, arts and crafts projects, and interactive story cards, all designed to introduce her to new stories and engage in fun, imaginative play.

You can choose your subscription to be for girls or gender-neutral. There is also a brother and sister box. You can also select your child’s size for the best costume fit when you subscribe. Monthly subscriptions are about $36 plus shipping, with prepay options available for three-, six-, and 12-month plans.

Best for Creators : Doodle Crate



If your daughter loves craft projects but has trouble finding ones that are engaging or challenging enough, the Doodle Crate by Kiwi Crate is for her. It's a Maker Girl's dream box. We love all the Kiwi Crate lines for their affordability and ease of use, and the Doodle Crate offers a monthly chance to experiment with multiple art mediums and create quality craft projects.

In each bundle, your daughter will receive a tutorial on a different kind of art material or technique, like woodworking, soap- and candle-making, screen printing, and sculpture. All of the materials she needs to complete the project are included, along with detailed instructions so she can literally DIH (that's "Do It Herself").

The crate is designed for creators aged 9 to 16, so the projects are just hard enough to keep kids busy and stretching their maker muscles without needing much adult supervision or assistance. And at the end of the project, your daughter will have something truly unique to show for all her hard work. A monthly crate is about $19, including shipping, and there are options to prepay for a per-box discount.

Best for Fashionistas : Kidpik



Has your daughter been eyeing your regular Stitch Fix deliveries with envy (or maybe even co-opting some of your items for herself)? Maybe she needs a box of her own. Kidpik might be perfect for encouraging her budding sense of style.

After taking an online quiz about her fashion preferences, your daughter will receive three coordinated outfits on the recurring schedule of her choice—every four, six, or 12 weeks. The outfits consist of clothing, shoes, and accessories, and can be put together as is or mixed and matched, according to her unique fashion sense. The bundles also strive to be a good combination of basics and trendy items for true variety.

The pricing works a little differently for these boxes, so let’s break it down: When you get a delivery, you have seven days to try on the pieces and decide which ones you want to keep. Anything you don’t want can be shipped back to Kidpik for free in a prepaid shipping package. You’re only charged for the items you keep, and if you keep everything, you’ll get 30% off the total cost.

You can also exchange sizes for free if you love something but it doesn’t quite fit. The ultimate price for each box will vary on your items, but Kidpik says the average cost is $100 for a complete box or roughly $15 per item. There are no upfront, styling, or return fees, so it’s actually a pretty good deal.

Best for Mathletes : Black Girl MATHgic

Black Girl MATHgic

 Black Girl MATHgic

According to the FAQ page of Black Girl MATHgic, girls are often underestimated and underrepresented in the math field. This gap widens across racial backgrounds, with Black girls missing out on even more of the support they need to be successful in math.

With this inequity in mind, the Black Girl MATHgic box makers have put together a monthly box of lessons, activities, manipulatives, and other supplemental materials to help girls succeed in math by increasing their confidence and reducing their anxiety in the subject. We love that the box also has a monthly affirmation, a profile of a female mathematician, and a “Caring Adult Guide” for extra support and encouragement.

Although the marketing is focused on Black girls, the makers of this subscription say that “girls of all racial and ethnic backgrounds” can benefit from both the math lessons and the engagement in Black history featured in the boxes. Monthly, the box will cost you roughly $40, plus shipping. There are two different options based on skill and grade level: a third- to fifth-grade box and a sixth- to eighth-grade box.

Best for Storytellers : KidArtLit



Bookworm/artists, rejoice. Now, you don’t have to choose between disappearing into the world of a book or a painting: You can do both. The KidArtLit box combines literature and art in an immersive and engaging kit every month, encouraging your daughter to think, create, and explore with her imagination.

Your child will get a newly released hardcover picture book and one or two art kits in each box, depending on the plan you choose. We love that the art projects are process-based, which means there is no “right” or “wrong” way to complete them. The box comes with detailed and illustrated guides for the included projects, as well as a featured note from the author about their process of creating the book.

Pricing starts at about $45 per month for the Spark Kit, which includes a book and art prompt (the Deluxe Kit sends two art projects per box.) KidArtLit says the books and projects are chosen with kids aged 3 to 8 in mind. What we really love, though, is that either plan sends enough materials for two kids to complete the projects, so siblings can get in on the fun, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Subscription Boxes?

Like a membership to a club created for people just like you—whoever you are—a subscription box is a sign-up program that sends you a crate, kit, or box of goodies on a recurring schedule. You are usually auto-enrolled in the subscription, meaning the company will send you a new box on this schedule, charging your credit card or method of payment until you cancel or opt out.

Types of subscription boxes include cooking or baking kits, arts and crafts, books, puzzles, fan-based items (like Harry Potter or Marvel comics), and STEM kits. There are bundles for kids and adults of all ages.

Is There a Benefit to Ordering a Subscription Box Versus Individual Items?

Usually, yes, To entice you to buy into the membership, subscription box companies will often collect newly released, hard-to-find, handmade, or otherwise customized items that aren’t readily available in stores or online. 

Even when the items can be sourced or found locally, there are other benefits to subscribing. Sometimes the convenience is a bonus (maybe you’re always buying premade baking kits, and you just want to simplify your life), and other times the joy is in the theme of the box, the surprise of what’s inside, or the focused direction around a particular task (like art kits that send you materials for a specific project).

How Often Will I Receive a Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes are typically either monthly or quarterly. In many cases, you can skip deliveries to further customize your schedule. Lots of companies also sell single-purchase boxes from their online shops, allowing you to either buy a past box to see if you like it or even grab one as a gift.

How Much Can I Expect to Spend on a Subscription Box?

Some subscriptions cost about $12 per month, and others cost roughly $40 or more, depending on the items included. A box that regularly sends high-value items will be on the pricier end, but if you would spend twice as much money buying those items individually, it can be a bargain.

Make sure to check shipping costs since some boxes include shipping, and some charge an extra per-box fee. Also, look into prepay plan options, which require you to spend more upfront but often cost less per box.

What Comes Inside Each Subscription Box?

Again, it totally depends on your box. A cooking kit will often have recipes, tutorials, and tools (leaving you to collect your ingredients), while a craft or STEM kit usually sends you everything you need from start to finish. Most include some sort of supplemental materials, whether it’s instructions or digital links for further reading.

For the most part, boxes center around one main item, such as a craft, a lesson plan, a high-value item (a pocketbook or journal, for example), or pre-measured ingredients for a baked good. Then, you’ll typically receive a selection of accessories or lower-value items that fit with the box's theme or fill in the overall price of your subscription. You could get anywhere from one to 10 of these additional items.


If you’ve ever been to the mall with your daughter, you know there’s no shortage of brightly colored stores playing loud music and trying to sell her cheap plastic stuff that smells like strawberries. You don’t want to get that stuff in a subscription box, too—you want higher-quality items and things you can’t find at a big-box store. The subscription boxes we chose for this list often send more meaningful items to your daughter, whether it’s a carefully chosen costume accessory to match the picture book she’s reading or an art project she can make on her own and then use to store her school supplies.

Some of the boxes included fall into the higher price range for subscriptions, costing nearly $40. (The average, we think, is about $25.) But the value of the items in these boxes more than makes up for the initial price tag: You’re getting new release books, high-quality art and maker materials, thoughtful skill-based lessons, empowering introductions to female role models, and unique trinkets, accessories, and beauty products.

For the best overall pick, the Girls Can! Crate stood out for featuring female role models that could be a part of a mini-book and its overall price.

By Sarah Bradley
Sarah Bradley is a freelance health and parenting writer who has been published in Parents, the Washington Post, and more.