The Best Straw Sippy Cups for Easy Drinking

The OXO Tot Transitions tops our list of mess-free cups for babies and toddlers

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Best Straw Sippy Cups

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Introducing a sippy cup to your baby is an important milestone in their development. There’s a wide variety of cups for babies and toddlers out there, including cups with spouts, cups with straws, and cups that are simply open. Look for a cup that’s easy to handle, easy to clean, and, if you’re on the go, doesn’t spill or leak.

Reviewed & Approved

The OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removable Handles earned our top spot thanks to the cup's spill-proof lid and removeable handles for little ones who prefer to grip the cup like a bottle. For a multi-purpose option, we recommend the ezpz Mini Cup + Straw Training System.

“Usually, the earliest children can learn to drink from some sort of cup is around 6 months old," says Heather Shafi, MD, of Pediatrician Care Associates in New Jersey. "This is both when they can learn a new oral-motor skill and when their core tends to be sturdy enough for them to be able to sit upright for short periods of time.” We looked carefully at design, material, age recommendations, and maintenance when reviewing products.

Use this guide to find the right straw sippy cup for your needs.

Best Overall: OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removable Handles

OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removable Handles

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Spill-proof lid

  • Removable handles

  • Soft straw shaped to babies' mouths

  • Straw can splash liquid

  • Straw can be difficult to sip for some

Who else recommends it? BabyCenter, The Bump, and Reviewed all picked the OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup.

What do buyers say? 81% of 1,700+ Amazon reviewers rated this product 4 stars or above.

The OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removeable Handles is our top pick because it's well-sized for small hands and doesn't leave behind any messes. The cup is spillproof and features an easy-to-use attached flip top, so it's perfect for on the go. It's a wonderful option for babies new to the sippy cup scene.

Flip open the lid to reveal an almond-shaped straw that conforms to your baby’s mouth. If your kiddo prefers gripping the cup like a bottle, you can remove the handles. The straw also comes apart for easy, thorough cleaning.

Price at time of publish: $12

Capacity: 6 ounces | Material: Plastic | Age recommendation: 6 months and up | Dishwasher safe: Yes

Best Budget: Munchkin Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup

Munchkin Munchkin Any Angle Click Lock Weighted Straw Trainer Cup

Courtesy of Amazon

  • Weighted straw works for any angle

  • Flip-top cover

  • Easy-to-hold handles

  • Straw is hard to clean

  • Handles can’t be removed

Easy to use and affordable, this sippy cup boasts a weighted straw, which can help your kiddo drink from any angle, including tilted up like the bottles they may be used to. The weight keeps the straw pointing down into the liquid. 

A flip-top lid makes it easy to take this option on the go, and the handles are good for small hands learning to grasp their cup. While young kids will likely have no problems with the cup, some adults find that the weighted straw is a bit hard to clean.

Price at time of publish: $7

Capacity: 7 ounces | Material: Plastic | Age recommendation: 6 months and up | Dishwasher safe: Yes

What Our Editors Say

"The weighted straw in these sippy cups is what makes them so genius. Transitioning our son from his bottle to the sippy cup was difficult, but the fact that he could hold this sippy cup at any angle and successfully drink helped tremendously. Cleaning this cup can be a bit of a chore, but the included straw cleaning brush makes the process a bit easier." Ashleigh Morley, Commerce Editorial Director  

Best Transition: ezpz Mini Cup + Straw Training System in Grey

ezpz Mini Cup + Straw Training System in Grey

Source: ezpz

  • Easy to fill and clean

  • Durable material

  • Transitions to regular cup

  • Can’t see liquid levels while closed

  • Doesn’t seal shut for travel

Toddlers can use the surprisingly stylish Mini Cup as a covered cup with a straw and later as a standard cup without one. The weighted base makes it harder to tip over, and the food-grade silicone is both soft on tender gums and safe for dishwashers and microwaves. While it doesn't have handles, the small size, curved shape, and silicone material make it easy for young kids to grasp. This cup doesn’t seal, so it’s not the best for an on-the-go life.

Price at time of publish: $18

Capacity: 4 ounces | Material: Food grade silicone | Age recommendation: 9 months and up | Dishwasher safe: Yes

Best Stainless Steel: Pottery Barn Grow With Me Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Pottery Barn Grow With Me Stainless Steel Sippy Cup

Source: Pottery Barn

  • Pretty, matching set

  • Keeps liquids cold

  • Expensive

Though it's on the pricier side for a sippy cup, this stainless steel straw sippy cup is useful if your kiddo is a fan of freezing cold water. The stainless steel will keep the water cold, but since it’s not see-through, you won’t be able to tell how much your cutie is drinking without opening it. We love that you can buy this attractive dishwasher-safe cup with matching snack containers, plates, cutlery, and more.  

Price at time of publish: $39

Capacity: 8.75 ounces | Material: Polypropylene, stainless steel, and silicone | Age recommendation: N/A | Dishwasher safe: Top rack

Best Silicone: Avanchy Le Petite Silicone Mini Cup

Avanchy Le Petite Silicone Mini Cup

Source: Avanchy

  • Durable material

  • Colorful modern style

  • Transitions to cup

  • Can’t see liquid levels inside

  • Doesn’t seal shut for travel

An amazing option for little hands, these adorable mini cups have a stand-out style. The silicone cups come with a lid and straw that controls airflow (so sucking is easier for new straw users). The straw also has a stopper, so your tiny scientist can’t pull it out of the cup. The cups are dishwasher safe and will survive any fall. When your baby is ready, simply take the top off, and you’ve got a perfectly sized open cup for their little hands. These don’t seal shut, so they may not work well for travel.

Price at time of publish: $13

Capacity: 6 ounces | Material: Silicone | Age recommendation: 4 months and up | Dishwasher safe: Yes

Best for Travel: Skip Hop Toddler Sippy Cup

Skip Hop Toddler Sippy Cup


  • Larger volume

  • Comes with extra straw

  • Silicone sleeve protects from cold

  • Heavy when full

The perfect option for long, hot summer days, this stainless steel sippy cup is sure to keep drinks icy cold. The silicone sleeve protects little hands from feeling too cold, and a handy hook and loop grab strap attach to a stroller or diaper bag. 

The 12-ounce volume is also convenient for life on the go, though the cup can be heavy for little hands when it’s full of liquid. We like that the pop-up lid prevents spilling during travel, as well as the fact that the cup comes with an extra straw.

Price at time of publish: $17

Capacity: 12 ounces | Material: Stainless steel and silicone sleeve | Age recommendation: 12 months and up | Dishwasher safe: Yes

Best Plastic: Nuby Active Sipeez No Spill Cup with Flex Straw

Nuby Active Sipeez No Spill Cup with Flex Straw

Source: Nuby

  • Affordable three-pack

  • Easy to clean

  • No lid to cover straw

This affordable three-pack of straw sippy cups crafted from plastic is easy to use and holds a lot of liquid. The curved shape makes it easy for little hands to grip, and the soft silicone straw has a no-spill valve that opens only when a child sips from it. There’s no way to cover the straw, so you may not want to take these out and about.

Price at time of publish: $8

Capacity: 10 ounces | Material: Plastic | Age recommendation: 12 months and up | Dishwasher safe: Top rack

Best for Older Toddlers: Nuby Tritan No Spill Trainer Cup

Nuby Tritan No Spill Trainer Cup

Source: Nuby

  • Hybrid straw-spout cup

  • Weighted straw

  • Tricky to clean

A good option for older kids who may be resistant to sippy cups, this hybrid trainer cup has a straw that feeds into a silicone spout. The weighted straw allows little ones to sip from any angle, and the 8-ounce size is good for older babies who may want more to drink. The cover pops on the top for more hygienic travel.

Price at time of publish: $9

Capacity: 10 ounces | Material: Silicone | Age recommendation: 6 months and up | Dishwasher safe: Top rack

Final Verdict

We think the OXO Tot Transitions Straw Cup with Removable Handles (view at Amazon) is the most versatile, affordable cup for the job. The flip-top lid keeps the top of the cup clean when you're out and about, and since it's attached, there's less stressing out about lost lids. Removable handles give tots the option to learn how to hold the cup in two different ways. 

For a modern take, the silicone Avanchy Le Petite Silicone Mini Cup (view at Maisonette) is really attractive and can be a great at-home option for little kids (especially those who want to look like big kids).

How We Selected the Best Straw Sippy Cups

We studied the features of more than 20 straw sippy cups on the market and researched reviews from customers and competitors. We assessed price, features, design, ease of cleaning, spill and leak prevention, material, and volume when deciding our picks. We also consulted with Heather Shafi, MD, a pediatrician in New Jersey, to understand which criteria are most important when choosing a cup. 

What to Look for in a Straw Sippy Cup 


Before settling on a straw sippy cup, always check the manufacturer’s age recommendation to ensure it’s safe for your little one to use. The age recommendation of a product can typically be found on the product’s packaging or manufacturer’s website. This age recommendation simply shows the product was designed or intended for children of that age or older. 

Children can begin phasing out bottles between 12 months and 24 months old. However, a sippy cup is safe to use for babies before that big transition happens.


There are many different types of straw sippy cups on the market, including stainless steel, plastic, and glass. Some sippy cups are available with handles, giving babies an easier and more secure hold. Some parents and caregivers prefer buying a variety of straw sippy cups to see which type their little one will handle best. 

If you want your child’s drink to stay cold or warm for a long time, consider a stainless steel straw sippy cup. The insulation helps keep the drink cool all day long, which is ideal for those hot summer days at the zoo or pool. While stainless steel straw sippy cups may cost more, they’re durable and can be reused for longer than plastic cups.

For a more budget-friendly option, straw sippy cups made from plastic are a great starting point. They’re easy to clean, and some even come with a contoured design so babies can hold their cup easier. Many parents and caregivers are concerned about the chemicals in plastic, though almost all are now BPA-free.

Another alternative to plastic is glass. These cups, like stainless steel, are reusable, but they’re not as durable when dropped. If a protective cover is not on a glass sippy cup, it poses a risk of injury to your baby, as the glass could break.


Just like adult cups, straw sippy cups are available in different capacities, from as little as 4 ounces to as much as 12 ounces. How big your child’s sippy cup needs to be can depend on many factors, like your family’s daily activities. 

For example, if your little one is using a sippy cup to transition to an open cup, you can try a small cup for less mess. If your family plans on taking a trip, you could also opt for a bigger cup to hold more liquid for the flight or car ride. Infants as young as 6 months and up to 12 months old can have anywhere from 4 to 8 ounces of water in a day. A straw sippy cup with this capacity can help parents and caregivers measure how much liquid the child has in a given day.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old should my baby be before using a straw sippy cup?

    The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends transitioning out of bottles between 12 months and 24 months of age. Although, because infants can begin drinking water as young as 6 months, they can also start using a sippy cup that young. This helps expose your baby to different drinking vessels at an early age, and can make the transition to an open cup easier in the long run for parents and caregivers. “Learning to use a straw sippy cup can help strengthen cheek, tongue, and lip muscles to help further advance speech and feeding skills,” says Dr. Shafi.

  • Are straw sippy cups sanitary?

    Straw sippy cups often come with multiple pieces, like a valve, straw, or even weighted piece. With so many pieces to wash, straw sippy cups can easily become a breeding ground for bacteria and mold. They are sanitary to use for infants, but only with the proper care and cleaning. 

    To keep your baby’s straw sippy cup sanitary, always rinse immediately after use to prevent mold from setting in. If you can’t rinse, allow the cup and its pieces to soak in soapy, hot water before cleaning them with a straw brush. Once you’ve finished cleaning them by hand, place them in the dishwasher to be sterilized, which can help kill any bacteria left behind.

  • Are straw sippy cups better for my toddler's teeth?

    Sippy cups are useful when transitioning to an open cup thanks to the similar sucking motion babies use with a bottle. However, using sippy cups for an extended period of time can lead to developmental problems, like tooth decay or speech problems. 

    Despite their convenience, straw sippy cups are often used for too long and sometimes with liquids high in sugars, like juice or soda. These sugars can stay on your child’s teeth, leading to plaque and other dental issues, such as cavities.

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