The 22 Best Stocking Stuffers of 2021

The perfect little gifts for the holidays

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No matter if you’re stuffing a stocking for a toddler, kiddo, tween, or teen, this list has some great ideas for smaller gifts for everyone on your list. From trendy treats that they are hoping for to practical products that they will actually use, there is something for everyone.

Enjoy the holiday season and time together with these perfect stocking stuffers.

Our Top Picks
Small enough to fit in a pocket, this tiny magic 8 ball features 10 answers to all of your kiddo's burning questions.
Complete with 200 puzzle challenges with increasing difficulty, the Kanoodle will keep the whole family occupied.
Your kiddo can create massive bubbles as big as they are, and do tricks, without having to use their lungs.
Complete with multicultural, original artwork, the card game promises to boost your youngster's brain and memory development.
Little ones can experiment with nail polish with this water-based, non-toxic set of three mini bottles.
Kids can develop their creativity and customize their own LEGO bracelet, experimenting with the different tiles.
This fruity chapstick will be their favorite go to for their dry and chapped lips all winter long.
Your kiddo can stay challenged on-the-go with this portable puzzle that's ideal to play during long car rides or leisure time.
Budding astronomers will enjoy experimenting with this mini constellation projector and reading the accompanying book.
Young learners interested in STEM and STEAM can bring their ideas to life with this 70-piece set of colorful building blocks.

Worlds Smallest World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball

World’s Smallest Magic 8 Ball

Ask any question and turn this mini magic 8 ball over for the answer. Best for kids 8 years old and up, this gift will bring some lighthearted fun to the holiday season (and beyond).

Educational Insights Kanoodle

Great for kids 7 and up, this set of connected beads will challenge players to complete colorful puzzles in both 2D and 3D formats. With over 200 puzzles, there’s plenty here to entertain and challenge. 

WOWMAZING Giant Bubble Wands Kit

This three-piece kit contains everything kids need to make fabulous giant bubbles. Durable, lightweight, and colorful, this set is perfect for kids from 6 years old and up. 

Little Likes Kids Sports Go Fish Cards

Fun for ages 3 years old and up, this Go Fish’s game original artwork represents diversity by depicting individuals of mixed race and ethnicity. Made by a Black-owned business, the portable game has 52 cards and is perfect for one to six players. 

Piggy Paint Natural as Mud Piggy Paint Nail Polish Gift Set

Have the manicure night of your dreams with your little one with this kiddo-safe paint. Created for all ages, this nail paint is non-toxic, odorless, and kid-friendly. The set comes with three pretty colors of nail polish and a sheet of nail art stickers. 

LEGO DOTS Sparkly Unicorn Bracelet

Encourage creativity and DIY skills with this fun right out of the box bracelet set. Somewhere between a fun toy and a cute accessory, this will be an instant hit. Perfect for ages 6 and up, the set includes an adjustable band and 32 colorful tiles. 

Lip Smacker Lippy Pal Lip Balm

This magical unicorn will transform your kiddo's dry lips into a well-moisturized pucker. The hydrating formula is intensely conditioning and leaves behind the right amount of glossy shine. They will love the pleasant smell so much that they will actually use it.

Think Fun Pocket Brainteasers

This pocket-sized puzzle is a perfect STEM toy for kids 8 years old and up. Build logic and problem-solving skills with a fun on-the-go toy. The handheld size makes it perfect for backseat gaming and entertainment.

Tiny Planetarium: See the Stars!

Bring the mystery of the night sky into your holiday stocking. The portable planetarium is three inches big which makes it perfectly portable. It comes with a disk featuring 12 constellations and a 48-page guide to star-gazing. 

PLUS PLUS Open Play Tube

A versatile and simple toy that’s great for any kid from age 5 years old on up, these small building blocks connect to each other. Suitable for 2D or 3D building, the tube includes 70+ blocks and an idea book to spark creativity. The best part is that these little blocks can be used to create endless designs.

KIDS SWAG Cool Girl Notebook

Cool Girl Notebook

This handcrafted notebook, made by a Black-owned business, is a practical gift for the little writer in your family. Use it for in-class note-taking, doodling, journaling, or more. Once they've filled the notebook with all of their thoughts, the cover can be removed and framed for some cute wall art.

Uncommon Goods Gemstone Sensor Nightlights

Gemstone Sensor Nightlights

Add some beauty to the night with these beautiful nightlights. Powered by long-lasting LED bulbs, the gemstone lights sense when to turn on and off. The automatic on and off sensor adds a special touch of magic that your child will love.

Klee Naturals Natural Blush and Lip Shimmer

Klee Naturals Natural Blush and Lip Shimmer

Treat young skin with non-toxic, gentle, gluten-free makeup that’s safe for kids 3 years old and up. The kid-appropriate makeup will give them a subtle look that they will adore. The sweet set has blush, a blush brush, and lip shimmer all included. 

Kid Made Modern Giant Crazy Crayon

Giant Crazy Crayon

Stuff that stocking with this eight-inch long giant crazy crayon. Made with 64 colors, you never know what color you’ll draw with next! 

TeeTurtle The Original Reversible Octopus Plushie

Help kiddos express themselves with this reversible octopus plushie. The plushie features two different reactions: happy or angry. Choose from more than 20 color options and then simply flip the octopus inside out to reveal a mood.

Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons

Made from 100 percent pure New Zealand beeswax, these crayons are non-toxic, making them safe for children of all ages. Their unique, thick shape makes it easier for smaller hands to hold them without breaking them in half.

iTechjoy Fidget Toy

Pass time while waiting for an appointment or help relieve some stress with this stylish fidget toy that doubles as a game. Designed to look like a delicious hamburger and French fries, players press down numbers on the bubble poppers until there's one bubble left. Whoever pops the last bubble, loses.

Cutetitos Care Bears Surprise Stuffed Animals

Cutetitos Care Bears

These iconic 80's toys are rolling (literally!) back into style and are cuter than ever. There's a new twist on these Care Bears: they unroll, revealing their Care personality. The Care Bear Cutetitos are in a mystery package, so kids will have fun guessing which Cutetito they got, and are 7.5 inches long.

Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush

Quip Kids Electric Toothbrush

Children 3 years old and up will love everything about this toothbrush. From its rubber-grip handle to soft bristles, this toothbrush has a battery life of three months. Adult supervision is recommended for children under 8 years old, and a toothbrush cover is also included.

Wrap Life Satin Scrunchie

Wrap Life Satin Scrunchie

Say hello to comfortability after you've said goodbye to tight hair ties. Made by a Black-owned business, this scrunchie is designed with 100 percent polyester. It's super stylish, but still quietly bold, and measures 11 inches in circumference when fully stretched. The best part? It's also machine washable.

Friend Sanrio Cinnamoroll Cable Protector

Protect your phone's cables with these cable protectors that are not only adorable but also stylish. Designed to work with more than a dozen iPhone versions, you simply put the protector over the cable so there's no damage when plugging in or unplugging.

PopSockets PopGrip Lips

At first glance, you'd never know this popsocket doubles as lip balm. Flip up the popsocket's lid to find vanilla lip balm that's made with natural ingredients. And, if the lid isn't your kiddo's style, they are interchangeable with other designs.

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