The 18 Best Snow Toys for Kids of 2021

Your little ones will be anticipating the first snowfall

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Best Choice Products 35in Kids Plastic Toboggan at Amazon

"Siblings or best friends can take turns riding in the sled down a hill or the driveway for a day of snowy fun."

Unplugged Explorers 6-Piece Snow Toys Kit at Amazon

"All the equipment the kids need for a successful snow day comes in this 6-piece kit, from snowball makers to a sled."

Airhead Shred Snow Skateboard at Amazon

"A snowboard-skateboard hybrid, the adjustable handle allows for tricks while the ridged bottom keeps your little one safe."

Poof Slinky Sno Stompers at Amazon

"Kiddos can keep their feet warm by sporting these bear and dinosaur stompers and marvel at the tracks they leave behind."

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube at Amazon

"A year-round staple, the tube can be used in the pool during the summer and on the slopes in the winter."

Paricon Snowball Maker at

"Keep little hands warm and dry with this snowball maker, which promises to last for the winters to come."

Airhead Youth Snow Ryder Toy Snowboard at

"Aspiring snowboarders can practice with this piece at home before they make it to the bigger slopes."

Alex Toys Ideal Sno-Art Kit at

"Kids can get creative by using the snow as their canvas with this kit containing molds, Sno-Crayons, and Sno-paint."

Emsco Snow Brick Maker at

"Gear up for a snow battle with this fort maker to make the ultimate shield as the family throws snowballs."

Flexible Flyer Inflatable Snow Twist at Amazon

"If your young one doesn't want to take on the slopes alone, they're likely to enjoy this two-person tube."

There’s nothing better than waking up to a snow day. From waiting in anticipation to find out if school is closed to spending the day playing outside before coming in for a cup of hot chocolate, snow days are the best days. What makes them even more fun is having some toys you can play with outside. From making art, to snowball shooters, to igloo builders, snow toys have the ability to make a great day even more incredible.

Here are some of the best snow toys that'll turn your regular snow day into an epic one.

Best Choice Products Kids Plastic Toboggan

Kids can glide down the hill with speed in this lightweight but durable plastic sled. It has a rope on the front for steering, for parents to drag their kiddo around, as well as two side handles for extra control. The sled measures 35 inches in length, perfect for one kid to fit comfortably. 

Unplugged Explorers 6-Piece Snow Toys Kit

This kit has everything a kid needs to make the most out of a snow day. There’s a digging handle to help keep their hands dry and warm, two snowball makers, a fort brick maker, and a scoot sled for when there’s a little hill that just has to be sled down. All of the items back up into a little backpack so they can be transported to and from the house easily. 

Airhead Shred Snow Skateboard

You don’t need a mountain to enjoy this snowboard, because it’s actually intended to be used more like a skateboard which also makes it easier to do some cool tricks. The bottom has ample traction to avoid falls, it has an adjustable handle for extra stability and a side lip that makes it easier to grab during tricks. 

Poof Slinky Sno Stompers

Kids can stomp around in the snow, leaving dinosaur or bear tracks behind them with these cool little stompers that fit boots up to size 5. They have easy to use straps that go around the boot and the animal prints also provide ample traction to help avoid falls. 

GoFloats Winter Snow Tube

Speed down snowy hills in comfort with one of these amazing, durable snow tubes. Aside from their fun design, they’re also made of thick materials to avoid punctures. The tube is designed to keep your body up off the snow during rides and also has two handles for better stability. 

Paricon Snowball Maker

Paricon Snowball Maker

 Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Kids 4 years old and up can keep their hands warm and dry with this snowball maker. All they have to do is open up the maker, put it into the snow, close it shut, and they’ve created a perfectly round snowball that will be excellent for battles. 

Airhead Youth Snow Ryder Toy Snowboard

Airhead Youth Snow Ryder Toy Snowboard

 Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Big kids between 35 and 60 pounds can learn how to snowboard at home on this hardwood board. It has adjustable feet straps that close with velcro, measures 90 centimeters long, and is made without a metal edge to keep it safe for the yard (but should not be used at resorts).

Alex Toys Ideal Sno-Art Kit

Alex Toys Ideal Sno-Art Kit

 Courtesy of Olympia Sports

There’s sidewalk chalk for the summer, and snow art for the winter! Kids between 5 and 7 years old can use this kit to make all kinds of colorful snowy designs. Each kit comes with three snow markers, which are made with warm water and the included powdered mixture, and two snow molds. The markers are nontoxic and have a screw-on top to keep them mixed up between uses. 

Emsco Snow Brick Maker

Emsco Snow Brick Maker

 Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

Kids can build an epic snow fort using this brick maker. The mold itself is lightweight and creates the perfect sized snow bricks. Just pile the snow in the mold, then flip it over to create strong and sturdy snow fort walls. 

Flexible Flyer Inflatable Snow Twist

Your kid can bring their best friend along sledding with this two-person inflatable sled. Great for kids 5 years old and up, it has four handles (two sets) to help riders stay put and have some control of the sled. It’s made from durable materials but includes a backup patch and has a covered seat to keep bottoms protected from the snow. 

Airhead Snowball Launcher

Why use your hands to throw a snowball when you can use this thrower instead? It’s designed to easily scoop up snowballs and then launch them at your opponent, making it easier to aim and get some serious distance. Your kiddos will have the most epic snowball battle.

Geospace LED Foldup Snow Scooter

A fun take on snowboarding, this scooter has a handle to provide better stability and make it easier to steer. The top of the board is made with grooves to provide slippery boots some traction, and the bottom is designed to easily slide across the snow, whether it’s downhill or flat. This scooter is great for kids 6 years old and up, folds down for easy storage when it’s not in use, and is equipped with a little headlight. 

Sno-Storm Snow Battle Sled/Shield with Snowball Maker

Not only can your kiddo make the perfect snowball using the snowball maker in this kit, but they can also protect themselves during a frosty battle with a shield. The shield has two handles attached to the backside to make it easy to control. It can be flipped over and used as a saucer sled when the snowball fight has ceased. 

Airhead Toot n Toss Snowball Launcher

Airhead Toot n Toss Snowball Launcher

 Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

This tool not only makes snowballs, but it also launches them and can be used as a horn (to declare the beginning and end of the fight, of course). When used as a launcher, this tool can throw snowballs up to 100 feet away. The entire snow-covered park can be a battleground.

Flexible Flyer Baby Pull Sled

Parents can pull their little ones along with them on snowy days using this sled. It’s designed for kids under 3 years our up to 40 pounds and can safely be towed in snow as deep as four inches. There’s a tall back to provide seated support and a safety buckle to keep them from wiggling out as you tug them along. 

Snow Boogie Youth Polar Bear Arctic Slider Sled

Snow Boogie Youth Polar Bear Arctic Slider Sled

 Courtesy of Dick's Sporting Goods

With a smooth bottom designed for maximum sledding speed, this polar bear is a fantastic ride for kids 6 years old and up. It has two handles for stability and steering as well as an optional tow rope. Made from durable foam, this sled is just the right size for one rider. 

Toysmith Dress Your Own Snowman Kit

This kit has everything kids 8 years old and up need to build the perfect snowman. It comes with button eyes, a pipe, a knit cap, a carrot nose, and pieces for a mouth. Aside from the knit cap, each piece is made from durable wood that is safe to leave in snow and will last for years. 

Airhead Snowball Fight Kit

Any kid who shows up to a snowball battle with this kit, will show everyone they mean business. Made for little ones 4 years old and up, this kit includes a snowball maker, a slingshot, launcher, and slingshot gun. Each piece is made from strong durable plastic, making them waterproof and strong enough to last for years.

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