The 7 Best Sleepsacks of 2019

Keep your baby comfortable and safe at night

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First Look

Best Overall: HALO SleepSack at Amazon

"Comes in four sizes suitable for children from 5 to 36 pounds."

Best Multipurpose: Woolino Baby Sleeping Sack at Amazon

"Made of a soft hypoallergenic merino wool."

Best for Summer: aden by aden + anais sleeping bag at Amazon

"Available in sizes small to large."

Best for Newborns: SwaddleMe Original Swaddle at Amazon

"Features a velcro closure that resists common arm breakouts."

Best for Toddler: Sleep Nest Lite Baby Sleeping Bag at Amazon

"Allows your child's body temperature to regulate."

Best for Winter: HALO SleepSack Plush Dot Velboa at Amazon

"Has a fleece texture on the outside and cotton on the inside."

Best Organic: Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket at Amazon

"Provides ample room for your baby to move around."

Best for Walker: SleepSack Micro Fleece Wearable Blanket at Amazon

"Has enough room on the feet to pull it over their toes."

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: HALO SleepSack

This 100 percent cotton sleep sack from Halo is an Amazon choice because it's easy for parents to put on their children and it can work for almost all seasons. The zipper closes at the bottom which makes for easy middle of the night diaper changes and prevents toddlers from unzipping it. Halo sleep sacks have the corner on the market when it comes to sleep sacks since they have a bunch in different materials, prints, and size.

This model comes in four sizes suitable for 5-pound children all the way up 36 pounds so you can keep sizing up as your child grows. The blanket is also "Hip Healthy" meaning it lets your child move around without constricting their development. The sleeveless design also helps prevent overheating and the roomy neck and armholes let your baby move around comfortably.

Parents are big fans of this design and often get the lighter muslin options for warm months and fleece options for cool nights. Some note they do run large so just be wary of that, though you don't want them to fit too snugly.

Best Multipurpose: Woolino Baby Sleeping Sack

If you don't want to buy a new sleep sack with every growth spurt and seasonal change the Woolino baby sleeping sack might be the right fit for you. While the initial cost might be higher than some of our other picks, it makes up for the cost because you won't be replacing it for two years.

These sleep sacks are made of a soft hypoallergenic merino wool which is great for keeping baby warm when it is cold and cool when the temperatures rise. This only comes in one size which is suited for children ages 2 months to 2 years. Of course, this will look large on 2-month-olds but they will quickly grow into it.

Reviewers note the upfront cost might seem high but if you often have to get cheaper ones to fit your child with every stage, this one will actually save you money. Many wish they had purchased this from the get-go.

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Best for Summer: aden by aden + anais sleeping bag

Courtesy of Amazon

When the temperatures rise, it is time to put baby in a lightweight sleep sack that lets them stay cool at night but also have the comfort of a light blanket. This muslin (the same material as swaddle blankets) sleep sack from aden + anais is breathable which will help regulate your little one's temperature overnight but also help them feel nice and snuggled.

This model comes in 22 various patterns ranging from dancing zebras to furry bunnies. It is available in sizes small to large which will fit children from 10 to 28 pounds.

Reviewers love that with this weight they can still provide some comfort to their child without worrying about overheating. They also note, these get softer with more washing. 

Best for Newborns: SwaddleMe Original Swaddle

Keeping loose blankets away from newborns is essential. But you want them to rest comfortably at night and at naps so a swaddle helps mimic the close feel of the womb to your baby. This top pick helps keep them snuggled in the swaddle with a velcro closure that works well at resisting the common breakouts of the arms that tend to happen with some babies.

If your child doesn't like to have their arms swaddled or it's time to transition the arms out, you can simply place the arms outside of the swaddle and velcro this below the shoulders.

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Best for Toddler: Baby Deedee Sleep Nest Lite Baby Sleeping Bag

If your toddler still sleeps in a sleep sack, you might have some issues finding one that fits, especially once they are over the age of 2 or are tall. This top-seller is sized for children 18 to 36 months so it will fit your child well through toddlerhood. It's made of two layers of 100 percent cotton which provide warmth but still allow your child's body temperature to regulate at night, and it feels just like one of your softest t-shirts.

This has both snaps on the shoulders and a zipper so if your child is standing it will be easy to take it off with snaps, but the zipper also works, especially if you need to make a quick diaper change.

Best for Winter: HALO SleepSack Plush Dot Velboa Wearable Blanket

Once a chill hits the air it might be time to start thinking about upping your sleep sack game—especially if your house runs below 70 degrees at night. This polyester sleep sack from the popular brand Halo will keep little ones nice and snug on a cold winter's night. it has a fleece-like texture on the outside and soft cotton on the inside, giving the baby the perfect level of comfort.

Tons of comments rave about this product saying they felt great knowing their little one was toasty on cold nights. This product runs on the large side so you might be able to get longer use out of it then the sizing states.

Best Organic: Burt's Bees Baby Beekeeper Wearable Blanket

If only using organic materials around your baby is important to you—you'll love this pick for Burt's Bees. This wearable blanket uses 100 percent organic cotton that is smooth and soft to the touch. The blanket provides ample room for your baby to move around which will help with hip development. It has a zipper that runs down the middle plus and added snap closure to keep curious fingers away from opening this up in the middle of the night.

This model comes in three sizes and 10 sweet prints to match your nursery. This isn't super warm so not recommended for places with cold winters. 

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Best for Walker: HALO Early Walker SleepSack Micro Fleece Wearable Blanket

Once baby starts walking you'll have a whole new ballgame to play! If you like to snuggle with your baby in the morning a sleep sack that has leg holes might be a good fit since your baby can walk to the breakfast table while still staying cozy (and safe from falls). This model is made with fleece but you can also get a version in the lightweight cotton material for warmer climates.

If you worry about their feet getting cold at night this has enough room on the feet to pull it over their toes so they stay nice and cozy when the lights go out. Parents think this is a great option that helps their little one transition out of a sleep sack and into the land of real blankets, which can safely happen after the 1-year mark or when you feel comfortable.

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