The Best Rain Boots for Kids Splish-Splashing Through 2023

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Best Rain Boots for Kids

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A rainy day brings a lot of good things, but it also brings puddles, mud, and wet grass, which can be a real problem for a kid without a great pair of rain boots. Instead of hoping your child will be able to resist the urge to jump in the water, get ahead of the situation by investing in the best rain boots that will keep cold water away from their feet so they can enjoy all the rainy day outdoor activities.

“Kids can and should play in the rain! Rain is a part of life, as is getting wet sometimes,” explains Amanda Stovall, MD, an Illinois-based board-certified pediatrician. “Keeping feet dry and protected can help prevent blisters and help prevent slipping.” 

Rain boots should be able to stand up to all the water, snow, mud, and debris that your child will stomp through. Look for boots made of durable materials, such as rubber that won't tear, crack, or leak, and provide insulation to prevent cold feet. We carefully considered material, design, ease of use, sizing, and value when reviewing products.

Best Overall

L.L.Bean Kids Puddle Stompers Rain Boots

L.L.Bean Kids’ Puddle Stompers Rain Boots

Courtesy of L.L.Bean

  • Reflective triangle on back of boot

  • Durable waterproof rubber

  • Grab handles

  • Crack over time with extended wear

  • Only two color options

The L.L. Bean Kids Puddle Stompers Rain Boots top our list because they're simple for little ones to use and made from durable material, so they'll hold up no matter how many puddles they're put through. With little handles to make them easy to pull on, these waterproof rubber boots are great for kids of all ages.

They’re available in a few color options and in sizes 10 to 13 and 1 to 3. The boots have removable insoles that are fully lined in super-soft cotton to keep feet dry and warm. The soles are designed to ensure traction, and there is a reflective triangle on the back to help keep your kid visible on dark, rainy days. With these boots and a great rain jacket, they are ready for lots of rainy day fun.

Price at time of publication: $45

Key Specs:
Size Range:
10–13 children, 1–3 youth | Materials: Rubber

Best for Little Kids

Kamik Dino Waterproof Rain Boots

Kamik Dino Rain Boots

Courtesy of Zappos

  • 100% waterproof

  • Easy-to-use handles

  • Fun pattern

  • Heavy sole

The adorable pattern on these rain boots will have little kids stomping in puddles like real dinosaurs. One of our writers discovered these rain boots keep small feet dry and warm while splashing in the rain—thanks to the 100% waterproof, PVC-free, vulcanized rubber—after receiving a sample of the boots for her toddler. In addition, handles around the opening make it easy for children to put on their rain boots independently. Parents and caregivers will also appreciate the special reflective technology, so children are visible on cloudy, rainy days. 

Bonus: The cushy insoles remove to provide extra wiggle room and extend the life of the rain boots. 

Price at time of publication: $31

Key Specs:
Size Range: 5-9 (toddler), 11-1 (little kids) | Materials: Rubber

Best Insulated

BOGS Kids Classic Insulated Waterproof Boot

BOGS Unisex-Child York Boys and Girls Waterproof Insulated Rubber


  • Waterproof insulation

  • Pull-on handles

  • Variety of fun styles

  • On the smaller side

Available in toddler, little kid, and big kid sizes, as well as in a variety of different colors, these rain boots have rubber along the outside and are fully insulated. They have rubber soles designed to provide plenty of traction, and they have grab handles on the sides, making them easy to pull on and off. The insulation in these boots (along with a good pair of socks) can keep feet warm in sub-zero temperatures, so you can let your kiddos play outside on even the coldest of days.

Price at time of publication: Starting at $60

Key Specs:
Size Range:
7–9 toddler, 10–13 children,1–6 youth | Materials: Rubber and neoprene

Best Low-Cut

Joules Kids Rainwell Rain Boots

Joules Unisex-Child Rainboots Rain Boot


  • Rubber sole

  • Hand-drawn designs

  • Run narrow

To keep little feet dry on rainy days without the standard boot design, these low-cut boots will do the trick. They hit right at the ankle and have a sneaker-style sole, giving them more of a shoe appearance. These boots slip right on and have stretchy elastic on the side to make putting them on and taking them off easier. You can pick from a few different color options, and they have sizes for big and little kids. One note, their sizing isn’t standard, so make sure you reference the size guide before you buy them.

Price at time of publication: $40

Key Specs:
Size Range:
9–13 children, 1–4 youth | Materials: Rubber

Best Tall

BOGS Kids Waterproof Rain Boots

BOGS Kids Glitter Rain Boots

Courtesy by Amazon

  • Insulated design

  • Moisture-wicking lining

  • Cushioned footbed

  • Color may fade

If your kids like to splash through water or often find themselves playing in areas with mud, then some tall rain boots may be the best option because they will protect their legs (and pants) much more than standard-height boots. These rain boots go up to the calf and are slightly taller in the back than the front for a little extra protection from spray-back. They have handles on the side to make putting them on and taking them off easier, have insulation for warmth, have a moisture-wicking interior liner, and have soles designed for traction. You can choose from a variety of colors and patterns, and these boots are available in big kid, little kid, and toddler sizes.

Price at time of publication: $45

Key Specs:
Size Range:
7–10 toddler, 11–13 children, 1–6 youth | Materials: Rubber and textile

Best Style

Western Chief Kids Glitter Rain Boots

Western Chief Girl's Glitter Waterproof Rain Boot

Courtesy by Amazon

  • Fun, stylish design

  • Removable insole

  • Pull handles

  • Handles pop off if pulled too hard

  • Chemical smell possible upon opening

Kids who enjoy being a little extra will love these pull-on rain boots that feature shimmery glitter. They are made with PVC, a waterproof and durable rubber that is flexible for play. Their feet will stay warm with the polyester lining, and the removable memory foam insoles provide extra comfort. The best part? The glitter is inside of the rubber, so it won’t come off and leave a mess wherever your kiddo steps. Pair these fun boots with a cool umbrella to make their rainy day extra special.

Price at time of publication: $35

Key Specs:
Size Range:
5–10 toddlers, 11–13 children, 1 youth | Materials: Polyvinyl chloride

Best Budget

Wonder Nation Girls Rain Boot

Wonder Nation Girls Rain Boots

Courtesy by Walmart

  • Easy to clean

  • Slip-resistant sole

  • Knit fabric interior lining

  • No handles

Trying to save money on family expenses? These Wonder Nation rain boots are available in a wide variety of colors and sizes and are incredibly affordable. Their budget-friendly price doesn’t take away from the quality, though, because they’re made from durable PVC and have slip-proof soles. These boots come up a little past the ankles, and their knit fabric interior lining keeps them soft and cozy. 

Price at time of publication: $15

Key Specs:
Size Range:
5/6–9/10 toddler, 11/12–2/3 children/youth | Materials: Polyvinyl chloride and polyester

Best Splurge

Sperry Saltwater Wool Rain Boot

Sperry Unisex-Child Saltwater Wool Rain Boot

Courtesy by Amazon

  • Side zipper for easy on/off

  • Fashionable design

  • Hardened sole

  • Lacing is fixed (cannot be tightened)

  • Not waterproof

For seriously rainy weather, these boots are sure to keep little toes dry. The bottom part of the boot is made from durable rubber, including the sole, which is great for traction. Unlike the popular no-tie, slip-on shoes, these are true to the duck boot style and feature laces; however, there’s also a side zipper to make them easier for children to put on and take off. (Plus, this provides a good opportunity to practice tying shoes!) These boots are available in two colors and in sizes 11 to 13 and 1 to 6.

Price at time of publication: $70

Key Specs:
Size Range:
6–13 children, 1–6 youth | Materials: Leather and rubber

Best for Toddlers

Hatley Kids Matte Color Block Rain Boots

Navy & Yellow Matte Rain Boots

Courtesy by Hatley

  • Removable insole

  • Slip-resistant sole

  • Cotton lining

  • Costly

  • Warmer boot liners sold separately

Most toddlers cannot resist jumping around in puddles, and these rubber boots are designed for just that. They’re handmade with slip-resistant soles and a stylish matte finish on the waterproof rubber. They have a tab on the back to make pulling them on a little easier and a removable insole for comfort. You can find these boots in both toddler and little kid sizes. 

Price at time of publication: $54

Key Specs:
Size Range:
4–13 children, size 1–3 youth | Materials: Rubber mixture

Best for Big Kids

Kamik Kids Raindrops Rain Boots

Kamik Raindrops Rain Boot

Courtesy by Amazon

  • Large boot opening

  • Heel is short

  • Padded footbed

  • Run small/narrow

With their basic design and solid colors, these boots are great for a more sophisticated big kid. They sit high on the calf and have a slight heel. These boots are made from a lightweight, water-resistant rubber, feature soles with incredible traction, and have a little buckle embellishment on the side for a little extra style. You can choose from a variety of colors, and they’re available in both little and big kid sizes. 

Price at time of publication: $50

Key Specs:
Size Range:
11–13 children, 1–6 youth | Materials: Rubber

Best for New Walkers

Hunter First Classic Waterproof Rain Boot

Hunter Kids First Classic Rain Boot

Courtesy by Amazon

  • Wide upper leg

  • Cushioned footbed

  • 10 color options

  • No pull handles

Being a new walker is tough enough as it is, but slippery rain makes it all the harder. These rubber boots have a non-slip sole and come in a variety of colors and sizes, including baby and walker options. They pull on and off and have a removable insole and a soft fabric lining.

Price at time of publication: Starting at $64

Key Specs:
Size Range:
5–13 children | Materials: Rubber and nylon

Best With Lights

Outee Kids Light-Up Waterproof Rain Boots

Outee Kids Light-Up Waterproof Rain Boots


  • Heels light up

  • 24 kid-friendly designs

  • Waterproof surface

  • Plastic smell upon opening

  • Heavy for small children

From flamingos and dinosaurs to sharks and fairies, these rain boots from Outee are available in a large selection of fun and stylish prints. Kids will love how the heels of the boots light up with each step or splash, while parents and caregivers will appreciate the non-slip rubber tread to help prevent falls. These would make a great gift for new walkers! The attached handles allow children to easily pull the rain boots on and off by themselves. To clean the boots, simply spray with a hose or run under the faucet to prepare them for the next adventure. 

 Price at time of publication: $28

Key Specs:
Size Range:
5-10 toddlers, 11–13 children, 1–3 youth | Materials: Rubber and synthetic material

Best Lightweight

Crocs Unisex Child Rain Boot

Crocs Unisex-Child Rain Boot

Courtesy by Amazon

  • Oversized handles

  • Reflective heel logo for safety

  • Lightweight/flexible

  • Run small (order up a size)

The Crocs Kids’ Handle It rain boots will become a staple in your child’s wardrobe for wet days. Croc shoes have been the favorite water shoes for kids, and their rain boots will soon be a favorite as well. These boots are lightweight and flexible, so kiddos can frolic without being weighed down. Oversized handles and a 10-inch wide opening help children pull the boots on themselves, while a reflective logo on the heel provides extra safety and visibility.

They’re available in sizes ranging from toddlers to big kids and come in a variety of vibrant colors for kids to show off at school. When the boots get dirty (and you know they will), simply wash them in cold water with mild soap and lay them out to dry.

Price at time of publication: $35

Key Specs:
Size Range:
6–10 toddler, 11–13 children, 1–3 youth | Materials: Ethylene vinyl acetate

How We Selected the Best Rain Boots for Kids

We chose the best rain boots for kids by studying the design and features of dozens of products on the market. We researched reviews from customers and competitors and monitored shopping trends to bring you the best and most up-to-date rain boots for kids. We considered size ranges, materials, features, design, ease of cleaning, and value when reviewing products. 

Additionally, we spoke with Amanda Stovall, MD, an Illinois-based board-certified pediatrician, and Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP, founder and CEO of The Modern Mamas Club App and Modern Mommy Doc, to find out what to look for in rain boots for kids and the benefits of keeping feet warm and dry.

What to Look for in Rain Boots for Kids

Durable Materials

Rain boots should be able to stand up to all the rain, snow, mud, and debris that your child will stomp through. Opt for boots that are made of durable materials, such as rubber that won't tear, crack, or leak. “Rain boots keep kids’ feet warm and dry so that they can enjoy their outdoor playtime,” says Dr. Casares. “Parents should look for rain boots that are manufactured with tight seams and sturdy waterproof materials.”

The inner lining of the boot should also provide comfort, insulation, and moisture-wicking abilities to keep your little one's feet dry and warm. Also, consider the cut of the boot. If your kid likes to splash around outside, it's best to choose calf-height boots that will protect their legs as well.


Heavy boots can be problematic for some kids, especially those who like to run and jump around. You don't want them to trip over their feet or feel like they're lugging their boots around while they wear them, but very lightweight boots may be too flimsy for active kids. Look for a happy medium.


“Rain provides different physical challenges, including walking on slippery surfaces and jumping in and over puddles. As always, it’s parents’ job to make sure [children] stay safe when playing outside. If it is storming with lightning and strong winds, it is best to be inside,” Dr. Stovall tells Verywell Family. “You may also want to guide your child away from overly slippery surfaces, like tall plastic slides where the chance of slipping and falling is higher and could cause serious injury.” Always check the soles of the rain boots you're considering to ensure they'll provide adequate traction on any surface. It's important the boots you choose help provide a firm grip on the ground so your child won't slip and fall.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should my kid size up in rain boots?

    Yes and no. Kids' rain boots typically only come in full sizes. So, if your little one is usually a 10.5, then, yes, round up to an 11. There's no need to go a full size up (unless the manufacturer states otherwise) because kids' rain boots are already pretty roomy on the inside. 

    If they slip around too much in their boots, it can cause blisters. Just be sure there's enough room for your child to feel comfortable. “It’s important to keep feet dry in the rain so they don’t become uncomfortable or too cold,” advises Dr. Casares.

  • How long do kids' rain boots last?

    The longevity of your kid's rain boots depends largely on the quality of their materials and construction and how well they're taken care of and stored.

    To get the most out of your child's rain boots, allow them to air dry after use and then store them at room temperature or cooler out of direct sunlight. Heat can cause the materials they're made of to harden and crack. If you—and your kid—take good care of them, the rain boots should last until your child grows out of them. You may even be able to pass them down to a younger sibling.

  • How do you clean kids' rain boots?

    To clean your child's rain boots, remove any excess soil and debris with a dry cloth or paper towel. Then, use a mild mixture of soap and water to wash them clean. Follow up by drying them thoroughly.

  • Why do kids' rain boots have handles?

    As your little one grows, so do their motor skills. Teaching your child to pull on their rain boots with the provided handles helps foster their autonomy—just like learning to tie their shoes.

  • How much do kids’ rain boots cost?

    You can find rain boots on sale for as little as $15, but your choices may be limited in terms of style and size. High-quality boots that will last the whole season (or until your kid’s feet grow again) are often around $45-$65.

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