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Puzzles are the perfect way for both adults and children to challenge their minds and amuse themselves in the process. Maybe you’ve already done every puzzle in your house—twice. Okay, three times. Now the stores are sold out of new offerings, and if you have to piece together the intricate details of Queen Elsa’s face with your kids one more time, you’re going to lose your sanity.

The solution? A puzzle subscription box! Sign up for a membership, get a brand-new boredom-buster delivered to your doorstep every month, and dive into the peaceful oblivion of a 1,000-piece jigsaw or mind-bending puzzle cube. No repeats, no combing through your neighbor’s cast-offs with missing pieces, and no online shopping required. These are our seven favorite puzzle subscription boxes of 2022.

The 7 Best Puzzle Subscription Boxes of 2022

Best Overall : Buffalo Games' Monthly Puzzle Subscription

Buffalo Games

 Buffalo Games

Key Specs: 

  • Cost: Starts at $78 for a six-month subscription and has free shipping.
  • Features: Highly customizable boxes.

Why We Chose It: We chose Buffalo Game because it’s customizable to your family’s skill set and image preferences.

  • Customizable for varying skill sets

  • Subscription makes puzzles very affordable

  • Printed on premium quality recycled materials

  • Free shipping

  • Have to sign up for at least six-month subscription

  • No universal return policy

Buffalo Games has been in the puzzling business since 1986, so they know how to keep the whole family entertained. And, with a monthly subscription customizable to your family’s unique puzzle skills, you will never have to risk being bored again.

There are three different tiers of Buffalo Games’ subscription: 300- to 500-piece puzzles, 750- to 1,000-piece puzzles, and 2,000-piece puzzles. Their puzzles are printed on thick, durable graphic boards, and the company is licensed to reproduce some of your favorite images, whether it’s a watercolor landscape by your favorite artist or a dizzying assortment of Coca-Cola bottles.

Unlike many other subscription boxes, this membership isn’t available on a month-to-month basis—you have to commit to either six or 12 months upfront. The cheapest option, featuring 300- to 500-piece puzzles, costs $78.00 for a six-month subscription; the 2,000-piece subscription is $96 for six months. When you break it all down, though, the puzzles cost between $13 and $16 each, a total steal considering how expensive it can be to buy individual puzzles. 

Shipping is included, and members receive an email at the start of every month allowing them to choose between three puzzle options, so you’ll always get a puzzle you actually want to work on. This is one of the best ways to get high-quality puzzles on a regular—and affordable—basis.

Best Budget : Puzzle Warehouse Puzzle of the Month Club

Puzzle Warehouse

 Puzzle Warehouse

Key Specs:

  • Cost: Starts at about $20 per month, flat-rate of roughly $6 shipping.
  • Features: Wide selection for several skill sets.

Why We Chose It:  We chose Puzzle Warehouse Puzzle of the Month Club because of its great selection of puzzles at super affordable subscription rates.

  • Great selection

  • Pick your challenge level

  • Swap out selection if you don’t like a puzzle

  • Choose from a number of puzzle brands

  • Reasonable monthly cost

    Can choose monthly or bi-monthly

  • No free shipping on subscription alone

  • Refund not possible when canceling yearly subscriptions

Puzzle Warehouse is a well-established online retailer of jigsaw puzzles from all over the country, so you know they have a great selection. And, with their Puzzle of the Month Club, you can take advantage of all the hard work they’ve done collecting the coolest puzzles around.

You pick the challenge level—300-, 500-, or 1,000-piece—and Puzzle Warehouse will send you a new puzzle every month. They promise that none of the puzzles are too “niche” for the average puzzler. In other words, there are no fluffy unicorn or anime puzzles sent out, but they also give you several ways to swap out that month’s selection if you’re not into it. 

A standard membership is $19.99 per month and gives you your choice from thousands of puzzles from top brands. You also can choose the bi-monthly membership for $34.99 per month and access even more. The low cost is enough for us to choose this subscription as our budget pick.

Puzzle Warehouse also sweetens the deal even more—as a member, you get free shipping on any puzzle you order from their site when you bundle it with your monthly club shipment, regardless of how much you spend.

Best for Cubers : Puzzlcrate



Key Specs:

  • Cost: Starts at about $30 per month, free shipping.
  • Features: Handheld, mechanical puzzles.

Why We Chose It: Good option for people who like hand-held puzzles rather than massive jigsaw puzzles.

  • Many handheld puzzle options

  • Free shipping

  • Get gifts in first box

    Reasonable monthly cost

  • Auto-renew monthly subscription

  • No jigsaw puzzle options

Not into jigsaws, but still like to give the ol’ noggin a good workout from time to time? Then you might be a “cuber,”—someone who likes handheld puzzles like Rubik’s Cubes. If this is you, Puzzlcrate has got you covered.

When you sign up for a Puzzlcrate subscription, you’ll receive a new twisty puzzle to obsess over every month. How many twisty puzzles can there possibly be out there, you wonder? Trust us. There are lots.

The inventory page on Puzzlcrate is loaded with handheld puzzles in all different shapes and sizes, promising to stretch the limits of your brain in totally different ways. You might not know what a dodecahedron is now, but you will if you sign up for Puzzlcrate.

Subscriptions to Puzzlcrate start at $29.99 per month and include shipping costs. You always get one twisty puzzle and one description card in each box. However, your first box also includes a few fun puzzle-themed gifts like cube lube, which we’re assuming loosens up any tough-to-manipulate puzzles and makes them easier to twist and turn.

Best for Borrowing : Completing the Puzzle



Key Specs:

  • Cost: Starts at $25 per month, and comes with free shipping.
  • Features: Sustainable puzzle swap program.

Why We Chose It: Completing the Puzzle is ideal because it’s a swap program for people who don’t want to become puzzle hoarders.

  • Easy puzzle swap program so no puzzle accumulation

  • Choose your skill set

  • Take as long as you need with your puzzle

  • Sustainable/reduces waste

  • Puzzles well-sanitized after you send them back

  • Free shipping and returns

  • They will buy your previously owned puzzles

  • You’re charged for every piece you lose

  • Monthly charge even when you keep a puzzle longer than a month

OK, let’s get real. What are you supposed to do with all these puzzles once they’ve been assembled and taken apart again? Just store them in your house like some kind of puzzle hoarder? If you’ve ever asked yourself this question when thinking about starting a puzzle habit, we have the answer—it’s called Completing the Puzzle, and it works like a magical puzzle library.

When you sign up for a membership to this family-owned online business, they send you a puzzle in your chosen challenge level—beginner, intermediate, and expert. You put the puzzle together, send it back with a prepaid shipping label when you’re done, and then Completing the Puzzle sends you another puzzle. Just like that!

You can take as long as you need to with your puzzle, meaning you can spend two months working on it or two weeks. Yup, it’s unlimited puzzles for those of you that are super speedy.

What we love about the service offered with this subscription is that it’s sustainable and reduces waste, and there are a lot of features built-in for your peace of mind. The staff thoroughly checks every puzzle for missing pieces but will assist you ASAP if you find yours is missing one.

If you lose a piece, the first time, the fee is waived. After that, there’s a $5 fee. And because we’re in the middle of a pandemic, every puzzle is quarantined and then sanitized with a UV light before being sent out to a new member.

If this sounds like the lending library of your puzzling dreams, subscriptions start at $25 per month when you commit to a 6-month subscription. Shipping is free, and there’s even a puzzle buyback option if you want to receive a little extra credit on your account.

Best for Masters : The Thinker Box

Kubiya Games

 Kubiya Games

Key Specs:

  • Cost: $33 per month when you subscribe for 12 months
  • Features: Handheld puzzles that will challenge pros

Why We Chose It: We chose The Thinker Box Made because it’s made for puzzle wizards looking for a challenge.

  • Puzzles for more advanced users

  • “Master” level subscription available

  • Variety of puzzle styles

  • Get up to two puzzles in a box

  • Free shipping

  • Not for jigsaw puzzle lovers

  • On the expensive side

Can you complete a Rubik’s Cube in five minutes flat? Solve marble mazes with ease? Laugh in the face of 2,000-piece puzzles? If so, we have a subscription for you, courtesy of the puzzle masterminds at Kubiya Games, Brooklyn-based makers of wooden mechanical puzzles, brain games, and escape room puzzles.

There are varying levels of subscriptions to Kubiya Games’ puzzle boxes, but The Thinker Box is for “masters,” meaning this isn’t your grandpa’s old wooden puzzle box. These puzzles are level four or five (out of five) challenges made for the most committed of puzzlers, chosen from Kubiya Games’ most popular wooden mechanical puzzles.

Each box comes with one or two mechanical puzzles—think mazes, locks, and cubes—along with a mini keychain puzzle, step-by-step solutions, and a sticker.  Each subscription box is $33 per month with a 12-month subscription. Shorter durations cost slightly more. You don’t have to commit upfront, and you can cancel or change your plan at any time. Honestly, good luck!

Best for Families : Puzzle Culture

Puzzle Culture

 Puzzle Culture

Key Specs:

  • Cost: Starts at roughly $28 for monthly or $35 for quarterly, plus about $10 shipping per box.
  • Features: Quarterly, themed puzzles with gifts.

Why We Chose It: Puzzle Culture offers quarterly, curated puzzle boxes with extra puzzle-themed gifts.

  • Themed puzzle boxes

  • Puzzle-themed gifts come with jigsaw puzzle

  • Challenge cards

  • 1,000-piece puzzles showcase independent artists’ work

  • On the expensive side

  • No free shipping

For families who take their puzzling really seriously, Puzzle Culture understands you. They know you don't just want a puzzle; you want a whole experience. Or maybe you just want a way to keep your kids busy when they inevitably lose interest, but the grownups are still going strong. Either way, Puzzle Culture has what you want.

Puzzle Culture subscriptions are available in both quarterly and monthly options. Staff curate boxes around different themes, often, but not always related to seasons or holidays. The Fall theme is tarot cards.

Along with a 1,000-piece puzzle, each box comes with three to five puzzle-themed gifts—tees, pins, trinkets, household items, and more—all matched to either the artwork of the puzzle or to the unique interests of puzzle-lovers. You'll also get a challenge card, which Puzzle Culture says offers a "different way to approach piecing together your puzzle."

A quarterly subscription is $34.99 plus $10 shipping per box. The 12-month prepay option is $124.99 plus shipping, so you'll actually be charged an additional $40 upfront for each one of the quarterly boxes to be sent. However, you'll save on the cost of the boxes with this option. The 12-month prepay plan also promises some extra goodies in each box, so it might be worth the initial investment if you're OK with making the year-long commitment.

Best for Beginners : MicroPuzzles



Key Specs:

  • Cost: Starts at $22 and comes with free shipping.
  • Features: Simple, small puzzles

Why We Chose It: We chose MicroPuzzles because it specializes in small, simple puzzles that are great for puzzle newbies, like young kids.   

  • Get two easy puzzles a month

  • Relatively inexpensive 

  • Makes a great gift

  • Free shipping

  • Not for experts

  • Can’t change puzzle out if you don’t like it

Whether you’re shopping for a kid or a beginner puzzler, a MicroPuzzles subscription box is a great way to help someone dip their toes into the wide world of puzzling. MicroPuzzles’ specialty is eye-catching mini-puzzles that can be done in just an hour or two, making an impact on your coffee table but not on your time or budget.

When you sign up, MicroPuzzles will send you two mini puzzles of 150-pieces each, packaged in a cute and convenient test tube for easy storage. Once completed, the puzzles are 4 x 6 inches in size and feature bright, colorful, kid-friendly designs.

The designs are usually themed and are also exclusive to MicroPuzzles. In fact, they can’t be found anywhere else, so you’re getting unique artwork inside each of those test tubes. 

A monthly subscription starts at $22, with shipping included. MicroPuzzles isn’t overly specific, but they do say they occasionally toss in extra puzzle goodies and accessories from time-to-time, making this a solid choice for the occasional puzzler or puzzle-loving kid in your life.

Final Verdict

Every puzzle subscription box on this list comes with some very cool, fun puzzles that will no doubt up your (or your loved one's) game time. Puzzles can be a great way to bond with your family or friends, challenge your brain and give everyone a break from their smart devices at the same time. Basically, it's the perfect flow state activity.

Buffalo Games' Monthly Puzzle Subscription earned top marks because it offers so much variety, is customizable for different skill sets, and allows you to pick the puzzle you get every month. But honestly, you can't go wrong with any of the subscription boxes on this list. Whether you're a master or trying your hand at a 1,000-piece puzzle for the first time, there's a great option for you.

Compare Providers

Best Puzzle Subscription Boxes Cost Features
Buffalo Games' Monthly Puzzle Subscription Best Overall Starts at $78 for six months, free shipping  Highly customizable boxes
Puzzle Warehouse Puzzle of the Month Club Best Budget Starts at $20, $6 shipping Wide selection for several skill sets
Puzzlcrate Best for Cubers Starts at $30, free shipping Handheld, mechanical puzzles 
Completing the Puzzle Best for Borrowing Starts at $25 per month, free shipping Sustainable puzzle swap program
The Thinker Box Best for Masters Starts at $33 per month, free shipping Handheld puzzles that will challenge pros
Puzzle Culture Best for Families $28 or $35 plus, $10 shipping per box Quarterly, themed puzzles with gifts
MicroPuzzles Best for Beginners Starts at $22, free shipping Simple, small puzzles


What Are Puzzle Subscription Boxes?

A puzzle subscription box will automatically send one or two new puzzles to your doorstep without you having to rely on available stock in stores or online. The only exception to “brand new” on this list is the puzzle lending subscription, Completing the Puzzle. But, recycling used puzzles is part of the business plan.

In some cases, you may also receive puzzle-themed gifts, goodies, and accessories. For instance, Puzzlcrate might send you the cube lube, or Puzzle Culture will include themed gifts.

Why Should I Buy a Subscription?

With most subscription boxes, a membership gets you some kind of discount on the products included—and this is true for puzzle subscription boxes, too. Take the subscription from Buffalo Games as an example.

A new 2,000-piece Buffalo Games puzzle bought online could cost between $20 and $30 plus shipping. If you subscribe to their 2,000-piece puzzle box, though, each puzzle will only cost you $16. That’s a saving that could really add up over time if you’re a serious puzzler.

It’s also worth noting that many puzzle subscription boxes send out new or exclusive puzzles to their members. This means you might get puzzles not found anywhere else.

How Often Will I Get a Puzzle?

Most puzzle subscription boxes are monthly. So, you’ll get one or two puzzles every 30 days, depending on the shipment schedule of the company you choose.

Some subscriptions, though, are only delivered quarterly, while the lending subscription available through Completing the Puzzle is unlimited. So, you can get as many per month as you want, as long as you keep sending them back.

How Expensive Are Subscription Boxes?

Prices vary, but most are between $20 and $30, allowing for some difference in challenge levels. For instance, 1,000-piece subscription usually costs more than a 300-piece one. Some of the more challenging subscriptions, like the cubes and mechanical puzzles, cost closer to $40. Likewise, boxes that come with additional gifts cost more than ones that simply send puzzles.

How We Chose the Best Puzzle Subscription Boxes

We looked for subscription boxes that not only offer different challenge levels to members—like beginner, intermediate, and expert—but also give you a lot of options when it comes to the artwork or themes featured. These boxes mix up their selections frequently and, in some cases, allow you to swap out that month’s puzzle for one that better suits your preferences.

Likewise, puzzles aren’t as inexpensive as many people expect them to be. A high-quality, 1,000-piece puzzle can cost at least $20 in a store or online, so a puzzle subscription box should offer you decent savings along with their vast selection. Whether it’s through other shop discounts, prepay options, or the inclusion of additional goodies, these seven boxes all maximize your puzzling expenses when you sign up.

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