Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes

Goodies for your newborn delivered straight to your doorstep

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Treating yourself to an occasional gift is the least you can do, especially since you are growing a human. Mailed to your home monthly, bi-monthly, or each trimester, pregnancy subscription boxes are full of everything a mom-to-be needs. From face masks and Preggie Pops to baby keepsakes and tummy soothing tea, these boxes have a great value and will make your day.

The key to picking the best pregnancy box is to look at the products you use most and decide how you want to be pampered. And don’t worry if you can’t decide which box to choose: You can always sign up for more than one subscription and alternate the months your box is delivered. That way, you can take advantage of maternity clothes one month and beauty products the next. With that in mind, here are our top picks for the best pregnancy subscription boxes.

The 7 Best Pregnancy Subscription Boxes of 2021

Best Overall : Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes

When it comes to pampering the mom-to-be, Bump Boxes win the coveted title of best overall. These monthly bundles will shower you with some extra TLC and come with at least five full-sized products that are hand-picked based on your due date. And, since the products are free of any harsh chemicals, you can rest assured that the items in every Bump Box are safe for you and your baby-to-be.

The best part? You can start your subscription at any time during your pregnancy and continue receiving boxes until your baby’s first birthday. Past packages have featured a bath bomb, Preggie Pop drops, post-pregnancy skin-firming cream, organic ginger tea, a journal, lip balm, face wash, eco-friendly house cleaning products, foot soak, and more.

Bump Boxes range in price from around $33 to $40 per month, depending on the subscription length you choose. If you only want a few months' worth of goodies, opt for the month-to-month subscription; otherwise, you can select the six-, nine-, or 12-month offerings.

Best for Each Trimester : The Stork Bag

The Stork Bag

The Stork Bag

Your body goes through a lot of changes each trimester. That’s why a subscription to The Stork Bag is the perfect fit.

Comprised of four bags (aka boxes)—one for each trimester, plus the postpartum fourth trimester—each pregnancy subscription bag is tailored to the trimester you’re in and is filled with the necessities to care for your changing body. Stork Bags are “surprise bags,” so the company does not disclose what you will receive.

Each bag has between eight and 12 items such as morning sickness aides, prenatal vitamins, health and beauty items, a pregnancy book/journal, stretch mark cream, clothing adjusters, relaxation items, and DIY keepsake items.

The Stork Bag has three options to choose from. The Single Stork is a one-time delivery for around $52 with shipping included; The Returning Stork includes three bags⁠—one for each trimester⁠—and will run you about $40 per bag, plus roughly $10 in shipping; and The Great Stork includes one bag for each trimester plus a post-pregnancy bag for approximately $215, shipping included.

Most Eco-Friendly : Ecocentric Mom

EcoCentric Mom

EcoCentric Mom

New moms-to-be wanting to fill their homes with natural products will love this box from Ecocentric Mom.

Each month you will receive four to six deluxe-sized products delivered to your doorstep in an eco-friendly box. The monthly discovery box will contain one to two pampering products, such as an all-natural body cream, one to two items for the baby-to-be, something practical like a green home care item, and something yummy to eat.

All items are customized based on your child’s age or due date, and they are free of chemicals and toxins. Sign up for a subscription for yourself or send a trimester-themed box to a friend or relative. They make perfect baby shower gifts at a budget-friendly price point.

The Ecocentric Mom Box offers a monthly subscription for about $40. You can skip a month or cancel at any time. Prepaying for a specific number of months decreases the monthly cost. There's also a gift option that allows you to send a subscription box to another mama.

Best for Pampering : Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes

Oh Baby Boxes

Are you looking for a subscription that is tailored to your due date? Oh Baby Boxes come with six to eight full-sized products that will make you feel pampered and refreshed throughout your pregnancy.

You will receive one box per trimester, with a bonus box for the fourth trimester (aka postpartum period). Products change based on the time of year and the trimester you’re in, but you can count on personal and beauty items chosen specifically with moms in mind.

Some of the more popular items include shampoo and conditioner, a mama necklace, tote bag, sleeping mask, pregnancy-safe cosmetics, pedi-in-a-box, hand mask, cuticle oil, and more. Order all four boxes or choose a bundle for a specific trimester. And, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your pregnant BFF or coworker, you can purchase just one box.

Oh Baby Boxes start at about $40 for a month-to-month subscription. If you prepay for three months, the cost is roughly $38 per month and $36 if you prepay for six months. Shipping is always free.

Best for Dads : The Rad Dad Box

The Rad Dad Box

The Rad Dad Box

Traditional pregnancy subscription boxes are full of gifts for moms-to-be, but not The Rad Dad Box. Although this unique box is designed for guys to share with their newborns, many people order it while mama is still pregnant.

The traditional box contains three to four products and the deluxe box has five to eight items, including self-care products, books, toys, and dad-approved snacks. All items are themed and age-appropriate; if you're ordering during the pregnancy, opt for the newborn kits. This gives dad a chance to be included in preparing for baby. Continue the subscription for the first three to six months after your baby is born and dad will have a go-to collection of items to help strengthen the father-child bond.

The traditional Rad Dad Box starts at about $23 per month and the Deluxe Rad Dad Box starts at roughly $38 per month. Shipping for both options is around $9. Month-to-month, three-month, and six-month subscription plans are available, as are one-time packages.

Most Fashionable : Stitch Fix Maternity

Stitch Fix Maternity

Stitch Fix Maternity

Picking out clothes to accommodate your changing body is often an exhausting and frustrating process, especially if you can’t find maternity clothes. That’s where Stitch Fix comes in.

While not a traditional pregnancy subscription box, Stitch Fix Maternity does offer a service that many moms-to-be need. After a personalized style and budget questionnaire, you’ll pay a $20 styling fee to have Stitch Fix curate a box full of apparel options based on your preferences.

Each month, you’ll receive five pieces of hand-selected maternity clothing. You can choose to keep one, none, or all of the items. Send back what you don’t want. Boxes may include maternity sweaters, flowy tops, stretchy jeans, shorts, or dresses. Stitch Fix Maternity even categorizes clothes by trimester and offers a postpartum and beyond option.

Stitch Fix Maternity does not require a subscription, but you can set up automatic deliveries. The price varies and depends on the budget you set. The styling fee gets applied to any clothes you keep. You can make a one-time purchase or set up automatic deliveries every two to three weeks, every month, every other month, or every three months.

Best for Mom, Infant, and Toddler : Moms + Babes Box

Moms + Babes Box

Moms + Babes Box

The Moms + Babes Box is slightly different than the typical pregnancy subscription box.

Rather than just being full of products to use during pregnancy, this box contains goodies for mom, infant, and toddler. Order it during the second half of your pregnancy to start stocking up on fun treasures for your little one. Or, if you have a toddler or infant, sign up at the beginning of your pregnancy, and gift the goodies to the brother- or sister-to-be.

You can expect to pay a little more for the Moms + Babes Box, but you get at least 10 full-sized products for both you and your little one. Plus, each bundle features limited edition products, so you can rest assured that each delivery will contain unique items. Products in past boxes have included infant and toddler toys for learning, growing, and exploring, as well as gifts for mom to help relax and de-stress.

Each Moms + Babes Box costs about $59 and ships seasonally four times a year. You can also order a one-time box from their “past boxes” page.


What Is a Pregnancy Subscription Box?

Pregnancy subscription boxes are regular shipments of items that a pregnant woman may want or need as she prepares for her baby. From self-care products to baby keepsakes, the boxes include a range of products that are appropriate for your stage of pregnancy.

Subscriptions are usually monthly but some are offered every 2 months or each trimester. Although some moms-to-be may prefer to get boxes on a recurring basis, some companies offer the option to purchase one box at a time, as a baby shower gift, or to try out the subscription for yourself.

What Is Included in a Pregnancy Subscription Box?

Pregnancy subscription boxes include a range of products that can help a mom-to-be pamper herself and get ready for her baby’s birth. Boxes are customized based on your baby’s due date and may include items such as self-care and relaxation products, morning sickness aides, vitamins, lotions, clothing adjusters, cleaning products, and more.

They may also contain fun surprises like jewelry, a bag, or some baby keepsakes. A few subscriptions cater to both moms and babies, so their boxes also include baby toys, clothes, and baby care products. Some pregnancy boxes even have items for the dads-to-be, including self-care products and snacks as well as toys and books for dad/baby time when the baby arrives.  

How Much Does a Pregnancy Subscription Box Cost?

The cost of pregnancy subscription boxes varies depending on the size of the box, as well as the number and quality of products. An entry-level subscription plan ranges from around $23 to $60 per month. Most companies offer a discounted monthly rate if you prepay for a longer subscription plan and some include shipping in the cost.

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