20 Best Pregnancy Podcasts to Listen to in 2020

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Pregnancy is a time of physical and emotional changes. It’s also a time when nine months can feel like an eternity. And whether you’re four or 34 weeks into this adventure, having access to information, inspiration, and some good comic relief is essential to making it to the other side (aka, childbirth). The good news? There are tons of pregnancy podcasts that can help you through your pregnancy journey.

For First-Time Moms

In case you haven’t noticed, but being pregnant for the first time (or fifth, for that matter), requires your brain to work on overdrive. Fortunately, getting the answers to some of your most pressing questions can be as simple as listening to one of these podcasts. 

Big Fat Positive Podcast

Big, fat, positive

Think of the Big Fat Positive podcast as the all-in-one guide for expecting moms. This hilarious, yet very informative podcast, shares the story of hosts and friends Laura Birek and Shanna Micko as they journey through pregnancy, childbirth, and new motherhood together. They cover pregnancy in episodes 1 to 32 and parenting in 33 and on.

All About Pregnancy and Birth Podcast 

All About

How would you like to have instant access to the ins and outs of pregnancy and childbirth from an OB/GYN doc? If you’re a first-time mom, then the All About Pregnancy and Birth podcast is for you. Host, Dr. Nicole Calloway Rankins, covers everything you would ever want to know (and then some) about pregnancy, labor, and delivery. And, she does it in a way that is relatable and easy to understand! 

For Real Pregnancy Stories

Listening to the experts, talking to your doctor, and reading stacks and stacks of books can help with the facts about pregnancy and childbirth. But if you want the real stories about pregnancy, you need to turn to the women who have "been there and done that!" 

The Birth Hour Podcast

Birth hour

For real stories about pregnancy and childbirth, check out the Birth Hour podcast. Each episode explores different birthing options including, hospital birth, home birth, hypnobirthing, VBAC, water birth, and so much more. Host, Bryn Huntpalmer interviews moms that are willing to share their experiences and decisions surrounding pregnancy and birth. 

Birth Stories In Color Podcast

Birth stories

Birth Stories in Color is a space for people of color to share their birthing experiences via a storytelling platform. Hosts Laurel Gourrier and Danielle Jackson have created a close-knit community that encourages parents to share their birthing stories with listeners in a safe and supportive environment. 

For Birthing at Home

If you’re considering a home birth, you probably have questions about how to prepare, what to expect, and who should assist during the birthing process. These inspiring podcasts do an excellent job of answering questions, calming nerves, and getting you ready to welcome a new life into your home. 

Taking Back Birth Podcast

Taking back

Certified Professional Midwife, Maryn Green, empowers listeners to take charge of their pregnancy and birth in her fiercely popular podcast, Taking Back Birth. She discusses a range of topics including unassisted birth, natural childbirth, using a doula or midwife, and so much more. 

Happy Homebirth Podcast

Happy Homebirth

With all that goes into having a baby at home, it makes sense to hear from the experts and parents who have first-hand knowledge and experience. That’s why the Happy Homebirth podcast, hosted by Katelyn Fusco, is such an excellent resource for parents wanting to hear stories, both positive and challenging, about giving birth at home. 

For LGBTQ Parents

If you’re looking to connect with other LGBTQ parents and parents-to-be, these two podcasts are for you. With typical pregnancy topics centered around non-traditional families, you’ll explore what it’s like to live in a world designated for straight families.

Outspoken Voices


Outspoken Voices, a podcast for LGBTQ + families, addresses many of the challenges and triumphs that LBBTQ families face as they consider pregnancy, adoption, surrogacy, and parenting. With topics ranging from trans pregnancy and the bi + postpartum experience to the politics of parenting in a straight world, the Family Equity Council provides a safe and supportive resource for many families. 

If These Ovaries Could Talk Podcast

If ovaries

What happens when two brilliant, funny, compassionate, and strong women take to the airways to discuss making babies and non-traditional families? You get 50+ minutes with Jaimie Kelton and Robin Hopkins, hosts of the podcast, If These Ovaries Could Talk, as they take a deep dive into what it’s like to be a parent or child from an LGBTQ family. 

For Getting Pregnant/Fertility 

Getting pregnant is sometimes not as easy as they make it sound in middle-school Health class. From timing issues and irregular cycles to PCOS and endometriosis, finding accurate information and support while trying to get pregnant is the number one focus of these podcasts. 

Beat Infertility Podcast

Beat infertility

If you’ve been diagnosed with a condition that affects your ability to conceive or carry a child, you might be wondering if pregnancy is in your future. While working with your doctor is the first step to dealing with fertility issues, finding encouragement in a podcast like Beat Infertility can give you the hope you need to face and potentially overcome infertility. Host, Heather Huhman, discusses issues related to PCOS, endometriosis, premature ovarian failure, miscarriages, unexplained infertility, and so much more. 

The Fertility Warriors Podcast

Fertility warriors

When Robyn Birkin talks, people listen. That’s because she knows the struggles many women with infertility face. In her podcast, Fertility Warriors, she shares her story about miscarriage and infertility alongside other women that she calls “fertility warriors.” This podcast is packed full of tips, guidance, support, and interviews with other women about how to get pregnant, manage fertility issues, and navigate fertility treatments. 

For Natural Childbirth

Preparing for a natural birth — whether at home, in the hospital, or at a birthing center — can be an exciting but often overwhelming experience for soon-to-be parents. Fortunately, there are tons of experts and parents who are willing to share their knowledge and experiences, so that you can realistically prepare for childbirth and the postpartum period. 

Birth Kweens Podcast

Birth queens

When you consider the combined years of experience between hosts, Karly Nuttall, a licensed midwife, and Ali Feroah, a birth and postpartum doula, it comes as no surprise that their podcast, Birth Kweens is a popular for people seeking information on natural childbirth. They cover topics ranging from home birth and CBD use to birthing from within, VBAC, and chiropractic care.

Birth, Baby, and Life Podcast

birth baby life

Taking a holistic approach to parenthood isn’t exclusive to childbirth. To live a healthier, more natural lifestyle, Kristen Burgess, host of Birth, Baby, and Life podcast, shares tips on how to help you better understand pregnancy, natural childbirth, and bringing up baby in a healthier environment. 

For Postpartum Care

Just when you think the bulk of the hard work is over (aka, pregnancy and childbirth), the fourth trimester begins. From managing diaper changes and feeding time to recovering from a C-section or episiotomy, the fourth trimester is often the most physically and emotionally demanding time for a new mom. The good news? There are some amazing podcasts that can help you get through the days, weeks, and months after bringing baby home. 

Fourth Trimester Podcast

fourth trimester

If you thought the third trimester was your last, then you’re in for a real surprise. The good news? Sarah Trott, host of the Fourth Trimester Podcast, along with postpartum doula, Esther Gallagher, dish out hours of tips, expert interviews, and advice about postpartum care for the few months following birth. 

Postpartum Stories Podcast


While we all need help after having a baby, many new moms don’t know what to expect or even what type of help to ask for in the months following childbirth. Fortunately, there are podcasts like Postpartum Stories that shed light on what it’s really like to be the parent of a newborn. Through honest interviews with real moms, host Breana White helps listeners feel connected and not so alone. 



If you think you had a lot of questions during pregnancy, just wait until the fourth trimester. Caring for a newborn often requires a village. But if your village is unavailable or you don’t feel like having visitors, then Newbies is for you. Episodes tackle issues like postpartum mental health and sex after baby to swaddling, diaper rashes, and poop!

For a Pregnancy Pick-Me-Up

Call Your Girlfriend Podcast

Call your girlfriend

Whether your bestie lives across the country or down the street, the Call Your Girlfriend podcast will make you want to reach out and connect with your best girl and mom friends. Hosts, Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman call each other every Friday to discuss everything from pop culture to politics. They’re also notorious for hashing out pretty much anything and everything that has to do with being a woman or a femme-identified person. 

One Bad Mother

One bad mother

Whoever said motherhood is natural has obviously never had a diaper explosion happen in the middle of the grocery store. If being a mom is simple, blissful, and everything you hoped it would be, then you probably don’t need a good laugh. But if you’re knee-deep in things you never dreamed of, then you need to take a mom-break and listen to the One Bad Mother podcast. 

For Adoption and Surrogacy

Moms and dads-to-be considering adoption or surrogacy often have questions that are best answered by experts and other parents in similar situations. If you’re in search of relatable, honest, and unbiased information that can help you make informed decisions, then take some time to listen to the episodes on these podcasts. 

Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility, Adoption & Foster Care Podcast

Creating a family

Our definition of “family” continues to evolve as more and more parents are opening their hearts to the possibility of adoption, surrogacy, and foster care. Creating a Family: Talk about Infertility, Adoption and Foster Care podcast offers realistic information and support about the adoption process and how to become a foster parent.

Episodes also discuss infertility issues and various treatments to help parents conceive via in-vitro fertilization, artificial insemination, infertility medications, and much more. 

The Honestly Adoption Podcast


Whether you’ve made the decision to adopt or you’re trying to decide if it is the right path for you, hosts Mike and Kristin Berry of the Honestly Adoption Podcast, are here to help. This husband and wife team provide a real voice of hope and inspiration to foster and adoptive parents all over the world. 

For Single Moms

Whether by choice or by chance, being a single mom or mom-to-be, requires a different skillset than moms experiencing pregnancy and parenting with a partner.

That’s why finding support and encouragement from other single moms is so important, especially during pregnancy. With practical tips and “real” stories, pregnancy podcasts can help you through pregnancy and parenting as a single mom. 

Pea in the Podcast


Pregnancy podcasts that are exclusively for single moms are hard to come by. However, there are several episodes from other podcasts that many solo moms may find valuable. One to listen to is:

Pea in the Podcast: Single Moms

By Sara Lindberg
Sara Lindberg, M.Ed., is a freelance writer focusing on health, fitness, nutrition, parenting, and mental health.