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How to find the best pregnancy apps to monitor your progress

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Navigating pregnancy is no easy feat. From morning sickness to fatigue and all the other unknowns, it can be hard to stay on top of everything. But, thanks to modern technology, there are now several ways to make the process a little easier—all from your smartphone.

Pregnancy apps can help you track progress, monitor your symptoms and body changes, and even provide some much-needed distraction during those long months of waiting. And while there are several apps on the market, only a small handful are truly worth their salt. To help you wade through the noise, we’ve done the research and compiled a list of the best pregnancy apps out there.

Read on to learn about our top picks currently available based on cost, features, ease of use, and more.

Best Pregnancy Apps of 2022

Best Overall : Pregnancy+



Key Specs
  • Tools Offered: Pregnancy tracker, kick counter, contraction timer, health tracking
  • Cost: Free to about $4.99
Why We Chose It

Pregnancy+ is one of the most comprehensive pregnancy apps, with personalized content, tools, educational insights, and much more to help you throughout your pregnancy.

Pros & Cons
  • App is easy to use

  • There are interactive images to view when tracking every week of pregnancy

  • App can be personalized for dads, grandparents, and other family members

  • App is available in 22 different languages

  • May be asked to upgrade to a premium account

  • There are some reported glitches

With over 40 million users, it's no wonder Pregnancy+ has become a favorite. It's the one-stop-shop for your pregnancy needs, allowing you to receive daily pregnancy information, count kicks, time contractions, and access gestation information. You can also use the app to track your health, view ultrasound images, and set reminders for OB appointments.

Pregnancy+ stands out because it can be personalized for every user. You can add information about your weight, pregnancy symptoms, mood swings, cravings, and more. The app will generate weekly updates, articles, and videos tailored to your preferences. You can also choose to receive daily notifications with information about your baby's development, as well as health and safety tips.

Some other fun features include a curated baby shopping list and thousands of baby names to browse. The premium version allows you to create a birth plan, which you can share with your provider to make sure everyone is on the same page come delivery day. And its bump photo feature allows you to document your growing belly week by week.

Pregnancy+ is free to download and use with a one-time fee of $2.99 to access premium features on an Android device—and $3.99 for premium features when using an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch 12.0 or later. Other in-app purchases may be available.

Best App for High-Risk Pregnancy : BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker

Key Specs
  • Tools offered: Pregnancy tracker, kick counter, contraction timer, message board
  • Cost: Free
Why We Chose It

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker offers weekly pregnancy insights as well as info about high-risk pregnancies. You can also check the safety of specific products, activities, and food throughout your pregnancy.

Pros & Cons
  • App is easy to use

  • Weekly updates about each stage of pregnancy

  • Special information about high-risk pregnancies

  • Can create a time lapse of your growing bump

  • Switches to parenting advice once baby is born

  • Lots of in-app ads

  • Some delay when moving from tool to tool within app

  • Lack of regulation within message boards

BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker is a pregnancy app developed by one of the largest online parenting communities. From weekly pregnancy tracking, a kick counter, and contraction timer, to a time-lapse of your bump photos, name advice, and more, the app has everything you need to help monitor your pregnancy.

We love that the app offers special information on high-risk pregnancies, with thousands of articles addressing various conditions that may arise during the prenatal and postpartum days. You can also join message boards with other moms-to-be who might be experiencing the same thing.

The “Is It Safe?” tool allows you to look up foods, products, and fitness activities to see if they’re safe during pregnancy. Just type in what you want to do or eat, and the app will give you the green light or alert you of any risks. There's also a host of childbirth videos that will help you prepare for all stages of pregnancy, labor, and beyond—a pretty comprehensive offering for a free app.

After your baby is born, the app automatically switches to parenting advice to help you through the first years of your child’s life. You can access information on feeding challenges, the baby’s first bath, diapering, and more. It's easy to join new message boards when health concerns or questions come up.

This app is free and available in six languages. It’s compatible with Android devices, some Mac products, and iOS 12.0 or later.

Best for LGBTQ+ Pregnancy : Glow Nature

Glow Nature

Glow Nature

Key Specs
  • Tools offered: Pregnancy tracker, kick counter, contraction timer, community forums 
  • Cost: Free to about $100
Why We Chose It

With an LGBTQ+ community of almost 200k users, Glow Nurture is a comprehensive and inclusive pregnancy app that offers a place to connect with other LGBTQ+ parents-to-be.

Pros & Cons
  • Multiple subscription options

  • App offers social community and partner support

  • Alerts and insights based on entered data

  • Yearly subscriptions have larger upfront costs

  • Lack of regulation on message boards

  • Articles may need updates

For LGBTQ+ parents-to-be, Glow Nurture is a great option for tracking your pregnancy progress and connecting with other members of the community. You can join pre-existing conversations on the message boards or start your own, and you can also add a partner to your account so they can receive alerts, insights, and information about your pregnancy.

While the app is free to download, you'll have to pay subscription fees to access certain services. Lifetime access to the premium features will run you about $100 or you can opt to pay in three-month and yearly increments for $30 and $60, respectively. There are frequent discounts available, usually around 50% off—so it won't cost you an arm and a leg if you want to take advantage of the app's more comprehensive offerings.

More premium features include exclusive news articles and comparable data that show you how common your pregnancy issues are compared to other users. And you’ll never have to worry about taking your medication or missing a doctor’s appointment with the app’s built-in friendly reminders. 

Most reviewers agree that the logging and community features are two of their favorite parts of the app, with millions of discussions covering everything from pregnancy to family life and relationships. Download the app at no cost on Androids or iPhones with IOS 11.0 or later.

Best for Growth Updates : Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Key Specs
  • Tools offered: Pregnancy tracking, message board, articles and advice, development updates
  • Cost: Free
Why We Chose It

The Bump’s Pregnancy & Baby Tracker app is another great option for expecting parents, offering pregnancy progress tracking and daily development updates on your growing baby.

Pros & Cons
  • App offers 3D visualization of baby’s growth during pregnancy

  • Compares baby’s development with fruit and veggie sizes

  • Expert information backed by science

  • Some reported glitches

  • Lack of regulation on message boards

  • Reports of issues with loading progress pictures

Tracking your pregnancy has never been easier with the Pregnancy and Baby Tracker created by The Bump. You can log your symptoms, moods, and cravings, as well as updates on your baby’s development. The app also offers a 3D visualization of what your baby looks like at each stage of development—a fun way to see how much they’ve grown.

The “Inside The Bump” feature offers 3D interactive visualizations of your baby’s growth weekly. As your baby gets bigger, learn new facts about the changes happening inside your body. You'll also have access to weekly videos, checklists, and advice from pregnancy experts.

Other features worth noting include a baby name game, community message boards, registry creator, and product recommendations. There are several exclusive deals and discounts available only to app users as well. The newsfeed offers celebrity pregnancy updates, health insights, and other relatable articles.

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker is free to download on both Android devices and iOS 12.1 or later. And if you want to continue tracking your baby’s development post-birth, The Bump also has an app for that too.

Best for Labor : Full Term - Contraction Timer

Full Term - Contraction Timer

Full Term - Contraction Timer

Key Specs
  • Tools offered: In-depth contraction analysis, kick counter, quick reference guide
  • Cost: Free
Why We Chose It

If you’re just looking for a contraction timer, Full Term will help you track your contractions so you’ll know when you should head to the hospital or birthing center.

Pros & Cons
  • Easy to use

  • Ability to take notes on each contraction

  • Edit or add contractions in

  • Not the best looking app

  • Not useful outside of labor

Full Term Contraction Timer will help you create a detailed report of your contractions during labor. After downloading, just press the start button when your contraction begins (or have your partner do so). When your contraction ends, press the stop button to finish recording. You can add notes to each entry and manually record the intensity of your contraction from very mild to very strong.

The app will help you recognize a pattern in your labor, and you’ll be able to see the average duration and timing of your contractions. You can even send a report to your provider so they can help you determine whether it’s time to head to the hospital or birthing center. 

The quick reference guide is a nice touch, offering information on what to expect during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and the postnatal period. The kick counter feature allows you to track your baby’s movements so you can report any changes to your provider.

This app is free and works with Android and iOS 11.0 or greater devices. The only in-app purchase is an optional $0.99 to disable ads.

Best for Community : Peanut



Key Specs
  • Tools offered: Message board, one-on-one chat, video call, live video
  • Cost:  Free with in-app purchases
Why We Chose It

It’s often difficult for pregnant people or new parents to make friends, but Peanut makes it easy by connecting you with others who have similar due dates or children the same age.

Pros & Cons
  • Automatically join a group with your due date month

  • Select your likes and interests to pair you with like-minded moms

  • Community feed based on your interests

  • Kind of like a dating app

  • Lots of information to fill out

  • Must first delete topics you’re not interested in

Pregnancy and parenthood can get lonely, at times, but Peanut is here to connect you with other people who are either pregnant or have children the same age as yours. Users can sift through profiles of parents and pregnant people nearby and reach out to make a connection. 

You're able to send a “wave,” message, or video chat—all from the secure app. You can also join community message boards where new parents can ask for advice and support, or just chat about the ups and downs of parenthood.

You may have to do a bit of weeding to select topics that matter most to you, but after that, Peanut sets the algorithm to topics and users that are close to your interests. The live pods are great for joining real-time audio conversations hosted by experts.

Peanut is free and requires an Android device or iOS 14.0 or later for all Apple products. In-app purchases range from $0.99 to $5.99; the most expensive is a premium subscription that gives you access to exclusive features.

Best for Free : Amila Pregnancy Tracker

Amila Pregnancy Tracker

Amila Pregnancy Tracker

Key Specs
  • Tools offered: Pregnancy tracker, symptom tracker, weight log, kick counter, contraction timer
  • Cost: Free with optional in-app upgrade
Why We Chose It

More than your average pregnancy tracker, the Amila Pregnancy Tracker gives you access to a wealth of resources and information, all for free.

Pros & Cons
  • Daily information on baby’s development

  • Expert health advice for moms-to-be

  • Kegel exercise trainer to help prepare for labor

  • A few features require a premium subscription

  • No community forums or message boards

The Amila Pregnancy Tracker is a great all-in-one pregnancy app, offering a daily update on your baby’s development, expert health advice tailored to your stage of pregnancy, and a contraction timer to help you keep track of labor progress.

You can log your weight, symptoms, and kicks, and set reminders for necessary appointments. The Kegel exercise trainer is a great way to prepare your body for labor, and the app even offers product recommendations for both you and your baby.

Some features, like the healthy meal plan option, require a premium subscription—a one-time cost of $27.00. But the free version of the app is still packed with more valuable information and resources than most other pregnancy apps on the market. Amila also offers a Baby Tracker app for once your little one arrives.

Amila Pregnancy Tracker is available for free on both Android devices and iOS 11.0 or later, with no in-app purchases required.

Best for Mental Health : Ovia Pregnancy Tracker

Key Specs
  • Tools offered: Pregnancy calendar, bump tracker, milestones, symptom log, health advice, food and medication safety lookup
  • Cost: Free
Why We Chose It

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker not only helps you track your pregnancy progress and baby’s development, but also offers resources to help you manage stress and anxiety.

Pros & Cons
  • Ability to enroll in health resources including mental health tools

  • Access to community forums

  • Option to sync with a Google Fit device

  • Interface is a bit challenging to navigate

  • Unable to log medications that aren't in the system

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is a comprehensive pregnancy app that also helps you track your mental health throughout pregnancy. The app includes a pregnancy calendar, bump tracker, symptom log, and various health resources, including a food and medication safety lookup.

Its mental health resources range from mood and sleep trackers to relaxation techniques and articles on managing stress. You can even join free health programs tailored to your needs—with options like mental health education and mental health support. Both resources are filled with expert-backed content to help you manage conditions like postpartum depression, antidepressant use during pregnancy, and more.

We love the app’s ability to sync with a Google Fit device, which helps you track your blood pressure and other useful health data. And the community forum makes it easy to ask questions anonymously and get support from other parents-to-be.

Ovia Pregnancy Tracker is available for free on both Android devices and iOS 14.0 or later, with no in-app purchases required.

Final Verdict

The best pregnancy apps are easy to use, offer various tracking amenities, are personalized, and cultivate a community. We chose Pregnancy+ as our best overall option for its features, reputation, and rave reviews. Not only does it offer comprehensive tracking for both you and your baby, but it also provides a wealth of resources, information, and support.

For the best free option, we recommend Amila Pregnancy Tracker. It doesn’t have as many features as some of the paid options, but it’s still packed with valuable information and resources—including daily updates on your baby’s development, expert health advice, and a contraction timer.

Compare Pregnancy App Providers

App Pregnancy Tracker? Contraction Timer?  Kick counter? Message Board? Price
Pregnancy + Best Overall Yes Yes Yes No Free to approximately $4.99
BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker Best for High Risk Pregnancy Yes Yes Yes Yes Free
Glow Nature Best for LGBTQ+ Pregnancy Yes Yes Yes Yes Free to about $100
Pregnancy and Baby Tracker Best for Growth Updates Yes No No Yes Free
Full Term - Contraction Timer Best for Labor No Yes Yes No Free
Peanut Best for Community No  No  No  Yes Free
Amila Best for Free Yes Yes Yes No Free
Ovia Pregnancy Tracker
Best for Mental Health
Yes Yes Yes Yes Free


How Much Do Pregnancy Apps Cost? 

Most pregnancy apps will provide health tracking functions and free medically-reviewed articles. This is considered a basic service and will usually not cost any money. 

However, like most apps, add-ons cost extra and usually require a subscription. Apps like Glow Nature offer premium services that include a messaging feature and detailed health insights. Premium subscriptions vary per app but range from a few dollars per month to $100 for a full year. 

Can My Partner Participate in the Tracking?

Yes! Some apps like Pregnancy+ can be used and personalized for co-parents, grandparents, and other family members to use. 

Do I Need to Use The Pregnancy App Every Day?

Although it is not required to use the app every day, logging your health behaviors can help you set pregnancy and wellness goals for you and the baby. For example, logging one cup of water a day can raise awareness that you’re not drinking enough water and allow you to set a goal to drink more fluids. The same applies to food, sleep, and exercise. Depending on the app’s features and your specific goals, using the app every day can help raise awareness of certain health behaviors and set goals so that you can have a healthy pregnancy.

Some features, including the photo journal (taking a picture of your belly to measure growth), do not need to be taken daily. Images can be taken weekly or even monthly if you choose. 

How Early Or Late in My Pregnancy Should I Start Using a Pregnancy App? 

You can start using the app as soon as you find out that you are pregnant. Most apps are personalized to you and will ask you to enter how far along you are. The apps also provide real-time updates to show your baby’s development in the womb. 

Note that it is never too late to start tracking. Apps like BabyCenter Pregnancy Tracker allow you to track the postpartum period through the toddler years. It is also never too early. If you’re looking to get pregnant, browsing the apps’ interface can help you determine which one you might enjoy using when that time comes.

No matter whether you join early, in the middle, or after your pregnancy, there will be features you can utilize, including medically reviewed articles about parenthood and sleep. 


To find the best pregnancy apps, we started by scouring the app stores for any that were specifically designed for pregnancy. We then narrowed our list down to only the highest-rated and most popular options. Next, we evaluated each app based on its features, reputation, and reviews. We also considered whether the app was free or paid, as well as what devices it was compatible with. Finally, we tested each app to see how easy it was to use and navigate.

In the end, only the most comprehensive and user-friendly apps made our final cut.

By Kayla Hui, MPH
Kayla Hui, MPH, is a New York-based public health journalist and Pulitzer Center fellow on crisis reporting.

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Ally Hirschlag
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