The 9 Best Postpartum Products of 2021

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Our Top Picks
Designed to make postpartum healing cleaner and easier, it allows recovering moms to gently cleanse their healing vagina.
Complete with five pairs of underwear with various styles and absorbency levels, the set comes in handy for postpartum bleeding.
If you're experiencing sore nipples, this butter works to ease dryness and pain while minimizing staining your clothing.
100 percent natural and made with herbal-infused clean cotton, the pads offer a cooling sensation to reduce odor and discomfort.
Made to adapt to a changing body, this luxurious three-piece set is well-suited for both before and after the baby arrives.
Each product in the set is made for postpartum relief for the perineal area, including disposable underwear, pads, and liners.
Made to provide immediate pain relief and postpartum care, the no-touch spray provides instant relief without irritation.
Designed to provide constipation relief, the low-strength and dye-free formulation is a gentle, laxative-free option.
Offering hemorrhoid relief, the organic balm is made with natural ingredients like olive oil, beeswax, witch hazel, and calendula.

The weeks after the baby arrives is an exciting, and tiring time. Most pregnant people experience a laundry list of changes to their bodies during the postpartum time frame. Recovery can vary widely from person to person, so thankfully there are many products that can help.

Since it’s such an exhausting time, it can be helpful to stock up with a few products so they’ll be ready when you need them. Always speak with your doctor or medical professional to find what’s right for your situation, delivery method, and personal needs.  

Here are the best postpartum products to get you through the fourth trimester.

Best Peri Bottle: FridaBaby Frida Mom Upside Down Peri Bottle

Way better than the upside-down bottle provided by the hospital, the well-loved baby product brand has expanded into products for pregnant people and their postpartum journey.

Designed to make postpartum healing cleaner and easier, a peri bottle allows recovering users to gently and easily cleanse their healing vagina. Reviewers tout this “game-changer” as it is easier to use to reach tender nether regions and well worth the investment. 

Best Underwear: Thinx Postpartum Set

She Thinx Postpartum Set

The early postpartum days are usually an exhausting blur. After wearing disposable underwear from the hospital, new moms can transition to this helpful postpartum set from Thinx. A stylish and comfortable set is helpful since postpartum bleeding can last up to six weeks.

Included are five pairs of absorbent underwear in three styles with two levels of absorbency. Inclusive sizing ranges from XXS to 3XL, so most postpartum bodies will find a pair that fits. Reusable and machine washable, these will eliminate the need for a last-minute run to the store. 

Best Nipple Cream: Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter Breastfeeding Cream

Sore nipples are a common postpartum ailment. Ease the dryness and pain with this 100 percent organic nipple butter that’s made without petroleum, parabens, or lanolin. There’s no need to wash it off prior to feeding your baby and the natural cream isn’t likely to stain bras or clothing.

Moms praise how a little goes a long way and appreciate that the multi-use formula is also helpful for dry lips, hands, elbows, or any other dry spots. 

Best Postpartum Pads: The Honey Pot Clean Cotton Postpartum Pads

Get some comfort, relief, and peace of mind from The Honey Pot’s postpartum pads that are 100 percent natural and made with herbal-infused clean cotton that’s free of chlorine, perfume, dyes, or any synthetic materials. The Black-owned company's feminine care products provide a natural, cooling sensation that is made to reduce any odor or discomfort. These 33 centimeters long, winged pads will keep you dry and protected.

Best Clothing Set: Storq 3-Piece Lounge Set

Storq 3-Piece Lounge Set

Made to adapt to a changing body, this luxurious three-piece set is well-suited for both before and after the baby arrives. Nursing and c-section friendly, the set includes a loose, boxy tank top that has an easy access button placket, loose-fitting pants, and a belted robe/jacket. Inclusive sizing ranges from XS through 3X and the set is available in four neutral colors. 

Best Kit: FridaBaby Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Make every trip to the bathroom more comfortable with this helpful recovery essentials kit. Stored in an easy access caddy, each product is made for postpartum relief for the perineal area. The recovery kit includes four pairs of disposable underwear, four instant ice maxi pads, 24 perineal cooling pad liners, perineal healing foam, and it all fits in a toilet-top storage caddy. 

Best Perineal Care: Dermoplast Pain, Burn & Itch Relief Spray

A best-seller for good reason, seasoned moms are probably familiar with this trusty spray bottle. Made to provide immediate pain relief and postpartum care, Dermoplast is a no-touch spray, so applying the fast action spray won't irritate sensitive spots. Once the postpartum care needs fade, store the Dermoplast in your medicine cabinet for relief from minor cuts, burns, scrapes, sunburns, or insect bites and stings. 

Best Stool Softener: Colace Clear Stool Softener

Constipation is quite common after giving birth. To find relief, staying hydrated and eating well can help. In addition, a stool softener may be recommended by your medical professional. This low-strength and dye-free formulation is a safe, gentle option that is free of any laxatives. 

Best Hemorrhoid: Motherlove Rhoid Balm

Unfortunately, hemorrhoids are quite common during both pregnancy and postpartum due to consistent and excessive pressure. Motherlove’s balm is all-natural (and comes in an eco-friendly glass tub), so you won’t have to waste time reading confusing labels. The organic balm is made with only six ingredients including olive oil, beeswax, witch hazel, and calendula. 

Final Verdict

Stocking up on postpartum products before the baby arrives is a smart move. While moms-to-be might be overwhelmed, the Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit (view at Amazon) has small amounts of well-loved, useful products that will be a great starting point. If you’re looking to give a gift, the Storq 3-Piece Lounge Set (view at Storq) is a less intimate and thoughtful present. 

What to Look for in Postpartum Products

Product quantity 

While it may feel never-ending, the postpartum time frame usually lasts a few weeks. You may want to stock up on small amounts of a variety of products since it’s hard to predict what you may need. Sample packs, starter kits, or smaller quantities can be useful since some items may be a lifesaver while others may never get used. 

Once you find the product that works for you, stock up on it so you won't have to worry about healing without it.

Makes life easier 

For many people, focusing on healing your body will speed along your recovery process. While caring for a baby can be consuming and overwhelming, choosing the right products can make the healing process easier and more bearable. Whether it’s perineal products, scar care, or nipple cream, if the item is helpful, you’ll use it regularly and speed healing. Speak with your doctor about any questions. 

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