The 8 Best Parenting Books for Toddlers of 2019

Learn how to handle everything (including tantrums)

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Toddlers can be both adorable and challenging. While they can provide so much love and affection, they can also have temper-tantrums that seem to never end. Of course, there are nap and bedtime battles, the picky eating, and the endless power struggles. What can you do if you’re at your wit’s end with your toddler? Pick up a book, of course! It’s perfectly okay to glean parenting advice from a book—it’s a great way to gain a fresh perspective on things. We’ve rounded up the top parenting books for toddlers that you can consult if you’re looking to have a more peaceful relationship with your little ones.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules

Jo Frost’s Toddler Rules

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We’re turning to the original Supernanny, Jo Frost, for our top pick. Frost has penned an entire book on diffusing those temper tantrums and dissolving stubborn toddler behavior by tackling the source rather than being reactive. She’s nailed the fact that almost all negative behavior in toddlers is due either to hunger, fatigue, or a few other basic needs. Parents who have read Frost’s book rave that the results are just as spectacular as those on her popular TV show and that peace has been restored in their home after just a few days.

Best Budget: Toddler Discipline: Proven Toddler Discipline Strategies for Stress & Guilt-Free Parenting

Looking to snag a quick read to help you brush up on some basic discipline strategies? We think this short and simple book could be the one for you. You can even download the Kindle edition for an even bigger bargain! Parents say this book gives them a lot of useful reminders, which help them to stay calm and in control during those frustrating moments with their toddlers. So if you just need a quick refresher on how to conquer toddlerhood, give this book a try.

Best for Twins: Double Time: How I Survived—and Mostly Thrived—Through the First Three Years of Mothering Twins

When you were expecting your twins, you probably heard all the horror stories about how difficult it would be to take care of two newborns at the same time. What about when those newborns turn into toddlers? Double the tantrums? This could be enough to send any parent running for help. Take a deep breath and settle in for some seriously funny, relatable material in the pages of "Double Time" by Jane Roper. Parents love it for the author’s refreshing, engaging voice and the real-life situations that relate to every parent of twins.

Best for Difficult Toddlers: Raising Your Spirited Child

All parents of toddlers are familiar with tantrums, of course, but parents of spirited toddlers have become accustomed to tantrums on a new level. That’s because highly spirited toddlers know exactly what they want and won’t have things any other way. These high-energy tots have the ability to break parents down when really all that is necessary is a workable solution. Rest assured, parents of difficult toddlers, that solution lies in the pages of this book. In "Raising Your Spirited Child," Kurcinka offers a host of advice and strategies for successfully interacting with and disciplining your spirited child. Even parents who are desperate for help have found salvation in this book.

Best for Gifted Toddlers: Parenting Gifted Kids: Tips for Raising Happy and Successful Children

Is your preschooler already reading? Can he correctly identify advanced patterns? Does she engage you in philosophical discussions about the future of polar bears and climate change at the age of three? If so, there’s a chance you have a gifted child on your hands! This is a wonderful thing, but as your child grows, you’ll need some tools in your back pocket to ensure she’s staying challenged in school and understood by her teachers and peers. We’ve identified this book as a great resource for parents in your situation—it’s a helpful guide to understanding your gifted child’s unique needs and abilities, which will help you advocate for them once they reach school age.

Best Christian Parenting Book for Toddlers: The Christian Mama's Guide to Parenting a Toddler

If you’re a Christian parent, chances are you prefer to stick to parenting books with a Christian view so you can be sure you’re raising your child according to your faith. But if you’re looking for something a bit more light-hearted than more traditional options, check out this fun read by Erin Macpherson. It’s witty and funny, while still adhering to Christian principles of love and positive discipline when necessary. She’s covered it all in this book, including teaching your toddler how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to tackle nap time, and how to diffuse tantrums in a supportive and loving way.

Best for Siblings: Siblings Without Rivalry

Is there anything worse than non-stop fighting between siblings? It can be difficult for the whole family to endure constant rivalry between siblings, and it can be even more difficult to put a stop to the fighting. Learn how to create peace at home when you pick up this amazing book by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, two of the foremost parenting wizards out there.

Best Humorous Book: Sh*t No One Tells You About Toddlers

With chapter titles like, "You Suck at This, Toddlers Don’t Eat," and "You’re Too Old for This," you’ll want to devour in one sitting our pick for the best humorous parenting book for toddlers. It’s part of the "Sh*t No One Tells You" series which also includes topics like pregnancy and baby’s first year. The choice language on the book’s cover hints at the fact that you’re in for a wild ride, and the inside certainly doesn’t disappoint. This book offers a hilarious yet totally relatable view of life with toddlers.

Best for Positive Discipline: 1-2-3 Magic

If you’ve ever heard a parent count to three in an attempt to squelch unwanted behavior in their kids, chances are they’ve read "1-2-3 Magic," one of the most popular parenting books you can buy. If you’re looking for a positive discipline method that really works, give this book a try! It’s based on the notion that counting to three gives your child a clear indication that he or she needs to change their behavior, and gives them a chance to do so before you have to resort to consequences. Written by Dr. Thomas Phelan, a clinical psychologist, "1-2-3 Magic" comes with 24 chapters full of information on how to have a more peaceful home life.

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