The 8 Best Pacifiers of 2019

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The controversial topic of using a pacifier has been a heated debate for many decades. But when you look deep into the issue it leads to the fact that babies have a primal reflex to suck and providing them with a pacifier will help soothe them. And besides a natural tendency to want to suck things—providing your child with a pacifier is actually recommended by the AAP in their safe sleep guidelines.

No matter where you (or your mother-in-law) fall on the pacifier spectrum, you might want to have a few on hand when you're preparing your house for a baby. And for those who have older children, you might want to swap out their current obsession with something that might be better suited for their teeth alignment.

Just a word of caution: be sure to follow the sizing on a pacifier closely because using one that is too big or too small for your child can pose a choking risk.

Whatever your child's need, here are the top pacifiers for your little one.

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: MAM Pacifiers

MAM Pacifiers

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You probably already know that the decision about which pacifier is the best lies in baby’s wee little hands. Your mom friends may rave about a certain pacifier, but if your baby rejects it, then clearly, it isn’t the best! That said, an overwhelming amount of moms agree that MAM pacifiers shouldn’t be skipped if you’re searching for the best pacifiers for baby.

Why? MAM pacifiers are super soft and flexible, which makes them easy for newborn babies to suck on. This reduces the chance that baby will reject the pacifier early on, and continue to prefer your breast (or a bottle) to soothe to sleep. They’re orthodontically shaped and come in a variety of sizes to satisfy baby from birth into toddlerhood. Not only that, MAM pacifiers come in tons of adorable designs, and even the case is functional! It doubles as a sterilizing case to quickly and conveniently rid baby’s favorite pacifier of harmful germs or mold.

Best for Soothing: WubbaNub Brown Monkey Pacifier

If you are a new parent you may have noticed these funny looking pacifiers around and never really thought about them. This must-have registry item is a pacifier that has an attached stuffed animal which will not only help keep the pacifier in their mouth, but it'll also be easier for baby (or parents) to find when it slips out in the middle of the night.

WubbaNubs are connected to a Philips Avent soothie so you'll get everything you love about the soothie but with an added fury friend. These come in an endless array of animals from a lobster, to a unicorn, and more. While parents might have a favorite, we're sure your baby will quickly pick theirs as well, so be sure to stock up on multiples.

This pacifier is suited for newborns till 6 months old or once they start getting teeth, which can damage the soothie part. These pacifiers can be thrown in the wash to clean but we recommend soaping up the pacifier part after you take it out of the laundry for an extra level of clean.

Best for Newborns: Philips Avent Soothie

When it comes to the best pacifiers for newborns, we can’t possibly come up with a better option than the iconic Philips Avent Soothie. It’s the one you’ll schlep home with you from the hospital after baby’s born (along with tons of other stuff!) and there’s a reason for that—not only are these excellent soothies for newborns, but they’re made from medical-grade BPA-free silicone as well.

These 5-star rated orthodontic pacifiers come in packs of two, are very reasonably priced, and can be purchased in a few different colors, like blue, green, pink, and purple. They’re durable, easy to handle and easy to clean, too. The nipple is shaped similarly to the breast, which reduces nipple confusion. And if they’re good enough for doctors, they’re good enough for us!

Best for Breastfed Babies: Evenflo Feeding Balance Pacifier

With amazingly accurate shape and flexibility, we found the Evenflo Feeding Balance pacifier to be one of the best pacifiers for breastfed babies. The company says, “The shape of your nipple and areola changes when your baby latches on to your breast. Your baby's tongue cups around the nipple. For the 0–6 month baby, the cylindrical shape pacifier allows for the baby to mimic the tongue shape they make while breastfeeding.”

This similarity will help reduce nipple confusion, allowing you to effectively establish breastfeeding without having to wait too long to introduce the pacifier (which reduces the likelihood that baby will accept a pacifier). We also love that these silicone pacifiers are one piece, making them easy to clean and less likely to fall apart.

Best for Older Babies: NUK 3-Piece “Puller-Style” Pacifier

With tons of adorable designs for boys, girls and gender neutral, we love the NUK 3-piece “puller-style” pacifier for older babies. Like all NUK pacifiers, these are orthodontically shaped to support the proper growth of baby’s teeth and mouth.

They’re still made of BPA-free, soft silicone, but these pacifiers have a tongue groove for older babies, who tend to be stronger suckers than newborns. Additionally, because they have small parts that could potentially become separated, we recommend you stick with these for babies 6 months and older.

Best One-Piece Pacifier: NUK One-Piece Silicone Pacifier

Pacifiers come in either one-piece or multiple-piece designs. A one-piece pacifier is just what it sounds like: the whole pacifier is made of one piece, rather than having a handle that can potentially become separated or broken. As you might expect, one-piece pacifiers are most appropriate for the youngest set, typically used on babies from birth to 3 months.

We love the NUK one-piece silicone pacifier for its unique, heart-shaped design. This allows it to sit comfortably under baby’s nose, allowing proper air flow. The pacifier is also lightweight and easy for even the youngest babies to use. And we love that these are easy to clean, with a shape that resists moisture from getting stuck inside, thus resisting mold growth.

Best Silicone Pacifier: First Years GumDrop Silicone Pacifier

Similar to but slightly smaller than the Philips Avent Soothie is the First Years GumDrop silicone pacifier. It’s our choice for the best silicone pacifier for its breastfeeding-friendly, unique shape that allows baby to comfortably suck without it covering his little nose. This is a one-piece pacifier made of BPA-free, medical-grade silicone. And if the First Years GumDrop becomes baby’s favorite, you’re in luck, since these come in larger sizes for older babies as well.

Best for Preemies: Phillips Wee Thumbie

Designed for preterm babies—especially those born before 30 weeks—the Phillips Wee Thumbie is super lightweight and small in size, which makes it easy for a tiny little mouth to handle. The shape is made to mimic a preterm newborn’s thumb. The Wee Thumbie claims to “facilitate the important sucking behaviors normally learned in utero” that a preterm baby may miss out on. So if you’ve given birth early, be sure to give the Philips Wee Thumbie a try; we think you’ll agree that it’s the best pacifier for premature babies.

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